trying the trend: flares (and a failure)

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29 August 2016

purse (c/o)
can't hide that Fitbit pride
photos by the lovely Laura!!

Okay, this was supposed to be a trying-the-high-waisted-flares-trend post but -- my so-called high waisted flares brought their c game in the high rise department and I'd call them mid rise AT BEST. I'm going to need to go into full on mom jean mode if I want high waisted, I guess. So, we're rolling with: trying the trend - flares style which is silly because I've stayed true to flares ever since my very first pair (tell me you remember Mudd jeans - please!) and still prefer them to skinnies every day of the week/month/year.

Anyway, I used to be vehemently opposed to the sandblasted and faux whiskered front trend so you'll imagine my shock and delight that in certain lights ...

the backs of the knees feature the faux whiskers in addition to the traditional sandblasted front. Emphasis on delight.

C'est la vie. My 2006 self is horrified but that's okay.

I think she'll live. 

Happy Monday (night! today kiiiind of got away from me, apparently)

phantom photos, an engagement, and no mentions of the Bachelor franchise (!)

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26 August 2016

Linking up with Kelly ...

1. I thought I'd lost a whole bunch of reunion and summer photos but some of them mysteriously crept back into my camera roll this week? Not complaining. And this was one of my favorites ...

... taken one of our quiet and relaxing morning walks with the whole crew.

2. & 3. This gets two takes because it's by far the biggest news of the week/month and maybe even year but my little sister, Emily, got engaged!

I'm going to try to get her and Sam to write their how we met story because it's a good one! I will say that he Sam had been discerning his vocation with the CFRs (here's a fun clip of him singing/beat boxing that my kids love to watch), reconnected with Emily after he left the monastic life for good and the rest was sort of history. But! I'm going to make them share - they are the cutest. Let the wedding planning commence!

4. I'm sure you've seen that thee Hallie Lord released a new book and I'm loving it. It's one of those rare books that I ripped open at the mailbox and by the time I walked inside the house I was totally engrossed/hooked. Worth the read.

5. Related, I think I need to make the switch over to audio books - does anyone have and love/hate their Audible membership? Yay/nay?

6. Okay, this should probably go into a confessions post BUT I've never really been tempted to buy any of Kylie's lip kits etc but now that she's coming out with a peach color ... I AM. Everyone has told me that Colourpop is the exact same thing though SO ... maybe I'll go that route first.

7. I know the last thing we all need is another online boutique full of adorable clothing but Gray Monroe might be my new favorite place to e-window shop.

Have a wonderful weekend!

hair and skincare au natural

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24 August 2016

If you've read this blog for any amount of time you probably know that something I love to talk about almost as much as I love talking about my kids is: beauty product related anything. Haircare! Skincare! Makeup! Nail polish! All of it! I love reading about new products, reading reviews, trying products for myself, etc.

And SO when I heard about Foxbrim, a new brand that carries a line of natural, organic beauty products and then took a gander at their site, seeing all of their great sounding products and reading several glowing reviews ... my interest was definitely piqued.  

taking that interest and putting it to the tangible test (and more bathroom snaps)

Foxbrim kindly sent their Vitamin C Serum, Argan Oil Shampoo, and Tea Face Scrub for me to try and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised my all three. I tried them all right away and loved them so much that turned around and bought the Dead Sea Face Mask to try out as well.

The haul.

All of Foxbrim's products are made with natural and organic ingredients and never tested on animals. They are sourced in very small batches so that the quality and value is always exceptional.

I'm always (always!) looking for a shampoo that doesn't disappoint me in the, "please don't dry my hair out but please get it really clean" departments. I would've never thought to try an Argan Oil Shampoo since my hair tends to be on the oily side but it didn't leave me wanting to throw my hair up in a pony tail before the kids woke up which is my usual go-to.

admiring my hair like I really do care. I promise I only do this 2-3 times a day.

Onward to the Dead Sea Mud Mask I ordered ...

In action ...

Despite being well into my 30s I still deal with occasional acne flare ups and the Dead Sea Mud Mask helps draw out toxins and kill acne causing bacteria without drying out your face. It's powerful and only meant to be used weekly and it left my face feeling softer than it's felt in years.

While I loved all the Foxbrim products and am confident you will too ... Foxbrim is fully committed to making sure their customers are completely happy and if you aren't happy with your purchase they will give you a full refund - no questions asked. So, there really is nothing to lose!

If you'd like to try Foxbrim you can get 15% off your order until 11/ 30/16 with code PATTON15!

