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09 November 2020

1. It's November 9th. How?! This year feels both interminable (doesn't March seem decades ago?) but also is somehow flying by? Somehow, some way. I'm still holding my breath thinking the kids will have to restart distance learning but their school has done such a wonderful job keeping everyone safe and distanced and outside as much as possible that so far - soo good. The kids had a snow day the Monday before Halloween but then we enjoyed thee most beautiful weather for Halloween and the week following! Such a nice change from the year prior where we were all freezing. Let's keep the trend going, 2021. 

2. I saw lots of Christmas decorating happening the second Halloween was over which makes sense the year has felt like a lot of doom and gloom but being the grinch that I am I don't think I could handle two months of Christmas decor. I don't think I could do it - sooo we'll wait! 

3. Simon and I finally finished the third season of Yellowstone. Because I'd heard that the end of the season was cRaZy - we weren't that blown away by the finale but are SUPER curious to see what season four looks like .... Simon thinks they'll be doing a lot of flashbacks and I hope he's wrong. And I hope Beth and Rip end up getting married. I'm very excited about the season premiere of The Crown and have been listening to many a Princess Diana podcasts in order to gear up. 

4. I posted about this on IG a few weeks ago despite thinking I was the last to hear about it but in case you haven't - I discovered this app where you can upload your receipts to earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards (I choose Amazon, always). It's simple and now I've become a receipt hound - anything for a little excitement, right 2020? Right. I think if you use my code: BVFBC you'll get 2,000 points off the bat, I think! Happy hounding

5. I promised I'd get back to you on what I thought of this fine piece of machinery - my one Prime Day purchase and after a few weeks of daily use I'm here to report that ... I don't know how we ever lived without it. I want one for the upstairs now too. Simon was skeptical but has come around. The kids gave it the (very creative) moniker of Dusty and set the timer so that it would start running around 2am the other morning and gave me quite the fright as I was sure someone had broken into the house. 

6. I'm starting to think about making the big room switch (Iris to the nursery and Clement in with all the boys) and while I'm always tempted to repaint I think the nursery is still well suited for a girl with maybe a few feminine elements like this rug that has been out of stock for monthS on end but it finally back! And how much does Iris care? Zero. She does not care, of course :) . Speaking of rugs - this gorgeous collection of rugs dropped today and I go back and forth between not even wanting to look so I'm not tempted but also poring over each and every one and envisioning them in different rooms of our house (this one is especially gorgeous). 

7. I'm mostly finished with the dreaded task of switching over the kids dressers and closets for the colder months (it's a lot more fun getting ready for summer, in my opinion!) and I've been able to fill the few holes in the wardrobes with my trusty Old Navy and H&M go-tos. I'm trying to simplify my own wardrobe and am looking for tops (sweaters because I'm always cold) that will work well with both jeans and leggings (my faves) and found this one (so many great reviews), this similar one (looks super soft), and this cardigan (on sale!). I wore my sweater blazer SO much last fall/winter/spring that I'm debating another color since they're currently 40% off

Alright, that's all! Hope you're all staying healthy and warm!

back to it

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16 October 2020

1. The kids started back to school over a month ago (lots of precautions, lots of outdoor time etc etc) and so far ... so good. Do I think we'll go back to remote schooling at some point? I'm counting on it in my head but for now -- the kids are thrilled to be back! Bosco likes to sleep in so I was dreading the mornings with him but he's shocked me by popping up and getting himself downstairs before some of the other kids which is a minor miracle. Abe is enjoying being the king of the kid castle during the day but is definitely missing his buddy Bosco. Hopefully Clement can fill his shoes since he's started talking (and talking and talking) recently! I'm loving have some structure to our days although Iris's naps aren't totally predictable quite yet (we're getting there! at least she lines up her afternoon nap with the boys which is ... so nice) but still, I'll take any routine I can get! Wow, this was an exciting paragraph, wasn't it?!

2. I forget if I raved about the show Yellowstone yet? We were only able to figure out how to watch the first two seasons but they were good. So good. I would be going with withdrawals if I didn't have the Bachelorette coming up one week from today (crazy). I'm making my way through Emily in Paris now and it's so/so ... but I'm only a few episodes in. 

