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20 May 2018

My photo game has never been so bad. Double dipping into the gram files yet again. It was either this or an up close and personal photo of a snake skin. Slow week! S L O W W E E K.

1. What are the odds the kids stay asleep through the royal wedding slash a little blog post tapping session on this fine Saturday morning? Slim to none but I like a challenge. Let's go.

2. I haven't gotten a great look at Meghan's dress and I'm seeing a bit of Twitter buzz that people liked Kate's dress better ... what did you think??? I say it's not a competition but - Kate's dress WAS stunning (again! not a great look at Meghan's dress yet)

3. In much less exciting news - did you see that they released the list of Bachelorette guys? I have to admit I literally LOL'd at some of those descriptions. Let the games begin! In a week!

4. On the reading docket this week I just finished Heat Wave which was good and mindless. Perfect for the beach/readers that are often interrupted by their offspring. I wish Summer Wives would hurry up and release itself.

5. I finally gave in and tried this concealer that has a cult like following and you know what? The followers are right. Nothing cakey, creasey, heavy, or shiny about it. It's GOOD. RIP under eye circles of yore.

Alright here's where I waved my white flag yesterday morning but let's soldier on. 

6. It seems like the general consensus was that Meghan's dress was slightly more underwhelming than Kate's (albeit elegant!) but her reception dress! I don't swoon often but that pretty number made me swoon.

7. On the sale front we've got 40% off clearance over here with code: SUNNY and a super rare site wide sale at ASOS (use the similar code: SUNNYDAYS) along with 40% off sale styles over at LOFT.

Alright, and now I'm off to reread The Royal We or rewatch The Crown. Decisions, decisions.

an e-stew of sorts

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11 May 2018

1. Abe looks just like baby Sebastian and Sebastian looks just like Simon did when he was Sebastian's age so let's just title this: Triplets, shall we? We shall. Or at least I will.

2. I'm going to type this up while keeping one eye on last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy because if I keep both eyes on the screen I think I'll melt into a puddle of tears after watching the previews. I'm a big Japril fan ... I can't help it.

3. Speaking of shows ... did you see the first Bachelorette preview that features a chicken and a minivan? Should be a quality season -- as always.

4. I'm guessing you've seen it but if you haven't - you HAVE to check out this insane DIY kitchen makeover c/o Sheena's unrivaled eye for design and the fact that it cost her just over $100? Unreal.

5. I've been slacking on the reading front this week but I did go to the library with the boys and grabbed Moon Shell Beach. I joked to Simon that sometimes I just need a little bit of a beach read to which we both had to laugh because sometimes is all the time in Graceland. Sue me.

6. After I told you about my new favorite drugstore mascara I saw that a favorite e-store of mine actually came out with their own mascara. To say I'm super curious about it would be an understatement.

7. On the sale front ...
+ 40% off shorts right now with code: SHORTS (these are a great middle of the road length - I have and love them)
+ extra 20% off select Nike sale styles with code: 20SPRING
+ I'm not sure I've ever seen Anthropologie's entire website on sale but .. it is! Discount applied in cart.
+ I keep hoping these pants will miraculously go on sale but so far, no dice.
+ Loft's sale is still going strong, not surprising but always appreciated.
+ and finally Gap has some cute summer baby rompers that are breathable but a nice and substantial material. Abe approves.

Alright, off to Moon Shell Beach I shamelessly trot. I hope your Friday night holds some equally wild + crazy plans. 

My experience with 23andMe

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05 May 2018

As previously blogged, I've been anxiously awaiting my results from 23andMe and they're here! Yee haw. If you've never heard of 23andMe - allow me to introduce you to the service that was created for people to better understand parts of their DNA -- including their ancestry. It sheds light on the 150+ regions our specific ancestors hailed from, genetic traits and how they may influence things like taste, hair texture etc, and also health and wellness through genetic analysis. I've been itching to do one and jumped at the chance to partner with 23andMe to send in my saliva (lol) and tell you about my experience with the service.

