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19 October 2011

I know. I'm sorry. I think my month of 24/7 with a non-verbal being is getting to me. I'll try and slow my video roll soonish. 

In case narration is needed...this is more dancing...
and I'm certainly not doing her any favors in the coolia department with the placement of the waist of her pants...high and tight. Sorry J.


  1. ha julia coolia. her pants are awesome. has she seen your moves? im just curious if you ever bust out the full fledged grace dance moves when you are alone in the house with her. i wonder what she would do.

  2. haha that is so cute!!! and those pajamasssss. she is going to grow up and say, "mommmm! i can't believe you did that to meeeee." and you are just going to smile smile smile!

  3. Hehe- This made my smile!
    My son has that same "car" toy & he loves it!

  4. ha LOVE the high waisted pants-i hear they're in style anyways!

  5. aaaaaaah. how wonderful. she looks like YOU, lady.

    haha. baby dances. perfection.




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