3. I really enjoyed the book, Regretting You, as part of an online book club I joined. Mostly breezy and mostly happy ending! I'm SO excited that this book was just released because it is gorgeous in person and am snapping some up for Christmas presents because while still a couple months away - it's just around the corner. Also, the planner? Might turn me into a planner person. 

4. What else ... what else? We're gearing up for Halloween despite it not looking like we'll be doing the traditional trick-or-treating routine (I don't think). I'm eternally grateful that Julia is a planner through and through and that she and Phoebe have yet to change their minds about costumes (although, there's still time!) and hoping that the boys can make some decisions ... soon!! 

5. A new to me print shop with the most gorgeous + affordable downloadable prints! I got this one to put in our bathroom. And from another shop - I printed and hung this one in the boys room!

6. Did you get anything fun/good/practical on Prime Day(s)? I finally bit the bullet on one of these and I cannot WAIT. I read 20398402 reviews and think we'll be pleased - I hope/pray!! I'm still slowly working on replacing light fixtures throughout the house and am perpetually adding to my wishlist - Amazon's inventory is actually pretty impressive. 

7. I don't think I ever reported back on the findings from my "mom jeans" quest. I ended up keeping and loving this pair from Gap and this pair from Old Navy. I wanted to love the pair from Abercrombie but ... too many holes/too cold/not cool enough to pull them off! 

This sweater was also a recent winner from Old Navy as the temps (SADLY) drop here in Wichita. 

And finally - I've found a new dream dress that is very much not from Old Navy but that's why it's in my wishlist! :)

Happy, happy weekend!!

back to ... still summer :)

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21 August 2020

1. I can/can't believe that it's the end of August and we're not back to school (I mean .. it's actually *whispers* kind of nice but I've still go a lot of prep to do - wondering if these machine washable school shoes are a good idea?). Our school year was pushed back a few weeks and so we're enjoying the last bits of summer! A few of the kids have been able to do some small groups for (socially distanced + outside, worry not) reading skills and really enjoyed them and for that, I'm pretty grateful. The four older kids had a short four week baseball and softball season (Simon coached the girls team!) earlier in the summer and while nightly games got to be a little grueling I think we all have to admit that we miss them. 

2. I can't (and can, I suppose) believe Iris is nearing the three month mark. I would be sad but she's SUCH a delight and always wanting to smile and chat up a gibberish storm so as long as time slows down the teeniest tiniest bit ... I'll be fine. I know I'll miss the big kids help with her when they go back to school but luckily she's pretty low maintenance until it comes to a reasonable bedtime. Hashtag night owl. 

3. We won a cabin stay outside Branson at a school fundraiser back in November and were unable to change the dates so we decided to go and had so much fun (see photo above). The kids could wade and play in creeks all day and were pretty oblivious that weren't on the actual Table Rock Lake (no one tell them, thanks) and we found some stroller friendly "hiking" that they all enjoyed too. Did the five hour drive take us eight and did we have to deal with some car sickness? Maybe and unfortunately but! Still - so fun to have a little change of scenery and enjoy the outdoors for a couple of days. 

4. I've been terrible on the reading front and I don't know why. I loved The Royal We and was so excited to start The Heir Affair but .... I guess the siren song of Netflix just is a little bit louder these days? I need to buckle down and get into it because I know I'll love it. I started listening to Such a Fun Age and I know it's going to be a good one too! I'm also SUPER excited about One to Watch ... I should probably start um .. reading. 

5. I plowed through Indian Matchmaking all the way to the frustrating last episode ... will there be a second season? I hope so. I know there have been some follow up YouTube updates so maybe those will give me answers! I should check. I might be the only person in the world actually enjoying the GOAT Bachelor episodes and for that ... I should be more embarrassed. I just love reliving the older seasons so much. Hopefully Clair (and Tayshia's?) season will start super soon!

6. I'm guessing I'm the 10th person to tell you about this pink cleaning stuff from Amazon? It's amazing. We've got a resident mural artist on our hands and this stuff has saved me a lot of time I would've wasted repainting many a wall in the house. We ripped up some carpet in a little eating area off the kitchen and the tile underneath is in decent but not great shape and I'm wondering if this stuff would help it shine a bit?

