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10 March 2019

the daytime crew + I've never thought Abe and Bosco look all that alike until this photo.

1. March made good on her seasonal promise last week bringing the most snow the most we've seen this winter and now I'm counting on her lamb-like exit. Big time.

2. My sister gave my brother a bunch of packets of mushroom coffee (hear me out) for Christmas but he left them here and then said I could have them. SO I've been drinking it and as someone who hates instant coffee and mushrooms I have to say that I love the coffee. I just use the hot water from our coffee maker and add an unreasonable amount of frothed oat milk (same amount I add to regular coffee) and get the energy without the weird buzz, if that makes sense? I'm hoping that as it (likely?) spreads in popularity it will become a little more affordable too.

3. I'm reading Otherwise Engaged and I thought I'd love it after reading so many people rave about it but I just kind of like it - so far. Time will tell though! Abe has become completely enamored with this monstrosity of a book and while I love it too -- it's LONG. So, I found this less fragile and much more compact version that he can take to bed and (hopefully) not tear to shreds. Win/win.

4. Alright, I have to say that even though we saw the Fence Jump (capitalization necessary) 230948294 times in previews ... I was actually pretty surprised by the actual episode and feel bad for Colton (but don't vilify Cassie like a lot of people seem to be doing) and cannot wait for the finale next week. There were so many hilarious memes that had me very literally LOLing on Tuesday too. I'm not super sold on anyone for Bachelorette but if the rumors are true - I'm neutral positive on that development.

5. Oh! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your wonderful First Communion dress recs last week. It's surprisingly tough to find a dress that doesn't look like a miniature wedding dress but I'm feeling more confident we'll find something that fits the seemingly simple bill. If you're in a similar boat check the comments on this post.

6. Not a sale but I took a chance on an Amazon skirt and love it. If in between sizes - size down. And speaking of Amazon - I made a little storefront uh well, I'm working on a storefront but here's what it's looking like so far! 

7. 40% off full price items at J.Crew and an additional 50% off sale styles -- yee haw. I'm glad I waited on this sweater and if you don't have some version of these slippers yet - GET THEM. So worth it at this price, I promise. Oh! And I can't believe I'm saying this but I was having a hard time finding a pair of 7/8 length navy leggings that are high waisted and stay up and Old Navy - of all places - pulled through in the best way.

Alright - have a wonderful week!

the pink bathroom (with a side of floor painting)

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01 March 2019


Where to begin? The kids' bathroom is very pink (right down to the toilet paper holder) and honestly - I don't hate it. Would I love it if the pink was a little more muted (dare I say millennial?) and a little less pepto? Of course! But, the tile is in great shape and the tub is weirdly long and the shower has great water pressure and while it's dated - its functional and could be SO much worse. We'd love to remodel it down the road but for now it's perfect for lots of kids to smear toothpaste and splash ocean sized waves out the side of the tub. I'd also like to think they'll share, "remember our pink bathroom?!" stories of yon when they're older - let me dream.

Here's the before ...

(my one regret is not getting a million better before pictures - I snagged this from the listing)

However - I know people disagree with me on this but the barky wallpaper just wasn't my cup of tea and the curtains left the bathroom feeling too BUSY - to my untrained eye. The hallway just outside the bathroom is super dark because it gets almost no natural light so I wanted to brighten this up and let the tile have her time to shine so we (Simon) stripped the wallpaper (fabric softener and warm water in a spray bottle seemed to be the best method) and gave the walls a few coats of Simply White. I tackled the trim and the radiator cover with the same color and even painted then stenciled the floor.

{all sources also listed/linked here!)

I read somewhere that it's important to have some element of wood in a room to "warm it up" (I honestly probably saw this in an Instagram caption, took it as Gospel Truth, and ran with it during a Labor Day Sale) which is why I thought the stool was the perfect addition. I can throw the rug (bathmat?) in the washer and dryer which keeps it looking ~new and I appreciate that fact quite a bit. 