It was about one hundred times more simple than I anticipated, to be honest. I got the kit quickly in the mail, easily registered my kit online, gave a precious sample of saliva, sent the sample off in the box provided with return label attached and paid for by 23andMe. Easy breezy!!

In the interim, I consented to research and answered questions about my lifestyle and family health history.

And then came the detailed and extensive reprts! I almost wish Simon and I would've each done a kit at the same time so that we could've sat together and compared Health and Ancestry reports.

So, my very Swedish grandma has always impressed upon me that I am, "100% Swedish!!" and since my dad is 0% Swedish I knew that was impossible but still thought I might be at least half Swedish? No. Sorry sweet Gram!!

I know she'd be thrilled with the 16.8% Scandinavian though. I guess I shouldn't have been too terribly surprised by the 48.9% British & Irish but now I'm regretting not going to London or Ireland back in college when I had a chance because that is part of my heritage.

Anyway, that was really fun to see. Moving onto just a fraction of the wellness reports ...

This is all pretty much on the money (aside from the muscle composition but I'm willing to do a little working and digging to find where that might be hiding ;)). I don't flush while drinking, tolerate dairy, and enjoy my caffeine to a serious fault. It's interesting to know that I'm less likely to be a deep sleeper, and also likely to consume more caffeine. If I want to improve my sleep, experts recommend creating a consistent sleep schedule and avoiding caffeine, especially later in the day. Guess I should reconsider my afternoon iced coffee!

Anyway, this just skims the surface of the wealth of personalized and detailed information 23andMe provides. I was expecting pretty basic results given how simple the process was but it blew my expectations out of the water.

If you're struggling to come up with a fun and unique Mother's Day gift - 23andMe might be just the gifting ticket as it's so fun to pore over the Ancestry reports and learn how genetics can influence one's health, helping my mom to live her healthiest and happiest life. 

23andMe takes your privacy very seriously and gives you control over your genetic information. They let you decide how your information is used and with whom it is shared. 23andMe also enables you to opt-in to genetic research and link your data to study topics from ancestry to traits to disease. Your contribution helps drive scientific discoveries -- more than 80% of customers opt-in to answer surveys. On average each person’s survey answers help with over 200 research studies. Also, you can find many customer stories on the 23andMe website at 23andme.com/stories.

Many thanks to 23andMe for sponsoring this post!!

May the 4th

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04 May 2018

1. We celebrated Phoebe's birthday on her birthday which was April 23rd but her due date was May 4th so let's pretend I planned to blog this photo today for that very reason. She had the best birthday and got the most amazing stroller (that I found on crazy Black Friday sale and managed to keep it hidden all this time which deserves as much of a celebration as her birthday since she is the queen of sneaking and peeking) that she loves and takes around the neighborhood with me every single morning. She's very concerned about the next holiday where she gets any sort of tangible anything (Halloween?!) and I can't say I blame her.

2. We went out to Weeki Wachee as part of the celebration and in turn Rachael recommended I read Fates and Furies (there's a brief tie in in the beginning) and lo and behold! it was available at the library so I read it. It was definitely a departure from my usual breezy fare but I'm glad I read it. Am I still looking forward to Elin's newest release in June? Y-E-S.

3. Two takes dedicated to books! I stayed up WAY too late Tuesday night devouring Jen's new book. It was so relatable and right up my humor alley that I couldn't bring myself to put it down until I finished. Hopefully she's got her third book coming down the pike ... and soon.

4. I've been really loyal to and loving this natural deodorant (after trying and not loving SO many) but I keep seeing glowing reviews and recommendations of this stuff and so now I'm curious ... I'll keep you posted.

5. It's rare that I cheat on my favorite drugstore mascara because they never live up to the hype. Ever. But! Lash Paradise DOES. Big time. (My favorite fancier options are Marc Jacobs + Tarte's Lash Paint).

