Thursday, October 23, 2014

the Whole 2.5

After I asked Simon if he'd like to embark on a Whole 30 journey with me and he read the basic gist of the program he said, "so what I'm reading is that you can either do the Whole 30 or you can have fun."


And 2.2 days in he is still asking things like, "so, would organic mac and cheese be okay?" and, "I guess I don't get how a whole wheat bun is any less healthy than torture" so it's been really great to have a support system through my hours of sugary NEED.

And yes, I realize I am the last of the blogging world to do the Whole 30 and blog about it. Simon asked if I was going to blog about it and I said, "no, definitely not."

And here we are.

After reading Sarah's account of her experience so far (heart her honesty, so much!) and then a little insta-push from Jolie and yet another night of the insomnia that's plagued me since high school that I'm fairly positive could potentially be helped (cured!) by a little change in diet .... I decided to hop on the 290821391839018309182309138th bandwagon of my life. You'll just have to wait for my capsule wardrobe post next week.

Okay, but really. I did Atkins in college (with my bff+e and will still talk about those glory days) and I've done the 21(ish) day sugar detox so I'm not totally unfamiliar with nixing sugar. I don't eat a ton of starch but I do enjoy my unfair share of dairy so that might be the most difficult part. Simon's "modified" version of his Whole 30 includes Greek yogurt ... fair enough. And we haven't bought any Halloween candy yet so I'm not tempted by Satan in the pantry minute after minute, hour after hour for the time being which is nice.

I will admit that I'm sort of going through semi-sweet withdrawal. I don't think I realized how often I'd grab a handful from the Costco bag of goodness. I think it was probably every time a child cried or whined. So ... not that much. At all.

I've been scouring Instagram accounts (loving this one) and pinning a few things here but I know you fine people have some great resources to share, or that is my hope.

This grocery haul got me through two meals.
Not pictured: 89 dozen more eggs and some super thrifty grass fed beef.

Just kidding.

Since I decided to start the program with nary a stitch of planning (so unlike me, laugh) I had to make up for lost time with a huge trip to the newish-to-us huge grocery store yesterday with the kids in tow. Of course after four minutes of throwing pounds of vegetables in my cart Julia announced that she, "riddy needed the restroom!!!" and so, we went to find it.

After almost circling the entire premise in search of an employee ... we found one. I asked where the restrooms were and he said he'd be happy to walk us over, "they're in produce" (weird, and also across the store, where we just were). So .... we hiked back to produce where he stopped and presented us with .... the mushrooms.

wompity womp womp.

Anyway, have you done it? (Britt's on day 23! amazing!) Do you think I'm an idiot? (answer that in your head) Any tips?

I have to say that I might get stoned but I'm not entirely on board with the whole, "going against the spirit of the Whole 30" thing. I made a quiche with sweet potato crust last night that was really good (Simon agreed, or he lied) and I'm fairly certain making substitutes like that are frowned upon but ... I'm not a rockstar. The spirit just might have to be broken, on occasion.

And don't worry, I'm only going to blog about it every time I eat.

(and if Whole 30 isn't your thing, might I interest you in a whole lot of baby carrier opinions, over here? I'm pretty sure the Tula won, by a commentslide but I'm tempted to do a trial run of the beco first .... decisions!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

everything but the baby Britax giveaway

I must confess ... it's killing me now. I just want to fast forward to next week and see who the winner IS.

Back the truck up Britney, I know. 

Let me tell you all about the Britax Affinity first.

It goes without saying that I'm not a stroller expert but we've gone through our fair share of strollers and the Affinity is golden. And before you start telling me we have no use for a single stroller, I will tell you that when we go on walks ... we might look a little ridiculous but Simon pushes the triple and I push lucky single child in this fine piece of baby gear. And we like to keep a stroller in the trunk of the van for hospital trips and um, hospital trips. It rides very smoothly on the uneven terrain that is our entire neighborhood (not pictured) and you can turn the baby/toddler to face out or toward you (Phoebe prefers to gaze lovingly at her mother, she can't be blamed - while Theo likes to look around at squirrels and Halloween lawn ornaments, he can't be blamed either!) and the seat tilts back and forward super easily (does that make sense?). 

The brake is easily accessible and stays in brake mode (this has been a problem with other strollers, unfortunately). It's a snap to fold up and unfold and the sunshade is armed and ready for any ray situation ... however strong they might be. And finally, Britax sells a variety of car seat adapters so you can snap an infant seat in which is super convenient in those early days.

