Friday, April 17, 2015

a woman's best friend

wedges - c/o Rack Room Shoes
maternity denim - Old Navy
purse - thredUP
blazer - Forever XXI
top - Old Navy

If and/or when wedges go completely out of style I'm still fairly to very certain that I'll still happily rock them because I'm a high heel weakling but won't go full time with the flats ... quite yet. When I first spotted these on Rack Room's website the sensible side of Grace told the sliver of a wild side of Grace, "ohhhh no you don't ... " because even four inches on a wedge sounded a little too crazy for my lifestyle but the wild woman won out in the end. As someone who unabashedly lives in mom clogs the majority of the time ... my shoe comfort standards are pretty high and I was pleasantly shocked at how comfortable these were. They even passed the Simon test (although he said one more strap and they'd be traipsing into gladiator/enemy territory) which was almost more shocking. 

If you're not quite ready to pull the four inch trigger Rack Room has loads of other equally snazzy and potentially more sensible options in the wedge and heel department. Por ejemplo: I had these open in my browser forever. I hate how much the change of seasons makes me want to shop especially as the kids grow but Rack Room's everyday "buy one get one 50%" promotion on all styles for men, women, and kiddos makes the (fun) pill a little bit easier to swallow especially when Sebastian jumps three sizes in six months.

Rack Room Shoes also has an awesome rewards program chalk full of exclusive discounts and coupons. It just might come in handy if you too have a husband that wears their only non-sneakers until they are extra holey and waiting around for the perfect pair to go on clearance isn't always a viable option.

Enough, Grace. Let's get to the good stuff. 

Rack Room Shoes is giving away a $100 credit to one of you fine folks ... just do as the kind Rafflecopter says and break a foot. I won't say that again, promise. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, April 16, 2015

lost & found

With the exception of Sebastian bolting in the grocery store a few times (where he can always be found 32 seconds later looking at the toy cars/trucks), I've thankfully never had the scary and unfortunate experience of temporarily losing a child in a publicish setting.

Locked a child in the car? Yes.
Had a child run out of the hotel room while I was in the shower? Totally.

But never had that gut-wrenching, "they were just here and now they've DISAPPEARED!!!!" sickening feeling.

Until Sunday!

And it's not even that crazy of a story but ... hello this entire blog. It's never stopped me before. Ever.

I have to preface with a little foreshadowy blip from Thursday night back at the Kansas City Chick-Fil-A where I was sitting with all the kids at a table while Simon ran to the car to grab something when a gentleman approached our table. He said the requisite, "you've got your hands full" which is fine 98% of the time but there's always the 2% that have to say it with just enough condescension and disgust in their voice that it almost ruins it for the well-meaning 98% and my head is spinning ... too much math.

Anyway and then he went onto add a little, "if one of them wandered off ... you wouldn't even notice!" quip. Funny. But no. Because on Sunday morning as we were packing up our hotel room and getting ready to hit the road I noticed immediately when Theo suddenly and quietly vanished. So, take that Mr. 2%.

Simon was there too and so we quickly scoured the premises because how big can a hotel room possibly be? Not big at all. It is very, very, very, very unlike Theo to run off because while he's not as bad as Phoebe in the, "I hate all strangers" department ... he isn't winning any Mr. Independent awards anytime soon. Surely he hadn't walked out the door?

But I checked my mom's room next door anyway. Nope.

Checked under the bed again. Nope.

Behind the curtains. Nope.

And again. Nope.

Simon circled the entire third floor of the hotel. Nope.

Bathroom. Again, NOPE.

Behind the curtains. Again. Still no.

My mom's room again. Negative.

And then I saw the very edge of the curtains rustle ever so slightly ...


(re-enactment ... it was the least he could do for giving me a minor heart attack)

(and he was also behind the heavier curtain in the very corner of the room not moving a muscle and apparently holding his breath for minutes that felt like hours on end)

There he be. With the smuggest smirk of them all.

Look at ALL that remorse.

He eventually broke into a giggle and laughed in the face of my emotional plight while I silently rearranged my hierarchy of favorite children and moved him to the very bottom, even beneath the road trip ruiner.

Just kidding.

But let's all hope and pray he doesn't make this a regular thing because my physical and emotional heart health cannot handle it.

Hopefully you have similar stories with similarly happy endings.

I'd love to hear them while I sit here and take a lengthy inventory of ALL the new greys I grew over the weekend.

Not kidding.
At all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"do you think Chick-fil-A sells shots?"

... Simon asked two hours into our four hour drive to Kansas City and two hours into our drive listening to Phoebe cry and cry and cry (wolf) from her torture chamber formally known as a comfortable car seat last Thursday night.

In the four years that we've lived in St. Louis and made the (as the driver, Simon says it's 6-7 hours ... as the passenger and glorified flight attendant ready to serve all of our high maintenance passengers' needs, I say it's a million) drive to Wichita we've never had the luxury of time to break the trip up and make it a little less um, long. Until now! So after getting the house as presentable as it was going to get for the weekend's showings and open house we took Thursday afternoon/evening to drive to Kansas City on our way to Wichita for Simon's sister, Elizabeth's, wedding.

post-wedding cherubs.

We had promised the kids a "picnic party" (aka just a picnic to non-Patton children) once we got there but the weather wasn't cooperating so we hit up the finest dining establishment with an indoor playground that we could find ...

Chick-fil-A (no shots, sadly).

We rewarded the older kids' weirdly good road trip behavior with milkshakes (some might call it bribery ... I just call it sensible parenting) and Sebastian snuck the temporary black sheep some frozen refined sugar to fuel her final 30 minutes of ear drum ruining yodeling on the way to the hotel.

If you've ever traveled with smallish kids you'll join me in appreciating how incredibly lucky we got with our Hotwire gamble of a hotel room in Kansas City. It turned out to not only have a walk-in closet that fit Phoebe's crib perfectly but also a fold out chair bed situation that was fit for Princess Julia, a King Bed that Sebastian took the liberty of hogging half while Simon and I felt right at home in our usual sized quarters, and Theo lived large right outside the bathroom in a second pack and play. There was also an impressive continental breakfast ...

baby birds waiting for their yogurt because we trust the kids about 0% when it comes to food in an uncontrolled environment.

Yikes. Okay, as much as I'd love to punish you with a descriptive narrative essay of the entire weekend ... I won't. Let's just hit the highlights.

Monday, April 13, 2015

hear me roar*

*or just say "um" and "like" 14987293742 times in 45 minutes. I know you're tempted!!

Switching things up for a tepid second today because Kristin over at This Inspired Life was so kind and generous and patient to chat with me about a whole smattering of things related to motherhood last week. I cringed my way through listening to the majority of it and I think you'll all thank your lucky stars that I regularly stick to the writing medium of communication a la internet. I was reminded why Speech For Dummies wasn't exactly the blow off course I assumed it would be in college ... the struggle is still real, apparently.
I've never really gotten into podcasts (haven't listened to Serial, the horror!!) but Kristin has so many intriguing topics that she covers that I've had her site open on my phone and computer since last week and am slowly working my way through her fun range of episodes. She has such a knack and natural talent for interviewing people and I'm so bummed because while we knew each other in college ... I wish we'd been better friends! But, that's what the internet is for, I suppose.

Okay, go forth and listen. If you dare.

Happiest of Mondays to you and yours.

(ps! Kayla had a fun roundup of podcasts last week too!) 

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