Bosco: Six Weeks Old

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31 July 2015

B's onesie - Carter's via Kidizen

P's romper - Gap via Kidizen
sweater - Carter's via Kidizen
sandals - Salt Water via Kidizen

Six weeks! Such a bittersweet age to me because while they usually start sleeping for longer stretches at night and are a little more content when awake during the day (again, usually!) ... they're starting to lose the newborn look and their little frog legs are starting to fill out. And it's time to start thinking about back-to-school shoe shopping because kindergarten starts TOMORROW. Never dramatic or nostalgic before I need to be. Never ever. 

J to the K. But, Bosco is growing up! Sort of. He's a little more alert during the day, is sleeping more at night, hates his car seat, loves being worn, and shockingly isn't a fan of being bopped on the head by his occasionally loving bully of a sister. 

Speaking of Phoebe, she wakes up every morning, looks for her shoes, looks for her power sweater (as Simon calls it), asks for, "dada?! dada?!" (thanks P!!) and then gets very serious and says, "shhhhhh" because Bosco might be sleeping somewhere in the house. Every single morning. So, I think it's safe to say she's adapted to life as an older and responsible sibling just fine. 

Simon made a (super funny) joke about Bosco only wearing one white onesie the first few weeks of his life. Funny because it was sort of true. But, my excuse was that the boys were both born during the colder months and I just think it's sort of cruel to pour him into a velour zip-up footie in July. Thankfully, my very favorite app came to the rescue and I found a grip of cute (but not too cutesie) newborn duds for Bosco which has been great because he requires multiple outfit changes a day (thanks to a whole host of bodily fluid situations). 

Kidizen is a genius app that lets you buy, list, and sell gently used kids' clothing. It's SUPER user-friendly, shipping is included in the list price, and you can find some seriously great pieces (shoes too!) that are in great shape for a fraction of the original retail price. I'd say I buy 90% of the kids' clothing there. Maybe more. 

For a long time, the app has only worked on iPhones but GOOD NEWS!!! They just released a beta version for Android users. Yep! They are working on getting it all set so that Android users can list and sell as well but for now .... get your shop on. 

Kidizen is generously giving away a $150 credit to one lucky Camp reader, right here, right now!

You know how the Rafflecopter works, by now, I hope. Best of luck!

birth story epilogue

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30 July 2015

you thought it was over?


No, this will be the last installment. Probably.

I just had some super quality phone snaps that needed to live in blog post infamy from when the kids met Bosco.

I was a tiny TINY bit worried about Julia's reaction because she really, really wanted a girl and at the logical age of four ... I wasn't sure if her heartstrings would be pulled in the direction of even the cutest newborn baby boy. But! She was great. And so were the rest of the kids ... minus Phoebe who is still 50% air kiss/gentle hair stroke and 50% scratch his eyes out/hit his face when it comes to bebe B. She'll come around.


Here we go ...

Theo still asks to hold "Bowl!!" a lot. But only lasts about four seconds .. if we're lucky.

Please appreciate poor Cinderella's view.

Here we have Cinderella in a more comfy position ...

... sporting the headband (as a necklace ... or a noose?) Julia had brought for a potential lady baby.

Sebastian still occasionally calls Bosco, "her" ....

we're working on it.

This might be my favorite ...

... Theo engrossed in the fancy wall mounted screen.

And then we have Phoebe who had just hit her head on the hospital bed but looks to be muy devastated by Bosco's arrival ...


And again with the glow of the screen ...

... precious.

There was a little tiny miscommunication about getting a gyn (the service Simon was on the last month) surgery covered while I was still in the hospital so Simon had to leave all of our offspring in my hospital room for a few hours while he covered the case ...

... which was juuuuuust fine. Clearly.

Those poor postpartum nurses. Phoebe kept pulling a certain cord that meant EMERGENCY .... I don't think they were very amused. Ooooops again.

And 30 seconds of footage ...

... that's it. For Now.

#tbt complete

if only they came with free refills.

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28 July 2015

I'm blatantly copycatting Essie because I love when she does these empty bottles posts and am I not just as savvy of a beauty guru as she is? I am.


But, until I get my YouTube channel full of beauty tutorials galore ("how to look like hell all day long" or "how to not get your hair cut for 2+ years" or "how to botch your husbands hair every three weeks" you know -- funions) all set up ... humor me. Or click out. I'll never know.