Many thanks to Foxbrim for sponsoring this post! And to Laura for taking the pictures!

mini facelift for the bathroom

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23 August 2016

You know those room makeovers that leave the before looking completely unrecognizable after the transformation has been revealed? Well, this is not one of those makeovers. This was just a non-surgical facelift. You might even like the before better than the after, to be honest.

So, here we go with the before ...


It wasn't terrible. It was (is still) a pretty standard bathroom.

You know that my biggest beef was the beige (only because the entire house was/is still sort of beige) on the walls, the tiles (floor and shower) and that they obviously used a different type/color of paint to touch up the window frame than it had originally been painted and looked as though they'd hired Phoebe to touch/blotch it up. All fixable! We're just not fixing all of it. We (and by we I mean mostly Simon) painted the walls white, repainted the window frame with a glossier white that they'd left behind and painted the vanity.

And the (keep your expectations LOW) after ...

Better? Slightly? I hope so.

Would I love to throw up some subway tile and replace the flooring and that countertop? YES. But, prudence, patience, and um ... maybe later. Not now.

I really, really wanted to paint the vanity a pretty pinkish coral to kind of detract from the dark countertop but Simon said it wouldn't be smart if/when we try to sell (I guess he has a point) so we went with navy and I painted the girls' dresser pink to get my fix (more on that soon, of course! of course.)

We sanded the vanity (we have this bad boy and it is worth EVERY PENNY and more!!) and bought paint with primer and gave it three coats of "true navy" by Behr, I believe it was - I know you were wondering.

I found these pulls which made quite a bit of difference and bought a $30 light fixture from Home Depot along with a new shower curtain (would anyone like to come iron it? thanks) and rug and dipped into my collection of fake plants to help things along.

and the corner where the hamper had been ...

... I need to put the hamper back and straighten the turtle but you get the general idea.

And I'll spare you the little room where the toilet and only the toilet is BUT Simon did build these shelves that I've styled to perfection in said room ...

Pin away.

So, that's that. Since this bathroom is upstairs and we rarely use it - it wasn't a huge priority to spruce up but since we fixed up the guest room we figured we might as WELL.

Onto other more pressing projects. Stay tuned!

a little Sunday scroll

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21 August 2016

linking up with Kelly!

1. We'll start with the most riveting and work our way down ...

B is cutting some serious teeth of the molar or even wisdom variety so it was nice to catch him looking remotely happy yesterday. I've said it before and I'll say it again, teething is no biggie (didn't we breeze right through that? polite chuckle) until it happens and then you remember and it's not fun for anyone. I think he'll make it through though. I hope and PRAY.

2. I don't think I typed about it last night so I'm going to make up for it this week - apologies in advance. Bachelor in Paradise! I feel like now that Chad is gone it's been a pretty entertaining season. It was fun hearing Caila's take on things with Jared and Ashley I on the Here To Make Friends podcast this week. Nick's tough love talk with Ashley was so great and he tore up the airwaves this week both on Afterbuzz and Juliet Litman's podcast (he was the most candid on this one, in my opinion). I'm hopeful that Luke is the next Bachelor BUT I really wouldn't mind a dark horse Nick pick (never gonna happen but, I wouldn't mind!). Okay, that's it - until next week!

3. Has anyone ever asked you if you could hire cooking or cleaning help which would you choose? I don't know why but it seems to be a question I hear a lot. I would HANDS DOWN say cleaning help every day of the week even though I'm not exactly killing it in the kitchen but I got Shay's cookbook in the mail yesterday and everything looks so good and feasible that I might have to change my answer if she were to offer to be the Patton's personal chef. Only the deepest and most important thoughts does my mind ponder day in and day out ... obviously.

4. & 5. Okay so I'm SURE you noticed posts were a little scarce last week (joke alert) but it was for good reason. I'm putting my money (and time, so much time) where my mouth is and tacking the little decor projects I've been wanting to do for quite some time. Nothing crazy - and you know I'll dedicate a post or twelve to showcase all my work sometime soon but next up is the wall behind the piano.

(the vast, vast majority of the stuff on the wall will come down permanently) 

As mentioned last week I'm going to try my hand at this removable wall paper ... I'm having a terrible time narrowing my choices down and finding prints that Simon doesn't hate but here are my final four, I think ...

    a. Muted Floral

    b. Tom Buchanan
    c. Michaelis

    d. Sketch Floral

What's your vote? Or something different entirely?

6. I won't spoil the surprise (yes I will) but I may or may not have finally bitten the overall bullet this weekend. Stay tuned and your vigilance shall be rewarded.

7. Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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