10 October 2011

Grulia...not sleeping and mostly loving it.
(and if you're wearing your spectacles you can see Julia's blem)

Since I'm averaging little to no sleep at night and complained so to my OB...she smiled, nodded and prescribed the popular sleeping pill, Ambien, in a super low dose. 
Wellllll I made the mistake of cuddling up with my bff, Google, before taking it last night and found some disconcerting stories regarding the side effects of the drug. I only read two people's experiences before I made myself red x right on out of the window but...stilllll. The first account I read described scary visions of 'little green men' and the next tale talked about an 'attempt to hang myself out the second story window'. 
oh. I am petrified to take but also torn.
Do I risk death by sleep derivation or potential death by hallucinatory unknowns??

I'll probably sleep/wake on it one more night and thennnnnn decide.

paranoia que?


  1. Oooh, I'll jump right on that paranoia wagon with you! You know all those commercials for lawyers who want to help women when they've taken meds that were 'safe' while pregnant and then it turns out they're not safe? I always imagine that one day it'll be tylenol up there. Or herbal tea. Or, like, APPLES or something. Ugh! Being pregnant is hard work, yo. I don't have advice. Just wanted you to know you're not alone!

  2. My hubby use to take ambiien and it was okay if he tried to go ro sleep right after he took it but if he fought sleep at all some weird stuff happened. I wouldn't take unless there was somebody there to watch me and the baby.

  3. I took Ambien while in college, no little green men, just a great night sleep. but when i was pregnant i would take dramamine, and it worked awesome, plus safe!

  4. Don't freak out and keep away from my hubby has been taking this for over a year{major insomnia} and he has had no reactions to it. He takes right before he hits the hay. No taking the car for a joy ride, no shopping on line and no penguins with briefcases. New follower found your blog via Cavinder Family hope you can come by and check out my site.

  5. Wow, I'd be freaked out if I read those horror stories, too. Whatever your decision I hope you get some much needed sleep!



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