But I hope you'll stay and let me pepper you with my Caboodle of knowledge.

1. Paula's Choice Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer - I'm a big Paula's Choice loyalist mostly because it's the only thing that's ever effectively treated my crazy first trimester breakout situations and I ordered this on a whim and love it. It goes on thick so I like to mix it with tinted moisturizer or #6 below but it isn't greasy and doesn't make my breakout like other face sunscreens do/have.

2. Amika Un.Done Texture Spray - When Kate sings the praise of any product ... I listen because she's never ever steered me wrong. I only got a travel size but wish I would've just gotten the full size to begin with. I use this instead of dry shampoo because I use a lot less of it and it's less intense, if that makes sense? And it smells so good. It's also great to use before braiding your hair to give it some texture.

3. Big Sexy Hair Powder - How many times do I have to blog about this before everyone tries it? One hundred? Fine. I'll do it. The key is to only use a LITTLE BIT ... after you're done blowdrying/curling/whatevering your hair to give it a little lift. It's a total game changer for limp haired gals of the world. We've got it rough.

4. Paula's Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster - Told you, loyalist. You can add this to your moisturizer or throw it on solo ... no rules. I've been on the lowest maintence of regimens the past several weeks but if I can at least get this on at night ... I feel good. It really makes a huge difference in the wrinkle department. Quickly! {$10 off your first Paula's Choice order using my link ... if you vant}

5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat - I take the time to paint my nails because it's a fun thing for Julia and I do together and I don't know ... I just do. It really does keep the chips at bay even through bathing the kids and multiple daily hand washes and the OCCASIONAL dish wash ;). I use it over regular nail polish ... it doesn't seem to discriminate.

6. Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Translucent Illuminator - I bought this during the winter when someone mistook me for Mrs. Casper and even my tinted moisturizer was just sort of eh. It just gives a nice little glow (that might be too generous -- I don't think I ever really glow)

7. Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant - Someone told me this helped with acne scarring and it does! It has smoothed my skin out a lot and it isn't drying at all - which is key. I use this religiously night and day because I love the way it makes my skin feel. Deep and profound review, I know.

And that's all! For today at least.

I always love hearing your favorites too if you're in a generous mood.


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27 July 2015

Last Thursday I woke up to a crying Bosco and a wet bed and shirt c/o said crying party's leaky diaper after a night of helping Julia through a (short-lived!) stomach bug and was soon greeted by the happy tiding via Sebastian that Theo had removed his very, very soiled diaper and was giddily streaking all over the house. ALL over the house. No room unscathed.

Don't cry for me, anyone. Oh, but every single child was doing just that before I had time to climb out of bed suit up to report for zoo keeper duty.

And then I blinked and it was 1:30 and time to think about getting everyone down for naps. Time flies when you're having fun but it seems to fly when you're in a frenzy too.

So if it seems that I'm slow to get back on my blogging feet ... that's why. Forgive me. I'll get there. Soon!!

But here's what's been going down during those eternal blinks ...

Julia and Sebastian got married ... an arranged marriage ...

... arranged by Julia.

Phoebe got dressed up for the occasion ...

... Theo wasn't allowed because he refused to wear pants and "diapers that you could see" weren't allowed according to bride/celebrant/master of ceremonies and he's not potty trained NOR is he trying.

Sebastian has a new and sudden passion for dressing himself ...

... even if his pants/shorts are on backwards ... doesn't matter. Out in public he goes and refuses to turn his duds around. You do you, Bash.

Resident roosters ...

... I promise they are both in diapers and I'm in my uniform (running shorts + nursing tank).

If I feed Bosco for .04 seconds too long ... Phoebebadger takes meal matters into her own paws ...

no shame ever.

Not pictured:

+ Sebastian taking it upon himself to clean his room and closet during his notnap last week. If you know Sebastian ... you'll know why my jaw is still on the figurative floor all these days later. He doesn't know how to fold blankets so he just rolllllled them all up. I laughed till I cried. No, no! I don't need to get out more or ever. Swear it. Anyway, now I know he can clean and when he claims, "I'm just toooo tired" .... I'll know his pants are on FIRE.

