trrriple thrrreat

10 October 2011

Celebrating minuscule, ordinary accomplishments today. 
Your ant hill is my Kilimanjaro. 
I've been a huge failure on the domestic front these days with nothing to blame other than one needvacuum toddler, one fairly easy pregnancy and one husband working vampire hours which are all invalid and pathetic excuses. 

Frozen pizza (albeit...cooked!), peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chicken nuggets, Costco hot dog and Coke combos and more cooked (formerly frozen) pizza have been making up our dinners lately. And I wonder why Julia's teeth are spaced so far apart and her hair is thinning up top.  Anyway...thank goodness for time never wasted on the internet as I turned things around momentarily today after I was 'Pinspired' by two super healthy and fortifying recipes
(fried, not baked)
(pictured above but now kind of makes me want to vom)
(also...I am now freelancing as a food

I'm sure you've been sorely missing my zesty alterations...which will return in approximately six-eight months (when I expect my postpartum figure to return) but I did finally finish a nursing cover to call my own. yippee.
(Sorry I'm not time perhaps)

and Julia has an ugly, unfortunate, unicorny and angry red blemish which I am trying to tame with my baking soda paste skin cure-all. So luck at all.

All I can conjure.
 For now.

Smileys abound.


  1. You are a funny, funny girl! Baking soda for zits? Please try to give yourself more fresh fruit and veggies! Ambien? Say it ain't so!

  2. Love the fabric for your nursing cover! Poor Julia, I hope her complexion is blemish free soon!

  3. I don't know, careful about baking first it just refreshes your fridge and puffs up your cookies and before you know it, it cleans your face and scours your sink and sanitizes your countertops and washes your hair and brushes your teeth and deodorizes your armpits until it's infiltrated every household and bodycare routine...I'm just saying...consider yourself warned :D

  4. p.s. so Julia's eyes totally eclipse said blemish. They are an uncannily lovely violet-to-the-point-of-being-almost-dangerous.



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