21 October 2011

too bad.

Since I've done all the deep cleaning (mop floors twice, wash two mirrors one time each, open and put away package of tiny diapers) my little nesting bug cares to do...I've relocated my massive thorax into the kitchen these past few nights. Thanks to my many quality hours logged of blog reading and Pinterest pouring I found some nice recipes for you to make and eat and repeat just like I did.

These double as both breakfast and dessert.
multitasking little suckers.

(boil the noodles in milk-genius)
I made and devoured three batches in a 16 hour period. 
I have a problem. 
Who cares?

I actually just Googled a recipe for the soup after being wild and crazy and buying a squash at the store and funnily enough Lisa's (a fellow alum - hollller) blog popped up at the top of the search results. I already read and enjoy her blog and felt a little bit famous for Googling someone I 'knew'. 

Also...her soft pretzels
(I used white flour for the dough and brown sugar for the topping...much more fortifying)

obviously there was a filling involved but I don't know that you'd like

Julia liked none of the above, Simon claimed to like all but is looking too skinny to me (or maybe I'm just feeling puffy), Lucy was indifferent and the baby in utero doesn't talk yet, obviously.

...unrelated note...
Abri (also fellow alum) shared this great baby name blog with me...if you are in the market like we are.
Simon can't wait to comb through it this weekend.


  1. oh i'm legitimately honored. haha! happy baby naming! thank you for not posting the link to our post on Swistle where i sound like a neurotic pregnant woman- oh wait, i was! :)

  2. oh yes i love swistle's blog! we were featured on her blog for this baby with our middle name dilemma :) do you have names picked in mind (you don't have to share)?

  3. I kid you not, I made the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffs last night from Annie's Eats...along with her Applewood Smoked Bacon Burger recipe last night. I figured the 2 flavors paired well...and I couldn't have been more correct. And round. And full. And cholesterolled (double L? even a word?).

  4. I'm still gathering my eggs for the quiche and can't wait to make some. In the meantime I'll have to try making the soft pretzels and sprinkle a few with cinnamon and sugar... mmmm yum. (and what a smart mac and cheese recipe!)

  5. Thanks for sharing, that name blog is gold!

  6. so now all i want is the mac n cheese

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