Other Amazon purchases - these bike shorts. I was not on the bike short trend train and am still skeptical but I just think of them as short leggings for the summer/around the house - the pockets are KEY for my phone, an errant pacifier, or trash the kids inevitably gift me on a walk. I convinced my friend Jessica to buy a pair and she loved them so much she placed an order for a second color right away. Also these leggings are as lightweight (without being see through and still being sturdy enough to run in) as them come.

7. I don't have a Nordstrom credit card - nor do I plan to get one - but I was super bummed this dress was sold out before it was available to the commoners. This is a cute runner-up but still - boo! (I did recently buy this one and I LOVE it. Love.) I keep reading that the skincare sale stuff is well worth a look so I might have to stock up on these favorites.

I've decided I'm going to give mom (well, mom-esque) jeans a go because I like to dip my toe into trends yearS after they've been trendy (guessing they're on their way out already!) --I ordered these (look at those reviews!)  I've got my eye on this chic looking pair, as well as these sky high rise babies, and these might be the top contenders! Everlane has yet to steer me wrong. If you have a pair you love - please let a mom know. 

the birth story of Iris Miriam

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22 July 2020

I think it could actually and aptly be called, "the birth blip" if one were to compare her earth entrance to the odysseys of some of her siblings. Not to name names but ahem ... Theo, Phoebe, and Abe.

So, don't blink or you'll miss it.


Knee slaps.

We all know I can make a short story go the length of an unabridged War and Peace.

So, here we go.

Where were we? Let's start at 38 weeks and change and some good old fashioned prodromal labor. Nothing I wasn't used to but since I'd been hanging out at 3cm and 80% effaced for a few weeks my OB (whom I love) was shocked all the contractions hadn't kicked things into gear. Simon was so sure I'd have the baby around 39 weeks (as I'd done six times before ... ) that he'd rescheduled all of his surgery patients (not a simple thing with the covid testing prior to surgery etc etc) and I was getting worried that he'd be back to work as usual once the baby did come. So, in the interest of Simon being at the delivery and not going beyond 40 weeks because I was trying for a VBAC (post Clement) my OB decided to schedule an induction for 39 weeks and 1 day.

In the hopes of not having another OP baby and running the risk of pushing for three hours during a VBAC I sought out the care of a wonderful chiropractor in town. My experience with chiropractic care was limited to one visit where I was hoping to get some relief from a stubborn migraine (well over a year ago) and I did! It was amazing. However, I'd heard and read such great things about chiropractic care during pregnancy and really wish I'd gone sooner than I did. She was confident we could ensure a well positioned baby for delivery and my hopes were up VERY high that she was right. I didn't even think about the lower back relief that would come with the adjustments or the headache she was able to cure (pop?) on the spot. I only went to three or four adjustments before Iris was born but they made a huge difference in how much better I felt physically approaching labor.

My hilarious friend Fran also told me to load up on dates starting at 35 weeks to help shorten labor. I put several in a few smoothies a couple times a week and while many naysayers would laugh I don't doubt that they helped.

Alright. Induction day! I know things like inductions and epidurals and Pitocin can have a bad reputation in the birth story world but I'm hear to shed a positive light on all three. Clutch your pearls if you must. 98% of my labor anxiety (which is ... minimal) is wondering what I'd do with the kids when I went into labor with no warning (unlikely but ... still) so having it on the books and someone (thank you Mom and Hemma!!) there to watch the kids was really quite nice. We got there at 6am (despite sleeping through my alarm which I have done maybe twice in my life), masked and ready to roll. I had my IV in and Pitocin started by 7:30am. Since I was attempting a VBAC the Pitocin dose had a limit and while I don't think I ever hit that limit -  the tick tock of the clock was definitely dancing pretty in the back of my head. My nurse was wonderful - as most labor and delivery nurses (I've had!) tend to be. We FaceTimed the kids and told them hopefully the baby would be here by dinner time.