Let's talk about the floor for a not-so-brief minute. I think I'm being generous when I give the look of the final product a 4 on a scale of 1-10. I think the painting and stenciling on a floor that wasn't perfect squares (our master bathroom floor was a million times easier to tackle on actual squares) as my first foray into floor stenciling was stupid but how was I supposed to know? I'd do things differently (and am hoping to repaint this floor soon) and I do mourn the weeks of hours I'll never get back but, it was a great learning experience - cry/laughing emoji. 


1. I scrubbed the floor and took a bottle of Goof Off (worked so much better than Goo Gone, for some reason) to the leftover + stubborn adhesive around the border of the floor (guessing they have stick on tiles at some point?). 

2. I primed it once just using a regular paint brush to "cut in" around the room's perimeter and then rolled it with a standard paint roller which went super fast. 

3. After letting that dry I did three (maybe overkill) coats of garage floor epoxy that I (bought at Lowes and had them tint it the only white that they could - they have a little brochure behind the paint counter with the tiny selection of epoxy tint colors) using the same brush/roller method which also went pretty fast!

4. I used this stencil and followed the directions on the Cutting Edge website and found the process to be easy but tedious. I wish I hadn't followed the "use adhesive" directions because it built up super quickly on the stencil and I spent a lot of time peeling and cleaning and drying the stencil and I think it made the floor look and feel kind of tacky before I was able to steam mop it several times. So - I didn't use the adhesive when I did the master bathroom it and it went SO much better!

5. I brought a bunch of paint chips home and tried to match that thin line of grey tile and bought a quart of flat paint in the best match. Maybe that was too much of a matchy/match mentality but ... what's done is done and when I restencil I'll use the same color. 

6. To finish/seal it off I did three coats (with ample drying time between) of polycrylic in clear satin. It's only been a little over five months since I painted the floor but it's held up just fine. I steam mop it a lot (not as much as I should) and it hasn't chipped even with that stool being dragged all over the floor c/o Abe. 

I was a little stumped over what kind of art to hang up and I wanted to contrast the pink with some sort of greenery so I went with these mounted vases. I only put a few up to start but lots of people (on Instagram) said I should hang more and I'm pretty sure that was the right route to take? I reserve the right to change my mind and take a few down though - ha.

I found some of the vases at West Elm and this one and the smaller/skinnier ones on Amazon but to give them the same matte finish as the West Elm vases I did paint the Amazon vases with primer which took about 45 seconds per vase and was well worth the extra step for the uniformity - I think. I found the plants at Hobby Lobby and on Amazon.

I still need to find a little something to hang over the towel rack over here, I think. It's LOW on my priority list, though!

And that's all she typed! Overall - I'm pretty pleased with how the whole things turned out. I walk by the bathroom several times a day and so far don't have any regrets (other than the floor issues I talked about)! I hate to end blog posts with questions because it feels disingenuous but I would love to hear if you have a pink bathroom and if you kept it or gave it the axe!


24 February 2019

1. We are deep in the throes of fort building weather/season over here - I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat (or shall I say fort? laugh/notlaugh). It's a good thing I haven't Kondo'd (actual verb) all of our mostly useless blankets because the kids put them ALL to good use these days. Someone messaged me about this cool contraption(s) and it's going high on the Christmas slash joint birthday list.

2. Last week, it warmed up enough for me to take the three little boys on a walk and it just might've been the highlight of 2k19 thus far. I know we've got some serious weeks of winter to get through but I'm gunning for any other hints of spring time weather. Big time.

3. I couldn't resist a little fun, breezy, beach-y read that I kept seeing pop on my IG feed and so far? So decent. Definitely one to tuck away if you want a little mental breather in the face of our current and my 4th favorite season. Alright, finished it last night thanks to Clement's multiple wake ups and while I might have give a word of PG-13 rated warning - I enjoyed it despite the ending feeling a little abrupt? To me at least.

