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09 November 2020

1. It's November 9th. How?! This year feels both interminable (doesn't March seem decades ago?) but also is somehow flying by? Somehow, some way. I'm still holding my breath thinking the kids will have to restart distance learning but their school has done such a wonderful job keeping everyone safe and distanced and outside as much as possible that so far - soo good. The kids had a snow day the Monday before Halloween but then we enjoyed thee most beautiful weather for Halloween and the week following! Such a nice change from the year prior where we were all freezing. Let's keep the trend going, 2021. 

2. I saw lots of Christmas decorating happening the second Halloween was over which makes sense the year has felt like a lot of doom and gloom but being the grinch that I am I don't think I could handle two months of Christmas decor. I don't think I could do it - sooo we'll wait! 

3. Simon and I finally finished the third season of Yellowstone. Because I'd heard that the end of the season was cRaZy - we weren't that blown away by the finale but are SUPER curious to see what season four looks like .... Simon thinks they'll be doing a lot of flashbacks and I hope he's wrong. And I hope Beth and Rip end up getting married. I'm very excited about the season premiere of The Crown and have been listening to many a Princess Diana podcasts in order to gear up. 

4. I posted about this on IG a few weeks ago despite thinking I was the last to hear about it but in case you haven't - I discovered this app where you can upload your receipts to earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards (I choose Amazon, always). It's simple and now I've become a receipt hound - anything for a little excitement, right 2020? Right. I think if you use my code: BVFBC you'll get 2,000 points off the bat, I think! Happy hounding

5. I promised I'd get back to you on what I thought of this fine piece of machinery - my one Prime Day purchase and after a few weeks of daily use I'm here to report that ... I don't know how we ever lived without it. I want one for the upstairs now too. Simon was skeptical but has come around. The kids gave it the (very creative) moniker of Dusty and set the timer so that it would start running around 2am the other morning and gave me quite the fright as I was sure someone had broken into the house. 

6. I'm starting to think about making the big room switch (Iris to the nursery and Clement in with all the boys) and while I'm always tempted to repaint I think the nursery is still well suited for a girl with maybe a few feminine elements like this rug that has been out of stock for monthS on end but it finally back! And how much does Iris care? Zero. She does not care, of course :) . Speaking of rugs - this gorgeous collection of rugs dropped today and I go back and forth between not even wanting to look so I'm not tempted but also poring over each and every one and envisioning them in different rooms of our house (this one is especially gorgeous). 

7. I'm mostly finished with the dreaded task of switching over the kids dressers and closets for the colder months (it's a lot more fun getting ready for summer, in my opinion!) and I've been able to fill the few holes in the wardrobes with my trusty Old Navy and H&M go-tos. I'm trying to simplify my own wardrobe and am looking for tops (sweaters because I'm always cold) that will work well with both jeans and leggings (my faves) and found this one (so many great reviews), this similar one (looks super soft), and this cardigan (on sale!). I wore my sweater blazer SO much last fall/winter/spring that I'm debating another color since they're currently 40% off

Alright, that's all! Hope you're all staying healthy and warm!


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