The details are already fuzzy but I think my doctor came and broke my water around 8:30. I was still only at about a 4 and maybe 90% effaced. The resident came in an hour later and called me, "a 4.5" and Simon and I looked at each other and I started to worry ever so slightly that I wouldn't make any progress and I'd be having another c-section (not the end of the world! Just wasn't looking to go through that recovery again ... ). My nurse kept telling me to say the word when I wanted my epidural and while I wasn't in a ton of pain at all with the frequent contractions - I was definitely getting more and more uncomfortable (starting to sweat and curl my toes) and when she reminded me first I'd need a bag of fluid I said -- let's just go ahead and do it. And we did. I had a wonderful nurse anesthetist and a wonderful epidural (could still feel and move my legs but no pain). Simon and I were SO sure that I was having a boy (her heart rate was super low throughout the pregnancy which isn't a proven theory - it was proof enough for me and my late night Google searches) that we hadn't nailed down a middle name in the event we had a girl.

We decided to toss around some girl middle names and decided we wanted to go the Marian route and I was super surprised Simon agreed to Miriam because he normally goes through a, "no way ... maybe ... I'll think about ... maybe ... I don't know ... I guess ... maybe ... okay!" song and dance when I suggest any name at all. So, easy peasy.

Around 11:10 Simon noticed a heart rate decel and the resident came in to check my progress and asked if I was feeling any pressure. I said sort of but .. not really because I tend to exaggerate any pain of any kind and while I felt some pressure - it didn't really feel like the baby was about to come out. Fully expecting for her to call me a, "4.75" she said I was at a 7 as my doctor walked in from her clinic across the street. She decided to check too and said I was an 8 and we were, "about to have this baby" as she started gearing up with a gown.

I nervously chuckled behind my mask.

I had told her time and time again my lengthy pushing history and tried to protest because she hadn't been around for my requisite three hour pushing parties. How many patients had she left in clinic rooms across the street? They were in for a long wait. I got ready to push and she said I would have the baby with my next contraction.

Bold claim and I believed her 0%.

But, she was right! A couple of pushes and one contraction and out she came at exactly 11:25am! Simon looked at me with a look that I thought meant, "you were right!" and we had a boy but he then said, "it's a GIRL" and I'm pretty sure I started crying tears of disbelief. We would've been thrilled to add to our pack of boys and how fun for Clement to have two brothers so close in age? But, Phoebe and Julia really really wanted another sister and I was so happy for them.

They kept saying that was such a big baby but put her right on my chest and she started nursing almost immediately and didn't stop for a solid two hours. It made for some awkward FaceTime calls to our family as they wanted to see her face but we couldn't wait to share the news. The girls were so excited and the boys seemed happy but later both Bosco and Sebastian had to ask what we named her so ... happy but distracted, I guess.

Eventually she allowed us to break her away from her food source to be weighed and bathed. They were so certain she was in the 90th percentile for weight and that we'd have to monitor her blood sugar but since she was, "just" 8 pounds and 5 ounces (my second biggest after Abe) - she managed to escape the many heel pricks.

We we're moved to my postpartum room and I think I figuratively held my breath until we were discharged the next day after Clement spent a week in the NICU (no time at all compared to so many other babies but a week nearly did my in). When we pulled in the driveway from the hospital the kids had allll climbed in the car before I could even get her out of her carseat - they were SO excited to meet her.

She's been a great eater, sleeper, and all around wonderful addition to our family.

The end!

she's here!

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24 June 2020

1. Iris Miriam has arrived! She was born on June 1st and I'll save all the details for the birth story that should be up superdupersoon but she's been a delightful addition to the family and I'm still SO surprised that she was a she! All of the older kids have been a huge help and Clement is pretty independent and hasn't seemed bothered that there's a new baby in town ... yet. Abe finally started calling her, "Iris" instead of, "virus" and is always walking around closing the shutters in the house saying she doesn't like the sunshine (??). Overall, we're adjusting well and feel so fortunate to have her here safe and sound.

2. While summer sort of "just started" and even with the remote learning situation it still feels like we're monthS into a summer of sorts. The older three are enjoying an abbreviated baseball/softball season with Simon coaching Julia's team and the younger kids are along for the ride and hoping that their games are parked next to a playground (they usually are). We haven't gotten too deep into the summer humidity and buggy season quite yet but I'm sure it's coming (but is still years better than winter, if you ask me!).