4. No one is more surprised than I am by saying that I'm going on blog record as saying I wouldn't mind seeing Hannah B as the Bachelorette. I really like Cassie but Colton seems to be the most into her and I hope he picks her (but professed the old, "I'm falling in love with you" to Hannah G in a deleted scene floating around FB right now SO who knows). If you're not an avid Bachelor fan - my apologies for this paragraph. I enjoyed Colton on Kaitlyn's podcast this past week - he's definitely growing on me bit by teeny tiny bit. Okay, DONE.

5. Forts/weather/Bachelor -- this is making for an exciting blog post, as always. Let's spice it up with a question about where one might find a good quality and not a flower girl type First Communion dress (for Julia). I've been trying to find some on Etsy to no avail. If only my sewing skills were even close to good enough to make one for her but - they're not. If you've found a nice one or know of a shop - please let me know!

6. I haven't seen LOFT do a 40% + 10% off sale in a while but .. they're doing one NOW.  I'm especially loving this pretty top + these fun earrings.

7. Not sure if you remember my quest to find jeans that the boys would wear (of COURSE you do L to the O to the L) but I found them! Sebastian is a little more willing to wear denim that zips up and buttons like jeans tend to do but Theo & Bosco love these. I always spotted this top that I'm so tempted to get for the girls but I worry I might jinx the advent of spring. Maybe not though.

Alright, meant to get this out the internet on Friday but here we sit on Sunday. Hoping to get a post about one of the bathroom mini makeovers up this week! See you then!

Clement's Birth Story

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13 February 2019

Let's just dive right in.

So, approximately one month before Clement was born when I was about 31 weeks along I had an ultrasound to make sure the baby was still growing at a healthy rate and to follow up on the teeniest of concerns that maybe a Vasa Previa was a brewing. Simon wasn't at all concerned and neither was I so when the high risk doctor came in (who happens to share an office with Simon so Simon could be there too ... perk of the job!) to explain that the Vasa Previa wasn't budging and that he recommended a scheduled c-section between 34-37 weeks I was pretty surprised. We were assured that the outcomes are pretty darn good with early detection + scheduled c-section and the catastrophic outcomes often come when you go into labor and then discover the pesky Vasa Previa.

I'll admit that a sliver of my mom brain jumped right to all the logistics of a baby coming a month early and before Christmas vs. after Christmas which might sound heartless but if you have kids and you don't finish shopping in July and don't do all the fun and festive things and don't decorate the day after Halloween .. you feel me. But, the vast majority of my sentiments fell into the grateful category. Grateful that it had been detected early and extra grateful for modern medicine.

I mentally chopped my project/paint to-do list down to a manageable size and grilled my friends who had had c-sections about what to expect in terms of recovery and became my usual insomniac third trimester self.

Clement had been measuring nice and big (just like Abe - who turned out to be my biggest baby by FAR) on ultrasound so I wasn't concerned that he or she was going to be teeny tiny. And other than my usual Braxton Hicks marathons I showed no signs of going into labor so the month leading up to the delivery felt relatively stress-free on the medical front. I got the steroid shots to help his lungs about a week before the c-section and Simon was able to move his patients and surgeries around which was admittedly convenient about a delivery being scheduled.

We'd scheduled the c-section for early morning on December 11th which was one day shy of 36 weeks and about as long as my doctor was comfortable with waiting. Theo had been born right at 37 weeks and did really well so while one week isn't nothing - I was feeling cautiously optimistic and stupidly hopeful about the baby spending little to no time in the NICU so as to get me home and back in ~working order for the older kids.

Lots of typing and no birthing, Grace.


December 11th. We made the short drive to the hospital and got all checked in at 4am. Our (very old and very faulty) car alarm randomly wouldn't stop blaring and we were terrified that we'd get pulled over for auto theft (we didn't and Simon fixed the alarm later that day) so any nerves I had about the delivery were thankfully distracted by Bonnie-Grace and Clyde-Simon.

I got my IVs (two! a first for me) placed, got gowned up, hairnet secured to my head, and away we rolled. Simon did hundreds of c-sections during residency so knowing he was completely familiar with the situation helped keep my mind at ease. He wasn't going to be scrubbing in and wielding a scalpel or anything insane but it was nice that the OR territory was only uncharted for one of us.

