Little Facts Linkage

26 October 2011

I'm linking up with Rebecca
to present some unexciting factoids to you and yours this fine evening
1. One time...I ran four marathons in one year. This might seem more like a brag than a straight fact but if you saw my ugly fall from grace as I tried to run around the block the other day and made it to our neighbors' (as in the ones that live next door) would think this was actually a lie. 
So..a brag-lie. 
Take it.
I'm leaving it.

2. I love grocery shopping. In fact, my new finest moment came the other day when Julia and I went to Trader Joe's and on our way in absentmindedly snagged a stray cart from the parking lot. As soon as we had maneuvered our way through the (always annoying packed) produce section I realized that we were driving a massive Target cart while everyone was cruising around in their little midget 'I can hold two apples, one bag of Flax seed and a bag of dark chocolate covered pomegranate bits-max' TJ's carts. I don't know if your neighborhood Target has upgraded to the gargantuan, red, plastic (very nice) shopping carts but ours most certainly has and are capable of housing a small to medium vacation cottage. I was a literal diesel-guzzling semi in a store full of Mini Coopers.  Factor in the fact that it was 5 pm and everyone was buzzing about in their power suits while I was donning spandex and a tunic over my massive bell and Julia was wearing her favorite pajamas with her vegetable oiled mullet...we were most certainly a loud, neon sight for even the blindest eye.
(that got a little lengthy...sorry)

3. Some cynics might venture to say that Simon and I met online. I prefer the prettier version which is that we merely reconnected on Facebook. 



  1. Whoa! 4?!?! My husband would kill to do 4. I'd kill not to do 4...

    Target cart in TJs lol.

  2. I LOVE these! I feel like I get to know all my little online friends :) Jealous of the 4 marathons and I love the hubby meet up story! I admire your pregnant woman stamina... I don't venture anywhere anymore and our empty cabinets are proof!

  3. Holy horses girl. 4 marathons! In one year! Wow. I applaud you. That is an amazing feat.

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Omgawsh Omgawsh I would have left the cart in the aisle and walked out!!! Ahhh! You are so brave and graceful to keep on with your shopping! And four marathons? Pleaseee give me training tips. I go out for a "run" and come back an hour later after spending time in the neighbors house giving her tips on fabric choices and being sent home with a batch of pumpkin bread. ah!

  5. 4 in one year!! Your are amazing! What ones did you run? Someday, when neither of us are producing babies, if that ever happens at the same time, and if we ever get the time/urge to run like crazy again, we should definitely run (survive) a marathon together. And while I'm at it I'd like a pony. But I will settle for brownies.

    Your semi truck shopping cart story is awesome, hahahaha! Man, I love those gigantic carts though! They can hold both boys and even fit a few groceries. Bless them.

  6. *you're
    (geeze I am losing my brain!)

  7. your little last comment "it might be little but its a fact" reminds me of taran saying "it's not mean if it's true"...or maybe it's not similar at all.

  8. Oh my gosh, your #2 had me laughing out loud! I can totally picture it!



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