Monday, March 30, 2015

... we're gonna have us some fun.

I hate to throw TOO much spice into your otherwise inevitably humdrum Monday but mom bloggers gotta mom blog about spicy things and sometimes they've gotta a weekend to recap with photos and captions. Extra spicy. You were warned.

Julia warming up to go "trick-or-treating" at the Easter egg hunt at school on Sunday. The reason for the season, folks.

Even with Simon working long after I'd gone to sleep Friday night and getting up to go back to work well before anyone was up for a quick 24 hour shift on Saturday morning ... we still managed to make the most of Sunday a la house projects and house projects. I'll keep those to a maximum, worry not.

Simon kept busting out power tool after power tool while I was like, "anyone care to admire the closet {singular} I organized?!"

Sebastian wakes up every morning asking to make cookies and so after months of saying the requisite, "we'll see" (meanest mom) I finally obliged on Saturday ...

I'm sure this makes me less of an American and the polar opposite of a foodie but I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to err on the fluffy and cakey and not very many chips side. Basically I just add cornstarch to ye old Toll House recipe. Yawn.

Not pictured: the cheerios I ate with chocolate chips sprinkled on top while the cookies were baking. I didn't come close to failing my gestational diabetes screening like I normally do so I'm living it UP for the next trimester. My postpartum self might be flipping my current self an angry bird. Maybe.

Okay, Grace. More spice!

Ah, here we have Theo finally happy after I gave in and gave him a "blue" straw ...

Isn't his blue shirt nice too?

Probably thee most exciting development went down in the bathroom because we had the bath and shower reglazed (technical term, I think?) ...

hashtag no filter.

Now if we could just reglaze the entire house .... we'd be good. No, but it made a WORLD of difference ... because when we moved in it was a lovely shade of tannish gross (aka old) so ... now I want to take the bathroom with me because while we're stressing about every last square inch of paint around here I'm looking at potential Florida houses with electric blue and/or (really!!) lime green interiors and archaically wallpapered walls. A blog post for another time. Get your eyelid props ready.

Anyway, the kind gentleman that did the glazing had to wear this getup ...

... and you know how much Phoebe loves strangers so THIS ... this sent her into a frenzy ...

She be like, "WTF"

I honestly wasn't sure she'd make a full mental recovery but soon she remembered that the kitchen she loves to destroy was still there ...

... and she found Simon's toothbrush and and went to work happily cleaning her toes so, she's good now.

And I hate to end on a somber note but ...

... goodbye my aquafresh lover. Goodbye my friend.

And aside from a most disastrous church performance by certain children on Sunday .... that was the freakin' weekend.

I hope yours was similarly wild and all kinds of cra to the zy.

Friday, March 27, 2015

26 weeks

 three tops c/o Golden Tote (post sponsor)
support tank (not pictured :)) c/o Blanqi

Well, I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow but who's counting? Me, baby, me! Come on now

I might be the world's biggest fan of maternity clothing just because I think it suits my bump and body the best so I was pleasantly surprised when Golden Tote and their fun concept and service was able to come up with a tote full of clothing that was so bump-friendly. While there are lots of similar services floating around out there right now, Golden Tote is a monthly tote service that lets you choose two items and then surprises you with the rest based on your specified and requested style profile. My stylist was cognizant of my pregnancy and even stretched me out of my style comfort zone a bit which I appreciated because I can get outfit rut-happy pretty fast. And as someone that rarely to never shops anywhere but online I appreciated the convenience of not having to leave the house while having someone else do the "is this in style?" legwork for me.

The founders are clothing designers from Los Angeles and are able to score deep discounts on fashion brands and have even designed some of their pieces themselves. I was so happy with the quality of every single piece and am already thinking ahead to the fourth trimester of the nursing tank and my postpartum self is already appreciating the loose and flowy tops included in my tote.

My large tote (5-6 pieces) included the three tops pictured a la Grace above along with the blue dress, vest, and black and white striped top. Not bad for $149 (totes are valued up to $600 so odds are very good that you'll come out WAY ahead). There's also a smaller tote option that will get you 2-3 pieces for $49.

The next tote will be released on Monday, April 6th (although there is a bit of March inventory left!) and you can check out past totes and browse their inventory here!

I'll only subject you to a quick (ha!) paragraph about baby #5 but I have virtually no complaints. My usual back pain hasn't set in quite yet and the occasional fatigue is my biggest issue which really isn't even an issue at all. I'm still pretty confident in my guess that it's a girl because I feel like I'm carrying e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e (face, legs, face) like I did with the girls but my cravings for sushi and salt are giving me slight pause as that's all I wanted with the boys, so! We'll shall see, won't we?