Getting the spinal felt pretty much identical to getting an epidural but my lower two thirds were completely numb vs semi-numb and moveable. I voiced my concern that I would be the one person that actually feels every single bit of the c-section but the nurse anesthetist assured me he had never seen that happen. I felt sufficiently assured and appreciated that my arms didn't have to be strapped down like I'd heard could be a possibility.

After a few minutes of some tugging and pressure I felt immediate relief and could breathe easier (I swear my babies like to live in my rib cage) and Simon exclaimed, "it's a .... boy!!"  which shocked him and did not shock me. He felt certain we were having a girl and I felt certain we were having a boy. I immediately teared up with all the happy + relieved tears as one tends to do after you have a baby and started to wonder if he was okay because I heard zero baby cries. Simon told me he definitely was and they brought him over almost immediately.

My doctor guessed he was six pounds and three ounces which wasn't too far off as he weighed in at six pounds and one ounce. He was so calm and chill which was so different from a lot of our other newborns (Simon still claims Julia was the most angry baby he's ever encountered post-delivery). It took a bit to get all put back together and my wonderful OB reconfirmed how important the c-section was after showing us that both the umbilical cord and placenta were laying super low. At one point I thought I felt short of breath and momentarily freaked out but I was kindly reminded that if I could talk -- I could breathe. L to the O to the L, hypochondriac patient alive and well.

We had pretty much agreed that if we had a boy we'd name him Clement in honor of Simon's mom (you might remember the following prayer she scripted that was handed out at her funeral last December) ...

... but had a tough time coming up with a middle name. Finally toward the end of my pregnancy "Joseph" just sort of clicked although don't think I didn't try to throw some wild and crazy middle name contenders Simon's way. Simon was pulling for Clementine if we had a girl and I wasn't completely sold despite the fact that I love the name (I just love a lot of girl names). So, Clement Joseph he was! And still is, actually. 

Back to the OR. Anesthesia gave me what was essentially a block on my stomach to help the pain as the spinal wore off and it worked initially but then ... it did not. We spent our time in the recovery room trying to get Clement to latch which he did in between long naps. I was feeling pretty okay at that point and excited to get to my actual hospital room and have at least some of the kids come meet him.

The kids were all SO excited to meet him but I'd be lying if I told you Phoebe's face didn't fall when she realized he was a boy. She'd had many a dream that the baby was a girl and figured her dreams didn't lie, I guess. She looked at me and said, "we have SO MANY BOZE" (boze = boys although she's since learned to pronounce boy correctly which is really actually quite sad) but quickly came around and is always telling me she thinks Clement, "just needs a boob" when he's crying and she's usually not wrong.

Abe was very intrigued and not much has changed since then.

Clement was doing really well post delivery and we really thought he'd be coming home with me a few days later but he ended up needing some oxygen and observation in the NICU for a week two days after he was born. This is where I need to apologize to both c-section moms and parents that have dealt with babies in the NICU because I had absolutely no idea how difficult either one would be.


I could dedicate a whole series to how brutal I felt my recovery was BUT I think it was actually pretty average which is to say that it was really painful and I don't think the many walks/shuffles back and forth to and from the NICU in between trying to pump an ounce at a time helped much. Leaving Clement at the hospital after I was discharged was the most difficult thing I've ever done (which is to say that I've had a pretty easy breezy life) but it was so nice to get back home to the kids and my own bed.

I had to start sending Simon to visit/feed Clement when I knew the NICU doctors were doing their rounds in the mornings because it felt like every day they tacked on, "a few more days" to his stay due to weight loss and it was getting hard not to break down into a puddle of tears every time. But, of course! He was eventually discharged and has been doing so well and gaining weight like a little champ.

I'm a little over two months out and feel mostly like myself again. Exactly one week after Clement was born Phoebe had her Christmas program at school and I was so distracted because I was still in so much pain and felt like maybe I'd never feel better or like myself again because I'd had such easy recoveries from all of my other births. But, as usual - I was wrong and the recovery was just a slow (and pretty normal) one. He was 110% worth it and I'd do it again and again to have him here. I try not to let myself think about what would've happened had I spontaneously gone into labor ... so I don't!

