39 weeks

25 October 2011

helllllllllo Shamu.
(with a leather belt leash)
I won't complain but I will state the fact that at this point in my pregnancy with Julia I was actually not pregnant anymore and she was a big five day old
you see how much fun we were having? Melasma and mohawk y todo.
again. not complaining...merely fact stating. 
I'm actually feeling perfectly fine. 
Huge...but fine. 
My OB was a real sweetheart this week and gave me no hope for any sort of impending labor dreams and merely told me to start 'counting kicks' every hour.
Right...that sounds like a barrel of laughs and a shotgun full of fun
after meeting someone briefly for the first time yesterday...she (weirdly) noted my pregnancy and immediately straight up asked, 
"are you dilated at all?"
!!!!!67 shades of red!!!!stammer stammer!!!!
who are you and how do I dodge your presence for the rest of my life?
My maternity wardrobe is dying a slow death and I'm left with some sad out of season remnants know. 
Life goeth on. 

I have a nasty premonition that I'll be seeing you next week at the old 40 week mark and again at 41...maybe 42...
a large Thanksgiving baby perhaps?
In the mean time...I'll just keep on keeping on armed with my good attitude, my swollen earlobes and my penchant for being very pregnant.

adios, kind readers.


  1. not to scare you or anything, but did i ever tell you christopher was 10 days overdue? :0 they would have let me go to 42 wks, but thank goodness he came. my OB practice no longer lets anyone (except 1st time moms) go passed 41 wks which was nice to know.

  2. ah Grace you look great!! I can't wait to bring you dinner and refuse to let you say no, so just send me a requested menu and I'll get it ready for the moment little babe does decide to arrive.

  3. I'm pretty sure your 39 weeks is my 28 weeks. You do not look that far along at all.

    And also, RUDE lady. Those kinds of questions are reserved for closest friends and siblings. You don't just ask a new acquaintance the status of their cervix.

  4. I read the last part and thought, "Do your earlobes really swell when you are pregnant?"

    Gullable-never-been-pregnant party of one over here. You could tell me almost anything, I would probably believe it.

    I think you will have the baby sooner rather than later. I have a feeling.

  5. i HOPE to see you next week b/c you make me laugh for about a day. heh hehhhh. no, i won't wish that on you.

    although, a large turkey sized baby might fit in with the whole festive decor. you know?


  6. just for a comfort,
    baby #2 for me was WaY easier than #1 who cried cried cried, never slept, and cried some more.....
    baby #2 was a dream, i think because i might have been a little more relaxed! praying you deliver soon! good thing you live with an OB :)

  7. Dude, I love your blog. Seriously, you never cease to make me laugh.

    p.s. finally bought some vitamin e oil today...thought of you :) I'll let you know if I'm feeling glowy and smooth in the face tomorrow!

  8. First off, I think your outfit is super cute even if your grasping the bottom of the barrel for comfortable preggo clothing. Second, you look A-mazing for being 39 weeks along!

  9. You are too funny! I'm a newly first-time pregnant lady and I always love reading your posts!

  10. So I showed your first picture to a co-worker (who's catholic and has five grown children) and said, "She is 39 weeks pregnant." She responded, "Where is the baby?!" Then I scrolled down and showed her the side view pic and she said, "OMG did she gain ANY weight?!" Seriously, sister, I don't know if I'll post pregnant pics of myself ever again on a blog- you make it look too easy and too good. And clearly you're not eating all those tasty treats you mention.

  11. I think I am as excited to meet this baby as you are to give birth. And by meet of course I mean: find out the gender, name, see pictures and hear funny stories. I would probably be the weirdo who asked about being dilated.. only because I don't know exactly what it means (never having been in your shoes myself) and just know it's something that means the baby is coming relatively soon.. and they say it in the movies..

  12. I don't think Shamu would wear white pants. You look fantabulous. Seriously. And I just went through each and every one of your day 21 challenge posts. Girl gots style. I change my mind every week whether to continue outfit posts. It has its perks but the awkwardness will never go away....
    Will be stalking you till baby comes.

  13. Ok, it is officially illegal how adorable you are at 39 weeks! You can barely tell you are pregnant from the front pic! You are so cute, and the pic with Julia is presh. :)
    But how in the world do some people feel comfortable asking crazy questions like that? Crazies.

  14. 39 weeks tomorrow (Thursday) and I'm taking the easy way out on Friday... Induction. What is it about the cervix status that intrigues people so? They always like to follow that question up with a lengthy, one-sided discussion of how their delivery went and a detailed synopsis of what your birth plan should be...

    You seriously don't look swollen in the least! ALL BABY! Though I understand where you're coming from... I totally feel like a whale!



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