chocolate protein pancakes

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28 June 2016

While I'm not so patiently waiting for Emily's book to arrive in the mail this afternoon I thought I'd share what's become a bit of a breakfast staple around these parts. I know, I know! They look oh so appetizing but I promise they've won over even my pickiest eater.

3 eggs (2 egg whites and 1 whole egg)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I use this)
1-2 ripe bananas (one is fine, two is better)
1-2 tablespoons almond (or regular) milk
dash of chia seeds if you so desire
sprinkle of PB2 if you like (we like)

combine everything in a bowl - (I use a potato masher because it's a lot faster than a fork but to each their own!) until mixed but still slightly lumpy. Once I took things WAY too far and dumped it all in a blender and added spinach -- a happy batch of pancakes it did not make. Just mash.

We use an electric griddle (the only thing Simon felt strongly about putting on our wedding registry and we use it all the time) and heat them "low and slow" so between low and medium. I can usually cook four at a time and one batch feeds me and the kids if we're having something else like yogurt or smoothies. Sometimes, I double the recipe if we're all really hungry.

These are sweet enough that the kids don't need or ask for syrup which is nice for a million reasons.

My other go-to breakfast recipe is the Kodiak mix thrown in the blender with an egg, almond milk, and spinach to make waffles and those actually turn out just fine. Even Simon didn't bat an eye at the slightly green hue of the waffles.

Aaand of course the classic soft boiled egg that we all know and love.

Any kid-friendly breakfast ideas you want to share? I'd be much obliged.

Happy Tuesday.

an assortment of everything

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25 June 2016

Linking of up with Kelly!

1. A few (and I DO mean a few ... as in three) people have asked me about mom-friendly but not super dowdy swimsuits and I have found a few that I love but thought I'd ask you fine folks if you have any favorites. There are lots of great comments on my postpartum swimsuit post and I know Lands End is the queen of great suits AND I also saw that these skirts from Rad Swim are TWO DOLLARS. They have no idea who I am and didn't ask me to post but if you're a swim skirt girl ... go!

2. So after all that dress stress (well, not stress but you know) there was a little communication snag with our sitter for our dinner but luckily (oh SO luckily) we found another sitter available last minute. While we were waiting for her to show up - Theo offered to take some photos of us. He's really into taking photos with my camera and phone and gets the subject in the shot about 40% of the time.

He just held the button down and took a burst of 63 photos. Bless our little aspiring Ansel's heart.

I found this dress at Nordstrom Rack along with these shoes. I thought the shoes would be killing me by the end of the night but they didn't - color me pleasantly surprised.

3. I had so much hope - too much! too much hope for this season of the Bachelorette. I just think Jojo was dealt an eh group of guys and she's doing the best she can. It seems like she likes Jordan the most but I can see Robbie and Luke sticking around to the end too. Simon thinks Luke is the final man standing. We shall SEE. As always, I love Sharleen's thoughts!

4. This was a pleasant surprise. Mucho undeserved and potentially a mistake?

5. Simon and I went on a little froyo date (who do we think we are? sitter addicts? perhaps!) this week and I really and truly fell for this ...

... I hate mayo more than anyone in the history of mayo and my eyes about popped out of my head. Good one, Yogurtology.

And yes - that's my cup to the left, to the left. Judge me real hard. Please.

6. There's a big fat Lily Jade giveaway going on over on my Instagram. Go, go, go!!

7. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

my most recent Stitch Fix ... in all its selfied glory

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24 June 2016

Does it feel like something is missing from your life? Well, feel no more. A bevy of Grace selfies (Gracies? too much? yes.) a la Stitch Fix are coming your way. Right here. Right NOW.

My most recent "fix" before this one was --- no bueno. Like, pants that laced up and had grommets bad. But! I've had such great luck with past fixes that I persevered through it and was a lot more specific about my preferences (pointing them to my Pinterest board) and was mostly happy with what I got. Allow me to show you ...

We'll start with my favorite and spiral downward from there.

Forgive my facial expressions .. I was trying to beat the naptime clock - no time for perfecting my "this selfie is so normal" smile. None.


So, I'm really loving the looser peplum trend - maybe a little too much because I wear this shirt multiple times a week. And I really (crazy intense eyes) love the embroidery trend (is it on its way out? I don't care) so that was a match made in crazy Grace heaven. Before I even tried it on I knew I wanted to keep it - as long as it wasn't a crop top.

So, I did - because it wasn't.

Moving right along. I'm sure they wouldn't do this but I could swear I've gotten this exact tank from them before. Maybe not - maybe something super similar. It was just too short for my liking and a little too loose (the fit was fine I think the style was just billowy) and so ... back it WENT.

same shoes as above, duh.

I requested some dresses to wear to a baptism in July anddddd .... eh.

The first one was this ...


The length was a little too short in my opinion, and the weird bunching was really weird unless it sat just right which it won't because Bosco and Phoebe and maybe Theo will be pawing around my lap the entire time. And the pattern reminds me of something I might've loved in middle school. Not that my taste has matured much since then but -- just not a keeper.


I like this one quite a bit more but I have a really similar dress in blue that is just a teeny bit longer and more appropriate and it seems silly to have two of the almost same dress. Right?