And, that's the pretty undramatic birth story! I would definitely take hours + hours of pushing out an OP baby over a c-section recovery (although I have a friend that told me her VBAC recovery was so much worse than her c-section recoveries) so many and mad props to you ladies who've weathered multiple c-sections - you're all warriors.

And with that ... I'll say, "the end" and wish you a very Happy Galentine's Day :)

checking in!

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30 January 2019

1. HEY! I had a baby! Well over a month ago and I'm sorry I didn't alert the masses via blog medium but I have been sufficiently obnoxious about him over on good old Instagram. I remember long ago when someone predicted Instagram would kill blogs and I feigned a horrified-hand-to-chest move because I didn't think it would ever be possible but welcome to 2019, Grace No Foresight Patton.

We'll pretend these are Valentine's PJs vs the Christmas truth.

2. So, the baby! His name is Clement Joseph and he was born on Dec 11th last year. He weighed six pounds and one ounce and I should probably save all of that for his birth story that I'm in the middle of typing (but would rather pound out a quick hello than actually finish it because my charism is procrastination) but I swear (by the moon and the stars in the sky) that the next post I publish will definitely be his birth story.

3. He's seven weeks old and I'm feeling hopeful that we'll establish some semblance of a schedule SOON. Or ... soonish at the very least. We've had our best week yet and I even started flirting with the idea of painting our back stairwell once said routine is established. Maybe. But - baby steps Grace, teeny tiny baby steps.

4. I've been ITCHING (yes, all caps is necessary) to blog and have lots of house photos to share but blogging naturally takes a back seat to everything else these days. Maybe I should stop waking up 2 seconds before I need to get the kids up for school or make better use of the time after the kids have gone to bed -- novel concepts! I'll figure it out.

5. Have you read anything you couldn't put down lately? I keep hearing about how wonderful Where the Crawdads Sing is and that's next on my docket after I finish Hard Times for book club. We watched both Fyre Festival documentaries and were "befumbled" (to take a made up word from Hannah B from the Bachelor) but have not watched Marie Kondo's show quite yet.

6. I have to begrudgingly admit that I'm liking Colton so much more than I thought I would when he was announced as the Bachelor. My favorites are Cassie and Elyse (I saw on her IG that one of her rose ceremony dresses cost her $4.50 from Goodwill - amazing!) but I like Hannah G too. Sharleen never disappoints, of course!

7. I ordered these jeans to try to motivate me to get out of my daily uniform of ... maternity sweat pants (those are a thing - and they are wonderful) and .. it worked! Two sizes up from my normal size and I ordered the petite so they were more of an ankle length which I prefer and I love them. I was pleased to see Old Navy has jumped on the neckerchief train too - I might have to give that trend a go. I keep seeing people share these Lululemon dupes from Amazon and I'm wondering if they might be a nice transition out of maternity sweats while possibly motivating me to exercise on occasion (I'm loving the free Pop Sugar Fitness videos on Facebook - for the one of you that hasn't seen them!)? Wondering ... we'll see if they live up to the hype!

Hope you're staying warm wherever you are! It's supposed to warm up here this weekend but that seems impossible because it's SO cold right now!

Happy Wednesday!!

ho ho ho

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10 December 2018

1. I've never thought Abe and Phoebe look very much alike until this photo and their unparalleled enthusiasm for all things Claus and Christmas suddenly has them looking downright identical. I do have to say that in an effort to beat the crowds and go see Santa on a notfreezing night WITH our cousins (aka this photo is from November ... sue me) the kids weren't at all concerned with what to ask for which has me taking the liberty of choosing for them and is ... QUITE NICE.

2. However! Christmas is a little more than two weeks away and while I feel readyish I think I'll get my laser focus started in April next year if I want a truly wrap/shop/stress free Advent.

