hot air, who cares

01 October 2011

A story I will probably tell my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren...not because it is all that c to the razy but because I generally lead a pretty home bound and sedentary lifestyle. As Julia and I were getting ready to depart for the airport yesterday morning, Tucker and Rudy (my mom's dogs/children) started barking like mad. This isn't a terribly out of the ordinary occurrence but their barks were just a little bit more alarmed and fastbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkBARKbark than usual. We opened the front door to find
 this in the driveway. Be still my geriatric and socially awkward heart. A non-emergent hot air balloon landing in our very laps! So we did what was expected of us... I took pictures of them...they took pictures of Julia and kindly tolerated the dog's going all guerrilla on their bottoms.  
(I believe this is when the tour guide was encouraging the riders to follow him on one was taking or really understood the bait)
(to the left: my parents' kind and loving neighbors apparent affinity for unwelcome visitors and gargoyle statuettes)

The end of the most exciting blog post you'll read all day. 



  1. hahah this is so funny! and so random! I can only imagine...

  2. I love the colors of that balloon! Last year the "Curves" balloon landed in the empty lot north of our house. Seems like I'm never home during these invasions, but the dogs (NOT my children-thank you!) went berserk then too! As you say, heart the post!

  3. Holy cow! My kids would FREAK if a hot air balloon landed in front of our house. Awesome.



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