I'm not a big wearer of purple though and I did like the dress a lot!

And la-la-la-la-LASTLY.

We've got this ...

I WANTED to love this. I did! But, button-ups sans collars always look a little silly on me ...

And the curved hem made it just a little too short for a church function, I thought. So, three strikes there. But, I do love my tank enough that it's allllll good.

And lest you think we have some magically empty white room floating around our house -- here's what the other side of the room looks like ....

the guestroom/office is SO close to being done. Obviously.

Okay, over and out. Happy Friday.

(this post isn't sponsored at all but I did use my Stitch Fix affiliate link, f to the y to the i :))

Have you Stitch Fixed? Did you love/hate/like if so? I'm not a devotee but I'm a fan, usually!!

the calm before Colin

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22 June 2016

Welllll ... this is a little bit like blogging about Christmas right around Easter because tropical storm Colin rolled through here a few weeks ago but I have an embarrassing number of photos from directly before the storm that are just dying to see the light of not my phone camera roll. So, I'll keep this brief ... ish.

I heard talk of the storm but didn't go to any great, "buy all the milk and bread" lengths because I didn't think it was going to hit us too hard and thankfully ... I was right. I was mostly worried that we'd be stuck inside for days on end due to the predicted heavy rain so when I saw a relatively non-rainy hour in the forecast on the morning before the storm I pounced on it and took the kids for a walk.

Rain coats because you just never know.

doesn't Sebastian look like he should be entering 3rd grade and not um, preschool next year? spoken like a true mother, I know.

Phoebe loves to hold Theo's hand ...

... Theo does not. But, he obliges on occasion.

One of these days we are going to wake up and Phoebe is going to tower over Theo. Maybe. Just a parental prediction.

the kids didn't go in the water and this was before that poor toddler was snatched by the alligator at Disney World but you better believe we've stayed far, far away from the water's edge ever since then especially because there are alligator warnings posted (although we have yet to see one in the flesh). My heart really, really goes out to that family - what a nightmare.

Anyway, the kids were intrigued by the "black goose" ... my little aviary experts.

Phoebe was especially happy because there were absolutely no dogs being walked - I'm guessing due to the weather. Dogs are her new grocery store cashier -- her latest and greatest fear. It makes going to the park VERY fun.

Ah, yes Bosco was there too. 

Riding lonely in the triple. He is a lover of the stroller which I will never take for granted because we've had a few stroller hating little angels and a fun life they do not make.

always wrestling - no matter how public or inappropriate the arena. c'est la wildest vie, I suppose.

Later that morning I tried to run an errand and was met with flooded streets and witnessed a semi take down a stop sign so I turned around and s-l-o-w-l-y made my way home. But, other than that the storm was pretty mild in our area. This time! I'm told tropical storm season is young.

Happy Wednesday :)

summer strategies

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20 June 2016

We are all happy that school is out and that Julia is here all day now. Despite it being just one more body in the house it's so wild how much the dynamics shift drastically among the kids. For better or worse, she enjoys playing mother hen to everyone and I'm realizing that we need to have a couple of very loose objectives for the summer months.

At the top of my short list is to try to streamline the afternoons when the three youngest are napping. Having special and dedicated activities for quiet time makes for a, "less fighting, more harmonizing" environment which makes me happy and hopefully more productive on the cleaning/blogging/dinner making/laundry folding front. We learned last summer that the it rains almost every single day during the summer months here in Florida and usually in the afternoon so I'm trying to encourage a bit of creative, imaginative, and independent (emphasis here) play beyond their usual backyard activities. 

So, with all of that said! You can imagine my excitement over Sago Mini releasing its first playset: Jinja's House this past week.

I made a big deal about setting a rug out on the porch because it was raining but still pleasant outside. The kids had been asking and asking and asking and ASKING to open the package that had come a few days prior and when we finally opened it -- it did NOT disappoint. 

The compact playset opens to almost two feet wide and comes with a variety of accessories (along with characters Rosie and Jinja) and provides endless possibilities for that sought after creative play. 

Jinja's House is thoughtfully designed with everything coming in mini "moving boxes" so the kids could enjoy moving Rosie and Jinja in their abode. They also included little play pizza slices which was right up Julia's tiny thing loving alley. 

Julia kept instructing Sebastian to go set the table in the "diving" room which you would tell confused him but being the people pleasing second born that he is, he obliged. Then they enjoyed some fine diving dining. 

I knew the kids would be big fans of Jinja's House and truthfully I thought it was more Julia's cup of tea since she loves to play house but I was pleasantly surprised when the little kids woke up from their naps and both Julia and Sebastian were both still happily lost in Rosie and Jinja's world. 

Because there are small pieces involved, it's important that we keep it up and away from Bosco and Phoebe which works out really well because ...

... everything fits inside the fold-up house and is held together by attached elastic making for easy clean up (my FAVORITE) and makes it transportable (hello airplane entertainment). 

I'm pretty picky when it comes to toys in this house and would never tell you about something we didn't absolutely LOVE and we really adore Jinja's House. If you're in the market for some summer time or anytime entertainment you can buy Jinja's House here!

Sago Mini is generously giving a Jinja's House along with a $500 Amazon Gift Card away to one lucky Camp reader.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for reading and playing!


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