3. I feel like it's feast or famine on the reading front in graceland and right now it's a bit of a feast which is just the way I like it. I finished A Christmas Memory and The Thanksgiving Visitor for book club which were unexpected delights that ushered me right on into the Christmas spirit. I convinced Simon to read and discuss An American Marriage with me (although right now he's pretty into A Gentleman in Moscow ... but will probably still finish An American Marriage before I do ha ha ha) and lots of my friends warned me that it was tough to get into -- I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far! A longtime reader (hi Kris!) suggested Ghosted and that's next on my list along with our next book club book: The Reed of God. Oh! There's also a ton of amazing suggestions right on over here.

4. It's been a long time since I've gotten a "fix" but future postpartum Grace decided she could use some help in the postpartum department and just got my box in the mail yesterday. I'll never get over how underwhelmed I am when I open the boxes only to find that oh! I actually love this fit and fabric and how it falls etc etc etc so if you order and have a similar initial reaction - don't despair until you actually try things on! It's tough to picture a postpartum wardrobe while still rocking a large bump but they did a phenomenal job of finding pieces that were comfy but still look pulled together enough to leave the house (but mostly comfy! As I requested).

5. I think I mentioned several months (years?) ago that I read and liked Dumplin' and so imagine my excitement level when I saw that Netflix made a movie version and that it's already out?! Simon and I watched it last night and it was well done! Very cute if you're needing a breather from the Hallmark movie classics this time of year!

6. But back to postpartum clothing (and a motion to have stores like Old Navy etc to have specific postpartum clothing sections? at least online? yay?) and these joggers that I keep seeing pop up on my favorite IGers. They've made a strong case and they look like real winners for both home and the brief outings away with a baby in tow. I missed them on sale but I have faith that they'll pop back down again. This sweater has also been on my radar but my cardigan collection needs no new additions. Or does it?

7. J.Crew is running a 5 days of Christmas sale special and today is 50% off the entire site with code MONDAY (this sweater blazer has been calling my name for MONTHS but naturally, it's excluded from the promo) and I'm curious to see how they're going to top 50% off in the coming days ... no my life doesn't need any excitement, thank you very much!

Alright, have a wonderful week!!

Gobble Gobble

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23 November 2018

How's that for a post-Thanksgiving blog post title?

Shake it shake it.

There, now it's reached its full potential and it'll all be downhill from here.

1. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We hosted my family here but had quite a bit of help from my mom on the food front so I don't really feel like we can take much credit for hosting duties! It's such a strange but great feeling living soclose to family for the holidays and I hope that those of you that don't were able to celebrate with friends or travel to feast, at the very least! Phoebe called everyone's place cards, "credit cards" and marched Uncle Daniel right on up to her room where her tattered Target toy catalogue resides, to show him her Christmas hopes and dreams of the tangible variety so it's nice to know my kids are really embracing the reason for the season - finally. It's also nice to know that I've really mastered not throwing down a good old fashioned run-on sentence. My apologies.

2. We didn't have snow this week but we did last week and most of the kids were thrilled. Bosco had a hard time with the concept that if you remove your gloves and then put your hands in the snow - they'll get cold. I think he's learning though ... I hope. They might've been the only kids that tromped off the school in bonafide snow boots for a few inches of powder but better safe than sorry, I suppose.

3. I'm trying really hard just to chill on the house project front for a little bit (although -- surely painting some book shelves wouldn't be that much time + effort, right?) and I should have bathroom photos back any day now to share with you so gird those expectations. I've also never ever been an early Christmas decor kind of gal (although the new trend seems to be tree rightafterhalloween) but I'm wondering if a (faux) garland here and a string of lights there wouldn't hurt? Just until the advent of ... Advent 2K18?

4. Bookwise, I'm reading A Christmas Memory for book club and still working my way through Elin's latest. I'm not winning any speed reading awards but I'd rather be falling right to sleep than staying up until the wee hours at this point in pregnancy. Speaking of the baby, I just realized this is the first cold weather newborn we've had in six years (since Theo!) and I'm wondering if you have any favorite cold weather baby gear? We will not be heading out on any snow shoeing expeditions so "gear" might be dramatic but you know, everyday helpers for a mom hailing from the dark ages here. Joke. Sort of.

