Wednesday, April 23, 2014

well, well, well ... what have we here?

It's a little lady!!

She's here and she's healthy and she's {mostly} happy.
God is so good. 
And unless Simon and I are terrible parents with terrible memories ... she weighs the exact same amount that Julia did when she was born and as far as I can tell they seem to share similar temperaments as well.

The labor and delivery were an odyssey that I hope I'm up to typing about one day soon. Okay, that sounds dramatic and maybe I should type on more than five minutes of sleep. Let's just say she was even more stubborn than Theo was about making her way out into the big bad world.

We are overjoyed ...

oh, requited love. I see it in her eyes.

My favorite favorite photos of Simon are the ones of him holding our brand new babies ...

Show me a happier human. Just try.

Okay, fine!!!! One more ...

And please accept my apology in advance for the glut of baby, baby, baby posts in the coming days. Things will eventually get back to serious business as usual one day very soon.

But! Up next ... Phoebe meets her siblings. Bait those eyeballs. It's bound to be fascinating for ... the grandparents. And the masses, I'm sure.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

real quick like ...

some recycled recents
1. Theo is finally walking like a pro
2. My new very favorite necklace and some devil eggs.
3. Instead of making meals to freeze I just keep buying pretty vegetation for the table. Same thing, I think.

And some links about some things ...

Have you happened on any fresh new blog blood worth obsessing over recently? Do tell. PLEASE.

This is my new personal favorite because you know those blogs you read and think you could maybe be instant friends of the best variety? That's why. I read all of her archives the other night while Simon was interviewing in Minnesota. Don't tell her. Fine, you can ... because I already emailed her and spilled the kidneys myself. Because I'm a creep. And the grammage ... if you want some mo.

Not to beat a dead Mr. Ed but I can't sing Paula's Choice products praises any louder than I already do. They've all but completely erased my (super stubborn) acne scars. Anyway, their earth sourced line is 40% off today.

I waltzed myself into Forever XXI the other day and am kicking myself (or trying - unsuccessfully) for not getting this top. I'm a sucker for a trend that's (undoubtedly) going to be retired in a few minutes.

Stuck in a blog post writing rut? Dani has some great ideas right over here.

And thank you thank you so much for all of your birth story novelitas on yesterday's post. Simon and I got a huge kick out of all of them ... some of you should take up speed birthing as a fun little hobby. Like whoa.

And now I'm off to thoroughly walk the hills of the hood. Again.
And then again, if I must.

Monday, April 21, 2014

let's get ready to limbo.

How was your Easter?
Great. That's great.

Judging by Instagram and Facebook .. it looks like everyone (hopefully) enjoyed a nice day in the weather department and a floral day in the clothing department and a sugary day in the food department. Recipes for success, I say.

We enjoyed an Easter miracle after getting to Mass early, marching up and down the aisles looking for an empty pew that was NOT being saved for 10 people with one purse and one person perched next to said purse (I'm sorry but pew savers ... you're on my list of strong dislikes ... very strong - I actually overheard one of the sinny savers explaining to someone that children couldn't be expected to sit still that long .. hence the hogging .... and I'm just glad we didn't make eye contact in that moment :)) and finally found a free piece of real estate sandwiched between the nicest folks. They said, "we were hoping some kids would sit by us!" and meant it! SAINTS. And the gentleman that had to get up and out multiple times for multiple reason (Julia's bladder, Julia's bladder, Theodore's temper tantrum, and more!) just cracked a smile wider than the one he'd cracked the last time he'd had to get up and out and was so gracious about it all. Thank you, kind sir.

So. Happy Easter!
It was a good one here.

I'm actually sitting/swaying smack dab in the middle of (false!) labor limbo and while I cannot complain because I'm only a little over 38 weeks along and could have 4 weeks to go ... let me just mutter a tiny complaint under my breath. There, I feel better. I've been having contractions ranging from 1-10 minutes apart since Saturday morning. Some feel like they are fueled by the fires of Pitocin and others just pinch enough to make me stop, breath medium heavy, and squint at the wall. But they won't regulate and it be getting old. I'm having some serious PTSD flashbacks to Julia's marathon labor (where I swore she was our first and last child because I was on my deathbed at 2 centimeters). No amount of walking, water, laying on my left side, and all the other tricks will speed them up or slow them down. They have a mind of their own. I had an appointment this morning and my OB said that she's be surprised to see me next week which we all know has now jinxed me into seeing her next week, the week after that, and the week after that .... in the office. I've been able to sleep a few hours both nights thanks to some Ambien and things could be so much worse and in the grand scheme ... Bob Marley and his affinity for the things ... every little one of them ... gonna be all right ... was right. It's all good.

On our fourth walk and 999th contraction on Saturday and Julia is oh-ver it. 
Sorry for the double dose of Pattons I just hate huge vertical photos and small ones too so .... I made it horizontal by way of a flippity flopped collage. And I hate those too. No one wins.

Anyway, I thought a little comment prompt would be fun? Yes? No? Maybe?

Humor me. Please.

I know these answers will vary widely but it's still fun to read and share. Hence .... this blog.

tell me .... "I knew I was in labor when .... "

when what? when your water broke all over the grocery? or the baby popped out on the freeway? what?

I feel like a real elephant with larger than life ears here with baby #4 and feeling so unsure and a little (ah! fine ... a lot) frustrated so I'm turning to my peoples.

And all the culinary clich├ęs about pots that are being watched never boiling and how important it is to let the baby cook until he/she is ready have been taken into consideration. If only I could stop perspiring from my forehead long enough to concentrate hard enough to believe them.

You're the best.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Julia Styles

this post is dedicated to {belated} birthday girl, Jaimie, on behalf of her thoughtful co-worker, Caitlin. And Julia, of course.

hat - Target dollar bin
top - Old Navy
Jegs - thredUP
 sandals - Salt Water via eBay
Normally Julia asks for artistic direction when we take pictures and asks questions like, "should I twirl?" but for these she decided to sing the song, "I'm So Beautiful" ... complete with choreographed dance. The words go a little something like this: "I'm so beautiful" ... repeat.

And repeat again. 

So if anyone is in need of a little dose of confidence ... I might know where some can be spared and shared.

One morning when the kids greeted me with their knocks from the inside of their (unlocked) bedroom door ...
Grace: would you guys like some waffles for breakfast?
Julia: oh, you mean awfuls??
Julia: no thank you

The other day ...
Grace: want to sit on my lap?
Julia: well ...
Grace: what?
Julia: I just don't think there's any room on there
Julia: You're just a really big mommy with a really big tummy these days 

At the library in the movie section FULL of Dora flicks ...
Julia: wow
Grace: which one would you like to pick?
Julia: you think you've seen it all and then you come here ...

After she got dressed for the day and gave herself an up-down look of approval in the mirror ...
Julia: Hey Bash - if you need to tell me I look cute - that's fine.
Bash: no
Julia: Or gorgeous. That's fine too.

Julia: Hey Theo, want to play catch with me?
Theo: crawls away
Julia: Fine. But you're making the biggest mistake of your life.

After I put Theo in his crib for a nap but before I closed the door ...
Theo: cries
Julia: oh, sweetheart
Theo: cries some more
Julia: well, if you're lonely your clothes will keep you company
Theo: cries some more
Julia: and that's a promise!!

Picking up my tweezers ...
Julia: what are these?
Grace: oh, I use those to pluck my eyebrows so they don't get out of hand
Julia: ohhh, I see I see.
Grace: yeah
Julia: So you don't look like a dragon anymore?