3. I've done almost zero reading since the last time I checked in but am about 1/4 of the way through 28 Summers (thoroughly enjoying it!) and have Big Summer next on the docket!

4. I will admit that I binged the second season of Selling Sunset in am embarrassing amount of time (as in - no time at all!) and am now working my way through the first season (not sure why I did that) with Simon watching with one mildly entertained eye in the evenings. I'm not as taken with the GOAT bachelor episodes they've been airing -- they put me right to sleep which maybe isn't a bad thing, honestly.

5. While Iris will stay in our room for the time being and Clement will stay in his room (and we decide if we put 5 boys in one room together? Or Iris goes in with the girls and skips the nursery altogether?) I'm pretty pleased with how gender neutral we've kept Clement's (and formerly Abe's!) room. I wouldn't feel the need to change much if Iris moved in there but I have to admit that I spotted these dreamy mobiles and have never considered myself a mobile person until ... now.

6. I've been trying to exercise serious restraint when it comes to buying baby girl clothes because honestly - all she needs is a few onesies for these first several weeks anyway - but it's been tough resisting the siren song of H&M's adorable inventory and these (unnecessary, most likely) swim suits - too much, too cute.

7. I've been living in these shorts (so much so that Phoebe asked if I would wear them swimming -- ?? no) but wished I'd gotten my normal size even being so freshly postpartum. They run pretty big! But, I still love them. Also, these nursing bras are still far and away my favorite (even over the fancy pricey ones) and now I'm remembering why I wore them long after I'd weaned both Abe and Clement because they are just so comfortable. And while I'm still holding out hope that Amazon does Prime day - they're having a big sale right now that's worth checking out (happy that they've extended their return window in case I actually don't need back-to-school shoes for the kids in the fall :))!

Alright, back to the birth story but wanted to check I super quick! Hope you're having a wonderful summer!!

action packed

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22 May 2020

Why does Clement look old enough to strut right into a kindergarten classroom?

1. Greetings from our first official day of summer break (!!!!) ... I don't think I realized how excited I was until the day actually came but here we are. The kids did a great job considering their temporary teacher's lack of decent teaching skills but I know they'll be excited to go back to school. They can't wait to see their friends, learn from actual teachers (now that they know how good they formerly had it ha), restart sports and activities etc etc etc - there seems to be so much information floating around about what the fall will look like but I'm going to wait and see what officially comes to light.

2. Of course the forecast shows heavy rain for the next 10 days but we're not letting it get us down - yet. Simon keeps saying its perfect weather to have a baby/newborn around but he hasn't seen my to-do list and all that "needs" to get done. Important things like ... rehanging pictures in their third location of the month, maybe actually narrow down some potential baby names, and deep clean until the proverbial cows come home :).

3. I'm not quite 38 weeks and just for fun my OB said she thinks the baby will be here by 38 weeks and 2 days (I think I've got some weekS to go!) so the waiting game shall begin in earnest then. Even Abe who isn't quite three is starting to ask when that big baby is going to come out so we shall SEE. All things considered, I feel fine. I started going to a chiropractor to try to avoid having a fifth sunny side up baby in an effort to not go through hours of pushing this time around and I have to admit the adjustments have helped me sleep so well and completely eliminated my last bit of sciatica. I'm optimistic (as is my doctor) about the prospect of a vbac but since Clement was a c-section I obviously haven't ruled the possibility of a repeat on that front but if only for the sake of recovery - I would love to avoid going that route again. I feel like this paragraph is making little to no sense and I think we should just end it here. Ended!

4. Simon and I started watching Mrs. America and it reminds us a bit of a politically focused Mad Men? It's fun to see DC "back in the day" and watch a story unfold that I honestly knew very little about as far as the details went. I keep reminding myself a lot of it is fictionalized but it's definitely entertaining. We flew through Waco and while heartbreaking and honestly disturbing - it was really well done. I think enough people warned me about the final episode that while it was really tough to watch - the warnings helped to ease the shock factor, I think.

5. I'm listening to Verity (a little too scary for my very wimpy taste but perfect if you enjoy almost thrillers) while I finish up my last minute projects and reading Beach Read when I can to balance out the former. I'm enjoying both aside from the scare factor but reading anything puts me right to sleep these days which I don't mind because Beach Read is light and pleasant and I'm fine sticking to that fluffy genre for the time being.

