38 weeks

18 October 2011

And this would be the point in the pregnancy in which I think I'll let my appearance and Julia's appearance go completely. 
or maybe I already have. 
so sad.
in case you were wondering...her tunic and leggings totally clash and she is wearing a plus size diaper
 you see? my belt is buried in baby and belly and bulge
my shirt barely covers big bertha
this photo is deceiving
as the baby is actually housed tightly in my ribs where he/she can best s--t--r--e--t--c--h my cage to the limit and have easy access to toy with my fragile heart/emotions on a minutely basis

I had Julia at 38 weeks and 2 days but I have a feeling that this baby won't be showing face in the same timely manner...and might even meander beyond his/her due date. Which isn't okay...despite what I may have said in previous posts. I can only steam mop the floors, do mini loads of laundry, clip Julia's fingernails, tease my hair, bake-eat-repeat sugary goods and fast walk around the block so many times before Simon starts to claw around for an escape from my antsy/angsty presence.

And since my 'weekly' OB appointments were seemingly scheduled by the light of the moon with October as a dartboard and a blind man throwing spikes
...cue scheduling scene...
{receptionist: would you like to schedule your next several weekly appointments in advance?
Grace: you though. I'll just call.
(my logical thought being that if we schedule appointments up to Thanksgiving..the baby will wait until Thanksgiving to dismount from the womb)
recep: ok, great! (smiiiiiiile)
and out I walked with a printout of appointments scheduled up until turkey day.
love you too, Sherry}
...end scheduling scene...
I literally had mere hours between my last two appointments...
OB: oh...I see you are still wearing the same outfit as the last time I saw you...and didn't even bother to change undergarments or reapply deodorant but we did gain two pounds
Grace: blink blink staaaaare
and now have I have weeks (basically) until my next date with Dr. Observant
you know you care

Also...all of my trusty pregnancy literature seems to think that it is common to
'lose a pound or two at this point in pregnancy'
please do share that little secret.
and finally...
while I kind of appreciate the almost genuine, "hang in there-s!" and "you're so close-s!"
I really just want my ribs to stop throbbing, my right leg to regain full feeling and my face to defluff...pronto

so pleasant,


oh! and in case you were wondering...I am wearing my new favorite (panel-less!!) maternity denim
(I'm pretty sure they were modeled after toddler pants with an adjustable elastic waist with different button settings and all...but I appreciate the no panel breathing room so very, very much )

Simon...I know you will say this post sounds probably does and I probably am


  1. HAHAHA!!! I am not laughing at you I promise. I am sorry you are uncomfortable. But I think Julia looks adorable. And you look way too good to be 38 weeks pregnant. Seriously... I will hate you oneday in a i-can't-believe-it-is-even-possible-to-not-look-like-a-swollen-beached-whale kind of way. Hopefully you don't have too much longer of oiling wood or cleaning Julia's ears or something. :)

  2. you're kidding right? you're in jeans and heels at this point!?! all i wore were sweats, ugly ones :0

    funny because when the receptionist at my OB asked me to schedule all the weekly appointments with Andrew, i did and never made it back for any of them (he was early). maybe schedule them? :)

  3. Bahahaha! You are hysterical! Seriously, I'm only laughing because I remember it all so well. But you look fantastic, my dear!! WHen I was that far along, I'm pretty sure I stayed in my yoga pants and flip flops 24/7.

  4. I wouldn't come near those pants with a 20 foot pole if I only saw them on the target website...seriously, they look SO hideous.

    And then they look amazing and sleek and nicely bootcut (not crazy 70's flared), and not a bit high-water on you. I'm baffled.

    Bottom line, you look awesome.

  5. You forgot the part about how you're sure that you're never going to be not pregnant again and forever you will be waiting for a phantom baby! Yeah, that's the part you forgot.... :)

  6. this is the perfect summary of 38 weeks pregnant. haha. you are just adorable - you should have seen my whale of a self at 38 weeks. not a pretty sight. in fact, i'm surprised i didn't scare off my love with the horrifyingly large ankles and constant need to give him the 'stank eye.' i can't wait to see you're new little one!

  7. I KNOW about the losing weight at the end. What the what? Who does that? I always started gaining even more at the end. Bleah.

    Oh and I think I finally see the bright side to my always having to have c-sections... by this point I always *knew* there was only a week remaining.

    And you are fully entitled to be surly at this point.


  8. Hi Grace, I feel that it's time to come out and say that I've been following your blog for a few months now and yours is the only lifestyle blog I follow who I don't actually know (found you through Cotton and Curls and then through Kayla), which makes me feel like a creeper. But I'm ready to come clean on account of our pending friendship. We have much in common- I love to refashion, go to Goodwill every week, have a chubby one year old daughter who everyone mistakes for a male and am pregnant. See? So can we be friends?

    - Celeste

  9. I so wish it were possible for me to completely forget that my first was 2 weeks early, because I fully expected the same with this baby but of course, here I am still pregnant and feeling like I will be the first woman to ever stay pregnant FOREVER!!! I definitely am surly, and painfully impatient and sick of the heartburn, aching ribs, peeing every 5 minutes, insomnia, etc. etc. And even worse, my hubs is as impatient as I am and really excited and really wants her to come out, so he isn't helping me to have patience! But, "hang in there, you are so close!" Lol, I think I might punch the next person who says that to me or says "any news yet?" :)

  10. Some others already stole my "bahahaha." So I'll leave you with hang in there and you're so close and it looks like you've gained a pound or two, but the jeans look ahmaze and your perfectly teased hair is in just the right spot. ;)

  11. You look fantastic! I can't believe you are 38 weeks! I'm 31 weeks...and feeling huge!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies



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