Tuesday, September 1, 2015

a few more shades of Lily Jade ...

shoes & shades - Amazon
Bosco's getup - c/o June & January

Is that enough Grace for you? Well, Grace + Bosco with a dollop of Phoebe. Phoebe who is following in Sebastian's renegade footsteps and refusing to hold my hand ever ever EVER which makes for interesting outings but, always digressing around here.

If you've lent your reading eyes to the Camp for any amount of time you probably know what a huge superfan I am when it comes to Lily Jade diaper bags. Whenever someone asks about my "purse" and I have to admit that it's technically a diaper bag -- they are always amazed.

I was so excited when I heard they were rolling out new bag styles and was even more excited that I get to test drive a couple of them. They really listened to their customers wants (gold hardware!) and needs (bigger bags!) and debuted their biggest bag yet (bottom two photos: the Meggan) along with my new favorite (top photos) the Rosie and the Shaley (not pictured). 

Both the Meggan and the Shaley have the backpack option and the Meggan has a ton of space ... more than any of their other bags and comes in both black and brandy (pictured).

The Rosie is great for everyday running around and I've caught Phoebe wearing it around the house a number of times because I think she senses it's my personal favorite. I like to think I'm a light diaper bag packer but I know I'm not ... and it's plenty roomy for me! I love the camel color but it comes in brandy too!

All of the new bags come with their signature baby bag that has pockets galore along with a changing pad and is washing machine safe, thankfully!

ALL of their bags are on sale for a limited time right now and not that I'm an expert but I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about any of their bags.

And for the cherry on top ... I'm hosting a giveaway over on Instagram for the bag of your choice AND a bag for a friend so click on over if you'd like. 

Merry Tuesday to you and yours. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

growing up

Initially I typed that title to read, "growng up" so I might just be growing down but I'm not the subject matter at hand today, for once.

For a long, long time I think I've sort of felt like I've been firmly planted in the baby and toddler trenches and while Julia isn't even into the wilds of kindergarten yet I have to admit that the two (maybe three?!) older kids are most definitely not toddlers and they are growing up.

Duh, it happens. And I know that and it's bittersweet but right now it feels mostly sweet as they sway further and further into uncharted independent territory. Territory that I like to call, "Pleasantville."

The other night a child that would normally throw a long and loud fit until parental assistance came stumbling into their room did the unthinkable. They quietly came into our bedroom to calmly inform us that they had wet the bed. I was so shocked by said child's calm demeanor that I was sure I was dreaming some bizarrely unrealistic and pleasant dream but nope, real life.

The next day we were going somewhere as a family when two children got themselves dressed. This isn't terribly out of the ordinary but they normally need to be redressed in something a little more size and weather appropriate but this time only their shirts were backwards and their shoes on the wrong feet so, we let it be. 2/5 of our job? done!

I could lie and say that I recently had to pack up all the newborn clothing because Bosco is in solid 0-3 month sized clothing now but the truth is that I just stuffed all the newborn clothing in a sort of empty dresser drawer but still, he's growing up.

And a few weeks ago I bought Simon some new (no holes! above the *gasp* knee! ever so slightly fitted!) shorts and he tried them on and he proclaimed with great disgust, "I feel like eye candy on a pleasure yacht* ... "

... so I guess you could say that he's growing up too.

*I have no idea what a pleasure yacht is either

Friday, August 28, 2015

dining room tour + table

Jazz hands, folks.

Slowly but surely I'm hoping to e-walk you through our house. Today, we've got the dining room on deck. I say tour with my tongue stuck firmly in my cheek because it's pretty small. But, tour it is.

We'll pretend I was going for a minimalist chic look with the sparsely decorated walls but they'll probably stay that way until we move out ...

This used to be my least favorite room in the house. There are no windows and it was painted a hue of blue that made it feel even darker than it was on it's own but then Simon painted it white and Ezekiel and Stearns sent this Driftwood Shaker table + Cape Cod benches of my dreams and suddenly I'm looking for excuses to hang out here.

I've wanted a farm table with benches for a long, long time and well, now that my dream as come to tangible fruition it's all downhill from here - I suppose.

I'm not sure our old Ikea chairs do the table justice but they'll do for now ...

I actually successfully put the table together myself (not impressive, it was super easy) and tried to screw the bench legs onto the bench "skirt" (new terminology for me) by hand with the "help" of Phoebe, Theo, and Bash which had Simon looking at me like I had 15 heads when he busted out his drill and hand them all up and running in under a minute. Oops!

When I first got one of the benches together the boys were so excited exclaiming, "oh! it's a little table for US!"

sort of, little men.

One of my favorite features of the Capecod benches (and all of their benches) is that they have adjustable legs ...

which is nice for those uneven outdoor surfaces or if you have a tile floor to wrestle with. Also, there will be no scratching of the floor with those leg pads (technical name, I'm sure). I also love that I can tuck the benches under the table which at least discourages Phoebe from climbing up on the table. Discourages is the key word.

Ezekiel and Stearns is based out of St. Louis and is an artisan custom craft furniture maker that makes the most gorgeous pieces. When possible they use naturally fallen timber and for every piece of furniture they sell, they donate to the Plant-It to have a tree planted. Smart.

They make incredible farm tables, chairs, benches, and a whole variety of timeless and classic home accents (sofa table, coffee table, writing desk, tv stand, storage benches and the list goes on and on!) and if you don't see something that fits your exact specifications they will work with you to create a custom design. Fancy, fancy. You can see some of their awesome custom designs along with some glowing reviews right over here!

I've been looking at new dining room tables for quite awhile and I can say, without bias, that they have extremely fair prices with free shipping on everything! every day! Which will save you many dollars and they are offering all Camp Patton readers $100 dollars off any farm table with the code Patton100. If I absolutely had to choose a second favorite table after the one we have I'd go with the Nantucket Farm Table.

In addition to the generous promo code Ezekiel and Stearns is giving away a $250 credit for you to use toward whatever inventory you'd like! Get after it and have a very happy weekend!

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