5. Also, speaking of the baby (and therefor mememememememeME) my favorite non-maternity but work really well for maternity pants are 33% off right now. They are worth every penny of the full price, though. I did go up one size for this third trimester but the super soft interior elastic waistband -- it's a miracle worker. Between those and this tank ... maternity dressing hasn't been the horror show that it can be for me. Don't let the pic on the model fool you -- they are GOOD. Pregnant, not pregnant, postpartum, whatever. Best denim on the market.

6. Black Friday sales are feeling a little on the overwhelming side this year as suddenly they seemed to have started at the beginning of the week? I'm staying focused on my quest for requested golf shoes for Simon, a (potential!!) Roomba for um, the family, and a Really Rad Robot for Sebastian who wants one. Really Bad. And I'm suddenly realizing might be really hard to find. Oops. I've yet to hop on the Instant Pot bandwagon but I know this is an amazing steal and there are a few car seats that are 50% off right now. Am I an exciting shopper or am I an exciting shopper? Don't answer that.

7. You can't beat the J.Crew 50% off sale especially since they're including boots which they rarely to never do. And some of the Macy's kitchen sales are kind of insane ($17.99 from $79.99?!) ($29.99 from $119.99?!) but I'll stop there before I become part of the overwhelming problem.

Happy looooong weekend!!!


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09 November 2018

Shortly before it started snowing.


1. The kids were so excited for an actual winter until they realized that it involved freezing cold weather for an extended period of time and then their inner mother came out to play and realize that it's not alllllll it's cracked up to be. They'll learn to love it. Or hate it like I do. Kidding! Semi. Mostly. Somewhat.

2. I touched on this last week and this is definitely less riveting than weather prattle but how is it that we're staring down the last full week of school before the week of Thanksgiving is upon us? I don't know. We're all so excited because my siblings are making the trek to Wichita we get to meet the one and only baby Seaton cousin, Damien. Abe has a difficult time showing restraint and appropriate affection (oh, I can't lightly-pat-quickly-crescendoing-into-a-hard-hit this adorable cherub?!) around babies so it'll be a nice little practice run for January.

3. On the house project front - I am making progress! Giving myself the old, 'sprint not a race' pep talk but I do think things are coming along at an average clip. I'm finally getting a photographer over here this coming week so I can show and not just tell you about it. And by progress we all know I just mean paint but .... it makes a difference! Or so I tell myself and Simon who claims he'll come home to painted kids and a painted car one of these days. Har. Har. Har.

4. I started reading Winter In Paradise and I really like it but I could be reading the most riveting tail in all of the land and it would still put me to sleep two paragraphs in (which I appreciate since any measures I can take to prevent insomnia are most welcome!). I cannot wait for Crazy Rich Asians to be available on Amazon to watch/rent since that was one of my favorite books last year.

5. The holiday sales are heating up and for once I'm not ignoring them because I'd like to have things all wrapped and ready to go early on so we can enjoy Advent and Christmas break this year (not that we haven't in past year - you KNOW what I mean). I've been needing to fill a few outerwear holes since we moved and was THRILLED to see that all coats and jackets (and sweaters and denim!) are 50% off right now. I snagged this one for Julia, this one for Simon, and if I'm being honest ... this one for myself. After nixing several pairs of denim - the girls finally settled on not just tolerating but even loving these (soft but structured - not leggings territory). Yee Haw.

6. Our dining room chairs (a monthS long search) are 40% off (!!!) at the moment and I can't say enough about them - aesthetic + quality + wipe-down-ability (most important?) are all A+. They're even taller than this fancy pair I kept coming back to (but could/would never pull the trigger on for obvious price reasons) and this is one case where I think I like the "save" option so much better!! All of their furniture is on sale - hold me back.

7. J.Crew Factory is having a flash sale and I'm glad I waited on grabbing black flats for the girls because while these are nice and simple - the back bow makes them just the right amount of fancy, Phoebe-approved for SURE.

Alright, that's allllllll folks!

Happy Weekend. Stay warm. 


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