We shall.

p to the s ...
27 weeks with Phoebe/Sebastian/Theo
26 weeks with Julia

Thursday, March 26, 2015

prepare the way

For quite some time I was pretty determined that we would make it to Sunday Mass together as a family. Even when Simon's weekend schedule got rocky we managed to make it work and I would either bring the kids to the hospital chapel on Sunday morning for a little game of church roulette (will Simon be free to come downstairs to meet us? or not?) ... or we would go as a family to a later Sunday evening Mass at a small local college where we didn't stick out at ALL. Until this winter when we went soft or we got smart ... depending on how you look at it. Simon and I started splitting up and taking one or two (or no!) kids at a time to church on Saturday night/Sunday morning and it was great. No complaints. We still do it if Simon is working on Sunday but now that the weather is a little less hateful we're back in the habit of hitting up the easy breezy 30 minute hospital Mass with all the heathens in tow. Look at us go. I know. But, I'll pretend we do it for Simon's well being on the weekends he's coming off a 24 hour shift on Sunday morning and not for my sanity in the pew. Not at all.

For better or for worse, we've started having the kids pack their own little church bags so that I'm not throwing a baby wipe at all of them by communion and hoping (in vain) that they'll suddenly strike up an interest in wet origami.

It's actually worked out really well despite last week's loot ...

Minimalist Julia: forbidden markers + pen + crayons, my missing sunglasses, a rosary, a Julia bracelet (made by Simon, the favorite parent), a book of Frozen stickers, old fruit snacks, a paint sample stolen from Sebastian, a stuffed dolphin, and a princess sticker book.

Unpredictable Sebastian: five various toy modes of transportation. None of which made noise which cannot be said for the week prior ...

Materialistic Theo: a crumpled up page ripped out of a Costco travel magazine.

Theo was territorial about his lone treasure and Julia didn't dare to show me her writing contraband and Sebastian never even opened his bag but was just happy to have something that neither Julia nor pesky Theo could touch. We'll see how long it lasts until I start resorting to my sorry bag of lone-diaper-and-three-wipes tricks or the kids miraculously start paying attention ...

... imagine THAT.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

spring break and better internet

The big kids were on spring break last week and even though they only go to preschool two mornings a week ... it made a world of difference having them home. I wish I could say it made the cozy and fun kind of difference but instead we took a little trip ...

destination: Crazytown,
population: mother and ducklings Patton

I think it was just the perfect storm of some weird patch of painful pregnancy fatigue (totally fine now!), Simon's current time consuming rotation (this is the last week!!), and Sebastian's new found penchant for skipping his nap (I'll just keep lying to myself and silently chanting it's, "just a phase! just a phase!), but even after hitting up parks and playgrounds on the daily we were alllll craving our usual sructure like the wild and free spirits that we Pattons tend to be ...

Simon says I repeatedly dress like the kids like lumberjacks but I have no idea what he's talking about. At all.

I think the low (or maybe high!) point was when Julia and Sebastian were playing "dentist" and all of a sudden Sebastian had cut off a very visible and sizable chunk of Julia hair. 

Anyway! I'm going to have to get my summer routine ducks in a row real quick or figure out a way to synchronize our "quality time" love language or something. Something!

But let's celebrate the blessed end to the "break" by going elsewhere(s) for the day, shall we? Yep.

As more and more blogs seem to be posting less and less I'm always so happy to find a new-to-me blog to archive stalk. Her gram game is gorgeous too.

I've typed it before and I'll type it again but if I were forced to reading nothing but Rachael's writing for the rest of my days ... I wouldn't complain one single bit. Ladybird's got talent.

This made me laugh {language alert though}

This made me feel so much better about the SOS texts I routinely send Simon

Julia has been starting to voice her strong opinions about jeans vs. leggings (something I've read is commonish with little girls? or maybe she's a special breed of crazy like her mother dearest) and is pretty adamant that jeans never touch her legs ever again but has been shockingly okay wearing these, thankfully.

In that same picky vein, I've been on the secondhand hunt for some flower girl shoes for J that didn't boast sparkles or bows or massive flowers and finally found these in a fit of 3am insomnia ... not secondhand but they can double as Easter kicks and if she's feeling festive .... baby #5's baptism? I guess.

I'm going to force myself to stop Zillow trolling Tampa houses and start this book tonight but not! before! I do the workout that never ever gets any easier. Weird.

Haaaaaave a good one.
Extra a's for fun.

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