So, my question is ... want one?

Well, someone is going to win one (not including Phoebe, which is fortunate if you value sleep between the hours of 3am and 6am) along with a whole grip of other loot ...

I know.

Let me break it down for you ...

1. the Britax Affinity - obviously, so awesome.

2. Caroline in Brandy from Lily Jade Designer Diaper Bags. You know how much I adore Lily Jade and even if you don't tote diapers around ... you will heart eye emoji this bag so hard. You will.

3. $50 credit to Wrenn Jewelry. It's all gorgeous. You'll spend an eternity hemming and hawing over what to pick.

4. $50 credit to Little Adi + Co. - Every single time Phoebe wears this onesie ... so many people ask where we got it. They have loads of other equally adorable kid and mom gear. Go look!

5. $50 credit to Nickel and Suede. I've been going through a huge clothing/jewelry purge but I don't think I'll ever ever tire of these earrings. They are so lightweight and a super easy way to dress up any (formerly frumpy?) outfit!

6. $50 credit to Loved by Hannah and Eli - This trendy shop is full of super fun apparel for the whole family. The material they use is far superior to your average t-shirt, too!

7. Mug + Tee from Happy Mommy Box. I love this bistro mug because it's a little bigger than ye old mug and the shirt is that nice stretchy fitted material that is tough to find sometimes. You'll love both!

8. $25 credit to She Does Justice - Another super fun shop full of sweet jewelry, head wraps, and scarves (the one pictured is actually a dedicated nursing scarf!)

9. Mustela Newborn Set - (not pictured) and a little gift from me to you as the tiniest token of my appreciation because I love you and want to say thank you for putting up with me. You're a good bunch. (Or if you'd rather a different brand of baby lotion/shampoo etc ... fine by me!! :))

Okay, that's it!

Rafflecopter is ripe for the picking with nearly a million different entry options. Have fun and good luck!!

if it says your comment "published" then it did :) when there are more than 200 comments - you have to "load more and more and more and more" sorry about that!! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 20, 2014


You are in LUCK.

I was totally going to throw loads of grainy photos complete with captions about our Indianapolis trip (another day! very soon! much exciting for you!!) today but then my dear friend Blythe swooped in to save you and texted that she put up a little q+a post. She asked the questions and I provided the answers. Or you can totally skip my 'view and comb Blythe's archives (love story! the best!) if you want. I'll never know!

Happy Monday.

back of Costco receipt illustration ... drawn to scale.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

now and then

I used to have a problem and its name was Photobooth.

February 2013
(of course Simon's face went unscathed)

And during intern year I od'd big time with Julia. We were totally spoiled Simon's 4th year of med school with him being home so much that when he started residency I was hit with a shockingly fat vat of alone-ish time.

So, naturally.

(present day Julia just walked by and asked, "who is that little boy?")
I don't even think baby J loved it that much. But stage mom ... pressed on.

I have very few Photobooth snaps with the boys and zero with Phoebe because I love them less and I've found other ways to fill the hours (hello, Lorelai and Rory and a super messy house that is in perpetual need of cleaning maintenance).

But! Simon was working overnight this weekend and the three younger kids were asleep and Julia and I found ourselves back in the saddle again.

Like riding a bike.

And I looked at a few of the time stamps from the older booths with baby Julia and realized that it's been exactly-ish three years since I took the majority of the solo booths as it was right before Sebastian was born and he's about to turn three. Crazy.

It's hard for me to even type about these past few years in St. Louis without getting emotional because they've been really difficult. I know that's the boring and recurring theme of the blog and I know I love to beat a dead horse but it was kind of painful to look at those photos because I was so clueless about the coming loneliness. I thought it would get better or I would learn to cope but it didn't and I still haven't. However! This post does not have a sad + pathetic ending, I promise. It was also so comforting to look back because those nights with Julia feel like they truly were just yesterday. I know the remainder of residency is going to (relatively) zip right on by and these years will be long gone and in the rear view mirror. I know it's unhealthy to wish time away and Simon keeps saying what a cute age Phoebe is right now (I agree but ... parents) so on the days that time stands still, it's not all bad. Plus! Simon has Thanksgiving and Christmas day off this year (¿say que?) so things are most definitely going to end on a high note ...

... without a doubt.