for the grandparents (4th edish)

02 October 2011

Not succeeding at keeping Julia documentation (videos/photos) to a minimum. Sorry. 
Here we have our little smart using her plush cellie like a grown up human...but lest you think she is some sort of'll see the naked babe subs in rather naturally for a brief moment.

Ignore Simon's voice at the end...he says it makes him sound fat. 


  1. I don't think the grandparents are the only ones who will laugh out loud at this one or at the latest simon says.

  2. Oh so cute! Tagg loved it too, ha ha. She makes me want a girl, which is something I never thought I'd want. :)

  3. very nice i am glad you allowed us to actually see what was happening before you cut us off from julia's world. she is smart and that didnt even sound like simon



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