up all night

18 October 2011

{Last photo: my impulse (in bulk of course) purchase at Costco...substituting beuatifully for the tragically discontinued chocolate creamer}

Onto the importants
It has been raining-ish for the past 23 hours here. I would even venture to say that it stormed last night.  I mistook every thunder clap for a predatory knock and every lightning flash for an intruder's flashlight. Lucy fell asleep at her watch (under our bed) and Julia did what she could as guardbaby from her crib but despite their efforts to protect their cowardly guardian I was still wiiiiiide awake at 6 in the am. At least I was productive...and I know Simon greatly appreciated my multiple rapid fire texts:
"I'm scared"
"I'm pretty sure there is an animal or a human outside the window"
"I'm really scared"
"The light is off in the front entry..I didn't turn it off!!"
"'s on..whoops"
"I hear something..definitely was something"
"I'm scared"
"Lucy is snoring"
"Julia is crying...oh wait...she stopped"
"I'm really, really scared"

I'm pretty sure if he weren't asleep right now -- he would be Googling, 
"how to block texts from the hours of now to forever from crazy bottom wives"
"wife tranquilizers"

Very sure.
Three more nights and then there will be great rejoicing in all of the land for two whole months.

stay tuned for a pregnancy update coming hot and fresh from pleasantville

oh! and re: post title...that show is not funny...I don't think


  1. I HATE going to bed without Chris because I'm so paranoid! :0

  2. Tell Lucy she needs to up her guard dog game. Maybe a spiked collar would help?

  3. I would diiiie if I had to spend so many nights without Aaron. I'm such a scaredy cat. For the first 3ish years of our marriage, whenever he went on business trips I would sleep at my parents' house. I'm super cool.

  4. I feel for you, I do. I don't get scared but I would prefer to have my husband home every night.
    Have you seen the new almond joy creamer? Are you in to candy in your coffee?

  5. That up all night thing has struck here too, except no storm. Just happy cheerful playful babies who thinking 2am is the perfect time to play with blocks.

  6. I tried for 2 whole episodes to like the show, but Christina Applegate just strikes me as ... tragic.

  7. Well, you look great! (as always)

    as for the gaurdbaby- somehow it made me feel a teeny bit safer if one of the kids wandered into my room and just happened to sleep in there with me while the hubs was working at night. Kind of odd, but true.

  8. hahahahaha! (...i mean...i'm sorry...i don't mean to be insensitive...i can't wait for Simon to be back home with you at night...i just mean...i would be more sensitive if you would be less funny) hahahahaha!

  9. Thought of you this week. Jason worked sun-up to sun-down from Saturday through yesterday and I about lost my mind. I literally couldn't remember the last time I showered and tried with all my power to recall it! I can't believe you do it for months at a time!!!!



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