6. I rounded up some fun gold mirrors over here (dupes for this mirror, if you will) and some impressive Amazon rugs over here and am side eying all of the sales going on this weekend. I'm hoping this rug goes on sale and wouldn't mind if this one dropped a little more either .... let a dreamer dream. You know you're a real good time when you're scouring the patio furniture sales like a hungry hawk but I am and I'm okay with it. Patio furniture has come a long way, that's for sure!

7. I never thought LOFT could outdo itself on the sale front but somehow they are this weekend and I'll always find it hard to resist their perfect selection of sunglasses. Always. I'm also loving this dress, this top, and of course my favorite joggers of ALL time. Lots of pretty espadrilles on sale over here which might be one of my favorite parts of summer - second only to the weather ;) And I ordered the toiletry bag taking the ig world by storm and I have to say that it is as amazing as everyone claims. Mom's honor.

Have a great 3 day weekend!!!

xoxo, gp

May flowers

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02 May 2020

1. Re: title -- April didn't have many showers so I'm hoping May doesn't either but we'll see ... we shall see. As shared on IG but I did finally finish this wall and am glad I decided to wait until I found (what I thought) was the perfect wallpaper. Our house doesn't have any stark white (mostly because the trim is very yellowy-beige) so it was tough to find a design that didn't incorporate a super cool/crisp white but Target, of all places, to the off white rescue. The design is SUPER forgiving and if I didn't line the panels up perfectly it's almost impossible to tell (to my design blind eye) and in the event that we have a girl and she eventually gets this room I think it's pretty darn gender neutral. Alright, enough about THAT forever, alright? Alright.

2. We're closing in on a little over 2 weeks (or actually 12 days as a dear friend texted me this morning) left of distance learning (remote learning? home schooling?) and while I wouldn't say our routine is exhaustive or rigorous I think we'll all be a little bit relieved when we cross the finish line. I'm hopeless at teaching the kids new concepts (thankfully Simon is quite a bit more skilled in this arena) and am trying not to imagine a fall semester at home for this reason alone but - let's get through the summer first, G.

3. I got Jen Fulwiler's new book, Your Blue Flame in the mail last week and blew threw it. I'm normally a fiction gal and steer clear of any sort of self-help books (I don't think this would qualify as one, actually but it's not my preferred genre) and now want to casually give a copy to everyone I know because it was so GOOD. Inspiring without trying to be and super entertaining/hilarious to boot. Recommend x 10.

4. Just one day shy of 35 weeks (because that sounds SO much better than 34 weeks - you know? you do) and feeling better than I have in previous weeks? I'm thinking maybe the baby dropped since my heartburn is down to a dull roar vs the bonfire that had been blaring before. My sciatica is also feeling a lot more bearable and I'm sleeping through the night which hasn't always been the case. Party emoji. I'm making mental lists of things I can get done before my due date and hoping some name inspiration strikes soon as we're still coming up sort of short. We do need a new infant car seat so if you have any recommendations (we'd previously always needed a super slim model to fit all the car seats in the car but with a much bigger van now - the car seat world is my oyster!) - I'm all eyes!

5. I know I've blogged about this site before (no way, shape, or form sponsored) but was shocked to log-in and find that I had racked up hundreds of dollars of gift cards (I generally only use it on my laptop but am realizing I should be using it on my phone too) so if you don't use it to find coupon and discount codes (which it does quite well!) - I highly recommend you do! It pays off.

6. These shorts were (still are!) a favorite of mine a few summers ago so took advantage of the sale and bought them a couple sizes up for the postpartum summer. I was intrigued by the old school look of these shoes until I realized they are actually mens but ... that shouldn't stop me? Right? Even though it's warming up I've been living in these jeans and these pants (not at the same time - ha Ha HA) despite not loving maternity pants in general - they're both comfortable and as flattering as things can be in the home stretch.

7. Julia has been asking for denim overall shorts and I finally found a pair that isn't frayed to shreds (says she who just bought frayed shorts for herself) and are a super play-friendly length. She loves them too - win/win. I've been mixing this primer with this illuminating lotion in place of any sort of foundation or tinted moisturizer and etc and it's a super duper winning combo (in my book!). Giving these sandals a try for the little boys this summer - the velcro sold me and so far so good but hopefully they don't break in a matter of days :)

Alright, we're in tackling project mode so back I go!

