37 weeks

11 October 2011

 term, bebe.

excitement and adventure are surely around the bend. Hopefully just after this rotation comes to a close. . .thank you tiny dancer.

Shock of all complaints this week. I'm feeling very large but perfectly fine. . .even the heartfire has toned it's flames down to a very low boil which has been really nice.  Granted, I am careful not to even kind of overexert and keep my gait at a slow to slower clip always and take full advantage of all modifications the prenatal exercise DVDs recommend.  I also eat a lot. I definitely think this baby is erring on the side of a Goliath rather than a David in the size sphere.
A not so funny story ... when Lucy was snapping these photos ... Julia had free reign of the backyard ... in her pajamas and was happily crawling about ... when our neighbor (whom I had never met) ventured over...concerned that, "the baby had escaped...I saw her walking all over the place by herself and no sign of any supervision!"
ok, Kyle.
1. she doesn't walk...that was a fast crawl...I know the two can be confusing (I guess)
2. escaped from the house to the fenced in yard on hand and knee? you overestimate our little underachiever...but we appreciate the concern.

Anyway...back to me. 
I made the mistake of thinking I could pour the babycave into a non-maternity top yet again...which is obviously not the case and probably permanently stretched and ruined my pink and khaki stripes...we'll see.
barring the missing beard, boots and jolly...why do I kind of feel like I resemble Santa Claus here...bowl full of jelly y todo?

and of course the requisite saving Julia's life candids
(please note: plural saves)
I'm sure the two roofing crews (two neighboring houses both getting new roofs on the same day? must've missed that Groupon....) with a crystal clear view of our backyard/my photography studio were mildly amused by the pregnant cat, mulleted mouse, one eyed poodle-rat game Julia, Lucy and I had going for a not small amount of time.

 and to them I're welcome.

Have a pleasant night.
I'll be surfing Hulu and drinking water if you need me.


  1. You are the most gorgeous, modelesque pregnant woman I have EVER seen. Holy cow. I am like...a mastadon by the time I'm full term! I bow to thee.

  2. what a hilarious photo session!!

  3. ahahaha kyle. what a guy. that is SO funny. i love that he thought Julia needed rescuing. and then did he see the tripod set up and you taking photos of yourself? oh man alive, i hope so.

  4. The baby cave...hahahahaha! I haven't heard that and I love it. Boy do you look good pregnant--it literally shows in your belly and nowhere else. Lucky lady!

  5. You look so great! I, on the other hand, look like Varuca Salt post-turning into a blueberry. Sigh. Can't wait to see pictures of le bebe!

  6. Cutie, cutie, cutie. The sweater is totally adorable on you!

    Home stretch, mama. Almost there...

  7. I agree with Dwija, you are still so itty bitty and beautiful as ever! I always enjoy the shots of you rescuing Julia, haha! And here are positive thoughts headed your way that lil peanut will wait for Simon to finish!



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