Thursday, August 21, 2014


shirt - old Forever XXI
denim - old Target
boots - c/o Minnetonka
bag - c/o Lily Jade
shades - Amazon

It's totally fine if you didn't notice that I cut six inches off my hair on a whim during a quick and miraculously quiet minute after I showered the other day. Simon didn't either. And I gave him two separate chances: a visit at the hospital and later when he came home from work. Nope, nothing. After I pointed it out he looked at me incredulously, "really?! it looks the same!"

I meant to just give it a trim but here we are. And then I read earlier today that long bobs are (ahem, were - that was from April, whatever) in so I'll be giving the back another hack and attempt some layers (per professional hair goddess Kate's gentle and kind advice). You can leave your, "it looks like a broom" thoughts to yourself because ... I know.

Moving right along ...

I know it's ridiculous for a 31 year old mom o four to do outfit posts but ... no buts. It's ridiculous. And cranking up the ridiculous a notch or three is the fact that I'm wearing a sweatshirt and boots in August. To that I say that people have been pinning Thanksgiving recipes for weeks and the return of the Pumpkin Spice errrything is mere days away. And it was an unseasonably cold summer. And I love hearing Simon's endless commentary on my "Peter Pan" boots ... that I happen to love to death.

Okay, now really moving along to the venials ....

I don't love Taylor Swift's new song Put down your weapons! I don't hate it like I loathed Pharrell's Happy but I don't crank it in the Odyssey when it comes on which seems to be every other song this week.

Please know that my taste in music is actually quite hip and refined as I have been listening to Enrique's, Bailando on repeat on every single run I've gone in for the past three weeks which would be a grand total of two. Two whole runs.

Julia and Sebastian's new favorite game is "date" and they generally always go to the wine store and the chocolate store while holding hands. Those are the only two destinations.

I took Julia and Sebastian to the grocery store last weekend while Simon watched Phoebe and Theo at home. A mom with three kids behind me in line warned, "wait till you have a third!" with a sigh and it was excruciatingly difficult to bite my tongue and smile but I did. My tact and charity know no bounds.

I usually only go to Costco once a week or every other week but last week I went twice only because the thought of unloading all of the groceries we needed in just one trip was too daunting. I should probably crack down on our  almond milk addiction. And maybe work on Julia's liberal use of toilet paper.

This might be a terrible analogy to make but you know the feeling of finally eating after not eating for a long, long time? Your blood sugar rising and your whole body buzzing with happiness? Some days that's exactly how I feel when I get the kids down for naps. All that quiet! I know, terrible.

Ironically, I've been trying to type this post for two days but Phoebe has had other plans carved out for the time in which her three older (and wiser!) siblings nap. I was tempted to get frustrated but then I remembered she's 3.9 months old and priorities so I'll stop here. But if you're wanting to commend my sporadic one-handed typery (faux word) .... I won't complain.

At all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

welcome to the future

oh no! it's a sponsored post. I'm sorry! I just couldn't resist the opportunity to shove photos of my makeup-less face on your screen. The good news is that this will most likely be the last beauty product review because Grace + the self timer are best enemies forever. Enjoy it while you can, folks. 

Everyone is busy these days. I'm sure lots of people would argue that I'm not busy because I rarely have anywhere to be ... ever. No cubicle to report to, no meetings with um, anyone, and no one is forcing me to go to Costco on a weekly basis. Fine! In a couple of weeks I'll have to get the big kids to preschool twice a week but the dress code for that order of business is one level below yoga pants. However, despite my not busy life I still struggle with not looking like I just returned from a date with some exercise or rolled straight out of bed. I'm slowly working on raising awareness about the importance of letting moms wear sunglasses indoors in public for the sake of eye bags but I've also got another trick up my sleeve by the name of powdered sunscreen.

I've talked at length before about my battle with melasma during pregnancy (and beyond!) and for obvious reasons it's stupid to venture outside without sun protection but even if I go on a twenty minute run without some SPF I see sun spots later that night. It's fun.

Enter the Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush by Colorscience. It's awesome because it's not greasy or irritating and contains no chemicals. After several days of wearing the mineral sunscreen my skin hasn't thrown one single temper tantrum in the form of a breakout which is impressive for my skin eternally stuck in 10th grade (plus fine lines + wrinkles).

Okay! Stop typing, Grace.

Show! Us!

I'm giving you a side shot because I have the worst acne scarring on my left (face!) cheek and in case you wanted to throw that beauty of a braid on one of your hair boards on Pinterest. Laughitup. But, really ... I appreciated that the powder helped eliminate my perma-shine while also covering up my scar situation and not looking like I washed my face in liquid foundation (you know that look! I know you do).

There are a whole bunch of shades to choose from but I went with medium shimmer because you only live once. I believe the kids have an acronym for that these days. You can also pick between SPF 30 or 50 and they carry non-shimmer powder for any boring life leaders in the audience.

And I tried to get some "during" shottage but ....

Struggle is my maiden name.

Okay! I'm finished.

I do owe my child laborer a big thank you for her tireless efforts spent as a stand-in "still" subject to focus on while I fiddled with the camera's settings.

Statue Patton.

Thanks for reading, thanks for clicking, and thanks for humoring me and minute long stint as a fledgling beauty blogger.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Simon Says

"Now I know how the poor kids feel."

After stepping on a toy that the kids had left on the ground ...
Simon: curses curses curses
Grace: what did you step on?
Simon: it doesn't matter but it felt like a shark tooth.

After getting home from work and seeing that Julia was wearing a form fitting grey ribbed tank top Simon said, "did your mom make you wear your brother beater today, Julia?"

After seeing me anoint myself and Phoebe with lavender oil to help us sleep Simon stared, rolled his eyes, and offered, "or you could just turn off the baby monitor."

When talking about his future in female pelvic medicine and vaginal surgery Simon instructed, "in mixed company let's just say I fix leaky bladders."

After reading the synopsis of the book I'm reading Simon said, "another one of those 'troubled marriage lit' books you love so much, I see."

While looking at his 4th of July Instagram of the kids and its three lonely likes a few minutes after posting Simon confessed, "I guess I just assumed a snap like that would go viral immediately."

And recycling a cleaner version from Twitter ... Simon took the kids to the park, dealt with a diaper situation, and reported via text, "there's a tiger dad running soccer drills with his son and I'm like well my son crapped himself."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

... and that's what it's all about.

As Simon was filling me in on all the details of last weekend with the kids he mentioned a little something that my inner stage mom had to share. I'm sorry in advance. Well, I'm a little bit sorry.

He reported that Julia and Sebastian got in a fight (surprise!) and that after the brawl had calmed to a quiet roar and that they had made up he told the opponents to seal the forgiveness deal by shaking hands.

He said they responded by looking at him in confusion then looking at each other and then both shaking both their hands in the air .... hokey pokey style.

uninformed about life's important lessons or smartassery at it's finest?

I'll go with the former.
For now.