6. Have you seen all the amazing new Birkenstock styles? These are by FAR my favorite but ever since my sister let me borrow these for a few minutes several years ago I've been SO tempted to get a pair.

7. LOFT is having a great sale and I highly recommend these shorts and of their sunglasses. Use codeL SUNNY.

And Happy Cinco De Mayo Eve! My friend Ruth swears this is the best margarita recipe in all of the land so I might have to give it a whirl ... maybe you should too.


jumpsuits a plenty

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28 April 2018

Jumpsuits. So hot right now. Or are they? Well, they're all over sale racks online and in stores and I was a bit of a skeptic for a while (and can only fake laugh at so many, "but ... how do you go to the bathroom?!" queries) but now I'm sold. Julia's even jumped on the bandwagon and anything that Julia does - Phoebe is on board almost immediately (much to Julia's delight). Anyway, I thought I'd done a decent job of bookmarking a variety of styles but I obviously stick to jumpsuits with sleeves (although there are lots of cute ones tank styles) and wide legs (again - lots of cute slimmer cuts too!). So, let the party begin.

1. Blue V-neck - There's a reason I put this at number one - because it's my favorite. Hands down.

2. Printed Smock - another favorite. I've noticed smocked styles slowly creeping their way back into the trends and I'm all about it.

3. Short Sleeve Wrap Striped - I own this one and love it. It's comfortable, lightweight, and the pants don't drag on the ground which is a plus.

4. Tie Front - I saw this in the flesh and had Abe not been at the tail end of his Target rope - I would've tried it on. I'm loving the tied front trend and this is a fun way to incorporate it without worrying that you tied it too tight and suddenly your shirt's creeped up to a crop top. Not that I've ever done that.

5. Basic B- This has lots of great reviews and love how easy breezy it looks.

6/7 Ruched Sleeve // Green Version - I'm looking for a fancier jumpsuit to wear to a nicer dinner party in a few weeks and this might be just the ticket ... with heels? Yes. Tick-et.

8. Nordstrom Rack Jumpsuit - I was pleasantly surprised by the number of fully stocked and super discounted jumpsuits over at Nordstrom Rack. It was hard to narrow down a favorite but this was in the top few.

9. Ruffled Jumpsuit - If this wasn't so pricey - I might've moved it up to numero uno but Anthropologie isn't known for it's steals. But, it's pretty dang cute, right? Right.

Honorable mention to this fancy pants jumpsuit and dishonorable mention to this atrocity.

Also, upon writing this post I think I figured out that this is a romper (shorts!) and jumpsuits involve pants. I think.

Anyway, any other favorites? I was sitting next to a gal wearing the cutest blue floral number at the kids school play last night and it took everything in me not to ask her where she found it and I'm regretting my prudence big time.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend involving glorious weather and steering mostly clear of the internet. This post included.



around the w-cubed

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20 April 2018

1. tgif, folks. We partied by having lunch at 11:08 in the am followed by a round of Dum Dums on the porch. Shots of milk after naps? We'll see.

2. B. Fike is back on the e-scene. Commence jigs and shots of notmilk because she's the best.

3. This is such a cool story about The Boston Marathon!

4. Simon and I started watching The Resident this week but I don't know how much longer Simon will be able to stomach it which is odd because he's mostly okay with the unrealistic shenanigans on Grey's Anatomy. The Resident is a little darker? grittier? something-er than Grey's Anatomy and I like it but can see where Simon's coming from on the, "this is a littttttle much" front.

5. Look at Target go -- stepping up their diaper bag game. I don't think I would've guessed that it came from my favorite bullseye.