Happy Saturday!

hello, it's us

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20 April 2020

1. Checking in from week 5 (starting week 5?) of quarantine - I hope you all are doing well and staying safe and healthy. I think we've settled into a decent routine and the schooling situation is going fine (we are doing almost none of the optional things though - maybe we should) for now. Simon keeps saying we should just plug right on through summer with school of the home variety and while I agree with him in theory - I think the practice itself might be challenging with a new baby on the scene. However, I've always been the pessimist in the relationship so we shall see! He's welcome to one room schoolhouse it up :)

2. The weather seems to have hopefully turned for ~good but I know that as soon as I do the big switch of the kids drawers from cold weather to warm weather clothing - it'll get cold again so I'm holding off for now. I did just get these in-betweenish rompers for the girls and am resisting stating the requisite, "wish it came in my size!" (but I do) My seasonal allergies have flared up quite nicely so that makes me think the sunshine is here to stay but again, I'm not the weather. Phoebe has been very concerned about how her birthday is going to go down (this week!) as if she's ever had a big birthday shebang (usually just family which is always fun) but it looks like at least the weather will be gorgeous and thankfully Amazon pulled through with much earlier than anticipated delivery dates for her gifts. Party emoji.

3. I did a home tour via IG story on the Everyday Mamas IG page last week if you want to check it out in their highlights. I had to resist being super chatty and talking every single painted dresser from Facebook Marketplace but it still felt super long. Oops.

4. I'm 33 weeks along and it's crazy to think that if this baby comes when Clement did (they won't! but still) they'd be here in fewer than 3 weeks. I haven't done a stitch of baby laundry or diaper buying or anything of that nature but I'm plugging along on some organizing and projects I was hoping to do pre-baby so the laundry and diapers and checking to see if our infant car seat is expired (prettttty sure it is) can wait another week or two or three. I'm having mostly good days but sometimes I wake up and feel super creeky and a lot more pregnant than I am but we're all healthy and I'm grateful for that! Phoebe says she has different screams ready (one bad, one good) depending on if the baby is a boy or a girl - so it's good to know she's very level-headed about the prospect of a 6th brother joining the mix. Definitely not sponsored as I've happily purchased them myself but I'm always amazed how much better my back feels when I wear these tanks. The subtle support makes a huge difference and I'm eternally grateful for it.

5. I'm reading The Two Lives of Lydia Bird and at first it was giving me Evvie Drake Starts Over vibes (which I adored) but it's turning out to be quite different but I'm still enjoying it. I'm thankfully falling asleep pretty quickly at night so I'm not making the fastest of headway but it's enjoyable if you're in the market for something (semi-sad, warning!) decent to read!

6. I cheated on my favorite place to buy kids clothes for a minute and bought a few pairs of these shorts for the older two boys and really like the length (not capri style but also not super short - the one review threw me because Sebastian is pretty tall and these aren't short on him at all) and quality. They didn't shrink in the wash and even with the drawstrings they look a lot nicer than ye old gym shorts but seem to be just as comfy. Win/win/win. I also bought the girls each a pair of these shorts when they were on sale a few weeks ago and wish they'd drop back down price-wise because they're winners in the quality/comfort book! It's early in 2020 but I'm already calling this my favorite beauty purchase of the year because it has changed my hair for the better which is a feat in an of itself. I could never pull off the, "goes many days between washes" thing even with the help of any and all dry shampoo but this gets my (and Julia's - she's a fan) hair cleaner than it's ever been without stripping it to dry bits. I think it will last a long time too because. teeny tiny bit goes a really long + lathery way.

7. My love for clogs has yet to die so when I saw that Everlane released a pair - they very much stopped me in my scrolling tracks. I'm going to be prudent and wait to make sure my feet are going to de-swell postpartum so as to get the correct size but gosh, they're pretty. And completely unrelated - I started putting together a page for our favorite baby/toddler board books in case you're in the market. I'll add more but it's a start!

Alright, Godspeed in whatever your week might entail!


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