Monday, September 29, 2014

Bohemian Traders

bag c/o Lily Jade
sunglasses - Ray-Ban via Amazon

Probably the very best perk of blogging is getting to meet lots of new e-friends from around the country and (sometimes!) the world. I "met" Emily, who lives in Australia, back when I was pregnant with Theo. I immediately fell in love with her writing and got a great kick out of her emails when she used words like buggy instead of shopping cart or rubbish instead of trash ... etc. Anyway, now I have now fallen in love with her online clothing store, Bohemian Traders. Everyone seems to be doing the capsule/minimalist/whateveryouwanttocallit wardrobe thing all of a sudden and Bohemia Traders pieces are RIGHT up that alley because every piece is so versatile, top quality, and classically gorgeous.

I'll admit that I was a teeny bit leery when I got this skirt in the mail because me + pencilish skirts have never been a match made in heaven. But the material is thick and stretchy enough that everything is held in quite nicely without making me feel like I have to take one cm steps because the skirt isn't too tight. I know you know what I'm talking about.

And now I want to get rid of every single non-flowy top in my wardrobe (aka all of them) because they seem to go with absolutely everything. Even and especially my yogas, it's great.

I'm so excited because Bohemian Traders is giving away a generous $250 credit to one lucky Camp Patton reader right here, right now.

Take it away, Rafflecopter.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the reason for the season

yeah, yeah. What an original post idea, GRACE.

Bridget already asked here.

Kate already asked there.

Fran talked about it here.

And now I'm making it into a post.

Everyone is talking about fall. And how it's their favorite season (lest we forget! it leads directly into WINTER ... the season of futility and death but ... minor d'tails, folks) and how easy it is to dress during (let's get fancy!) autumn.

It's fine. I like fall. It's one of my top three seasons and I'm not going to turn down a salted caramel anything because I'm always 4.5 years behind a trend on average but I have to admit I get pretty giddy about the return of the television programming (RIP Bachelor in Paradise, forever - hopefully).

Here's a few of the greats (according to Grace with potentially terrible taste).

Initially I was eh on this show but I've grown to love it. And by love I mean obsess over getting the kids to bed with plenty of time to adjust and position our antenna accordingly so that we don't miss one hysterical second. I'm eternally impressed that Mindy writes, directs, AND stars in the show and is so naturally hilarious.

... don't argue with me.

I fought my addiction to this wildly unpopular show for awhile but then came to grips with how upset I was to hear that this is the last season. I almost cry or cry during every episode and I am petrified someone is going to die in the final season. Please no. My television heart cannot handle it. And on my hunt for the above photo I read that the show didn't get cut because of ratings (they were actually quite good because the show is actually quite popular, but because it's too expensive to produce because of the large ensemble cast - for curious minds)

This isn't normally my type of show (I have to close my eyes a lot ... violence is not my thing) but I'm totally hooked. I love Kerry Washington and covet all of (which I just spelled, "ove" ... someone come revoke my typing/blogging license, now) Olivia's clothing because how appropriate would all ove (notfunny) her killer outfits look on my weekly trips the Costco? The most killer. You like that pun? I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm going to be brief (for once) and lame (like always) and stop at three.

But ...

Super Honorable Mentions:
Modern Family
Parks and Rec

On the Chopping Block:
Nashville (maybe, I'm still on the fence)
New Girl (what happened?!)

And this is only TELEVISION shows. I would have to dedicate an entire post or two to Netflix etc. shows (I'm coming for you, Gilmore Girls .... 99 years later).

Shows I HEAR are Awesome:
Pretty Little Liars

Can't Wait For:
I'm not sure.
How to Get Away with Murder looks promising? Maybe.

What say you??? I'm missing a million I know it. Tell me while I watch in humorous horror as all the kids melt into "life is over/just woke up from our naps" puddles at the exact same moment. Lucky day lottery, right here, right now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

home is the first school, and parents are the first teachers

... right?

Such a sweet thought.

Somehow Julia knows the alphabet, how to draw all of the letters, and how to make the sounds, etc. THIS IS NOT ANY SORT OF BRAG because: 1. I'm sure children many months (and probably years) younger than she is know all of this and more! and 2. I am 100% positive she learned her letter skillset a la PBS KIDS or maybe Simon is pulling a Tiger Dad and sneak-waking her in the middle of the night to drill her on letters + sounds but it has absolutely nothing to do with me.  At all.

BUT ... she can only sort of write her name (kind of!) and has yet to write any other sort of legible word. Until yesterday! When I made this delightful discovery (a truly wonderful birthday present came with a dry-erase marker and we were stupid enough to trust her with it unattended for 19 seconds) above Sebastian's bed/mattress on the floor (he is vehemently opposed to a traditional bed ... fear of heights/fear of normal? Not sure) ....

... and she claimed that was how to spell, "Sebastian" ... I had to wonder if maybe I need to up my unteacher/unschooling game a notch or thirty five?

And because I do love a good alternate post title here are a few that were up for consideration:
get your mind out of the toilet
poop prodigy
bathroom classroom
crappy graffiti

... I won't ever stray from my day job folks, worry not.  

Monday, September 22, 2014


Where's my denture glue and my orthotic walking shoes and my little black book of clich├ęs? How do we have a four-year-old? Well, we do. And I'll spare you the old, "time flies ... I can't believe it" essay but it does and I can't. Four years of letting her play guinea pig as we fumble around the parenting sphere and try to figure everything all out while making zero mistakes. ;)

She had a great day (I think ... she didn't say otherwise and she asked if it could please be her birthday the next day too) and I know you're wanting a better look at that beauty of a cake.

Well, fine.

Just don't all pin it at once.

The sad thing is that I did genuinely try very hard and even got a head start the night before baking the four layers so I wouldn't be in a frenzy the next morning.

And no she didn't change her mind to, "triceratops cake"... at the last minute ... it's still a sparkly pink princess castle cake.

I love this photo because Sebastian was SO excited for Julia to see her presents (he cut his nap super short and "helped" set stuff up) and to see what she got. He might tackle complete (female) strangers to the ground on the playground but his heart is in the right place on occasion. I think!

Julia picked out cotton candy ice cream (highly unrecommended) to go along with the fortress of fail and because she got to put her little trinkets (Princess Sophia? I believe that's correct) and some small dogs with long tails on top ... she thought it was just dandy. Although I accidentally walked a little too close to the cake section at Costco today and her eyes got very big and she started making big plans for her 5th birthday cake. And she can't be blamed.

The day sort of planned itself because she has ballet on Saturdays and then there was a little carnival up the road (we went last year too) with free rides and a big slide and food and fun in the evening. Julia, Simon, Theo, and Sebastian got on a kiddy ride with trucks that go around in a circle and go up and down. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about from that fantastic and detailed description.

Okay, here's a quality photo ...

They were JAZZED. Theo was so excited because this was the first ride he could go on because he finally "weighed enough" according to Julia (or was tall enough, according to the actual rules).

Four seconds into the ride both of the boys were in full on freak mode with tears flowing while Julia was having the TIME of her life.

I know it's terrible but I can't look at this (terrible) photo without laughing. It was so awful.

The lady folk watching with loads of sympathy.

Anyway, as soon as she got off and we made sure the boys weren't going to have coronaries, Julia hopped right back in line and rode the torture device all by herself with a fat grin on her face the entire time.

I know you didn't ask for a play-by-play but ... you never know when you'll get a little bonus treat like that around here. De nada.

Happy Birthday not-so-little J!!

We hope you had a great day!

(With no silly rhymes, from me or Sime)