6. I'm not a podcast connoisseur but if you enjoy a bit of celebrity news and pop culture - I'm a big fan of Jam Session. It only comes out every 2 weeks though which is borderline unacceptable - says she who runs no podcasts of her own. Also - language alert :)

7. The whole thing will probably be sold out by the time I publish this here post but if you like to e-window shop -- the entire Gal Meets Glam collection is worth the click. This is my favorite, I think. It's tough to choose just one!

Alright, Phoebe's got a birthday just around the river bend and I've done approximately no present/cake/anything prep so off I trot to look for a magic mirror - her easy breezy request.

Happy Weekend!!!

the usual

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14 April 2018

1. Another double instadip, another list of blips. As titled: the usual.

2. I'm going to admit that I woke up kind of excited to check out Target's latest collaboration (online) but the delay on the tall boots paired with the fact that the other boots (my personal favorite - even if they are marketed as mens) can only be purchased in store has me ... disappointed at worst. I'll survive and forget about it in three minutes - max. I do wonder if the stores will get cleaned out immediately? Probably. Target is killing it on the sandal front - Julia has and loves these and I convinced Phoebe that these are pretty much the same thing

3. About every other week I find myself in a dinner rut. We have our go-tos (I'm super guilty of falling back on breakfast for dinner at least once a week) but it'd be nice to spice things up a bit and I need to just keep Katie's website open all the time because she's full of great ideas - kid-friendly too.  

4. I read If You Only Knew this week and it was cute - a good one for the pool or the beach or the backyard perched next to the baby pool. I'm impatiently waiting on a whole lot of library holds including An American Marriage

5. Simon was gone for a couple nights this week and I plowed through all six episodes of Music City. I can't recommend it but I obviously binged it without complaint. If you need something mindless and reminiscent of The Hills etc ... this fits the bill beautifully.

6.  Just when I thought my undying love for clogs might be waning every SO slightly ... these pretty puppies had to come on the scene. Not in my size, sadly but how perfect are they? Very.

Alright, off to make donut muffins at Theo's request. Have a nice weekend :)

spring break

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06 April 2018

1. I hope no one tells my kids that other people actually travel and do fun things during spring break because we've done a whole lotta nada this week and it's been just fine. I've got the, "remember our Disney trip?" all ready to go in my back pocket if any of the kids ask (they won't, I don't think) and the weather has been wonderful and the pollen has finally floated up north so ... staycation or bust.

2. As mentioned before, my mom always finds the best toys for the kids and these are no exception. I'm proud of us for keeping them in their assigned container for well over a year which is pathetic but also ... miraculous.

3. I read and loved two books recently! I feel like I get to about the 76% point (thank you Kindle app) of a lot of books when I just can't bear another paragraph but I finished The Queen of Hearts and Now That You Mention It this week and if you're looking for mostly vapid beach ready bookage - you might like them too!

4. I've been up a lot with sick kids (the mercifully swift 24 hour bug that has to hit everyone on a completely different day) and have had some extra late night scroll time on my hands in between wash after wash and happened upon what looks suspiciously like a knockoff of Article's Sven couch? Right? I (whispers) don't hate it. One bit.

5. Long overdue! But, I had to thank you for all of your sweet comments + emails about my grandma. Her funeral was sad but a great celebration of her life and I appreciated all of your kind and thoughtful messages.

6. I've been reading and seeing how much my favorite fashion bloggers (although I believe the term these days is influencer) love these high waisted jeans and this is the first I'm seeing them on sale PLUS an additional 30% off. I'm tempted to try them on although I think I'm the last person in the world to hop on the high rise train. And I don't think they're trendy but I love finding t-shirts with slightly longer short sleeves (Everlane makes a good one!) and LOVE this one. I'm sure they won't but I'd love if they came out with a whole potpourri of colors to choose from.

7. Alright, we've got a fun weekend ahead hanging with Simon's college friends who are in town and rented a house with a pool along with breathing a sigh of relief that we finally finished the last of the house projects before we list said house (we'll worry about someone actually buying it -- on a later date). Yee haw.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the Easter season!!


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