+ Every Patton family member looking like they have Chicken Pox because ... mosquitos. We've tried deet, no deet, essential oils, all "gnatty" (laugh, maybe) spray, and now we've resorted to dressing in pants and long sleeves. Phoebe gets them especially bad which is sad because she wants to LIVE outside. I've got it on good authority that this stuff is the holy grail of repellent ... I'll buy a case of it if it actually works. (update! a kind fellow Floridian alerted me that this stuff works too ... already ordered, thanks Laci!!)

+ Bosco smiled a real unmistakably social smile. Once. I've tried in pathetic vain to get him to do it again but ... nope. 

+ I keep washing my hair and feeling smug that I have time to shower and then realize that I didn't rinse the shampoo out and my hair is even worse than pre-smug-shower condition. Postpartum brain always makes my pregnant brain look sharp.

+ the Bachelorette finale TONIGHT. Team Shawn, bb (but I don't hate Nick but still ... Team Shawn). Or Elf. Or Calvin Harris. Or Ryan Gosling. I can't keep up with all of his doppelgangers.

Be back soon.
Like tomorrow.
I think.

getting dressed {or trying}

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23 July 2015

I just knew there was a Grace-Patton-selfie sized hole in your life. Multiple holes? I knew it. Worry not, I'm here to rectify and day save and probably actually mostly just horrify but ... carpe yolo.

I blogged a few weeks after I had Phoebe last year about these postpartum pants and so I thought I'd do something similar again because I'm a self-professed creature of habit which is just a fatty euphemism for: predictable. Right? Right.

Anyway, nothing fits. Nothing. Simon actually seriously and gently suggested I wear running shorts to Mass the other week after listening to me curse yet another outfit that was cackling in my direction after it (you guessed it!) ... didn't fit. And, I'm not complaining. I get it! Babies ruin bodies in the best way and are so worth it and if my hips are locked into their newfound wide position forever and ever ... fine. But, I can only wear running shorts (and truthfully - even they look a little too snug right now - thanks for nothing, elastic) so many days in a row before I don't want to wear them anymore because I'm doing zero running these days.

So, I turned to Stitch Fix to help a mother out because shopping is all but out of the question. Stitch Fix is not in any way sponsoring this post, at all. This is my referral link though ... if you are so inclined. But, I understand if you're not. Always!

I logged back into my account and left a lengthy explanation that I was two weeks postpartum and needed clothing that was nursing friendly and um, forgiving? And I left the link to this Pinterest board.

I was pleasantly surprised when a note came with my Fix explaining why they chose what ("you live in Tampa - it's hot! this is all Costco-friendly! And congrats on Bosco!") which was very much appreciated.

You see that smile? Fake. Because I can't breathe -- those shorts were very, very tight. I could barely walk in them and they were SUPER unflattering from behind. Shudder. But, I did love them OFF my person and love the concept of some dressy-ish shorts in lieu of denim shorts but ... these just didn't quite work.

The shirt though .. a different story. It had a nice forgiving drape to it and was slightly longer in the back (but not mullet length, thankfully) and has become a staple in my wardrobe of late (I kept it, if that's not obvious). 


Again, wanted to love this shirt but it was just way too short. If it had been longer ... I would've been all over it. You can see the elastic from my maternity jeans sticking out loud and proud ... nope. I was almost tempted to keep it and alter it into a dress for one of the girls but not tempted enough. 


I didn't think I'd like this polka dot blouse when I first pulled it out but putting it on ... I was sold. The buttons make it nursing friendly and it's really lightweight and dressy enough for dates and church and the like (not sure what "the like" is? Me neither). And the curved hem (like this skirt hem - I can't explain it - so there's a visual!) was a lot more flattering than I'd anticipated.

Kept it! Heart it.

And last and potentially least ...

these jeans.

Again, wanted to love! I did. But they were super heavy and had no stretch to them and were way too hot for summer and SUPER tough to button. I hate to call them mom jeans because .... I'm very much a mom but ... the shoe fits. Even paired with my favorite wedges, they looked frumpy. MAYBE in the winter with some clogs? But ... probably not. This pair that's on sale looks a lot more up my alley.

So, I'm excited to try Stitch Fix out again in a few months after giving my stylist feedback from two fixes. But in the mean time ... if you see a frazzled lady donning a silky blouse + running shorts around town ... just keeeeeep on walking. Thanks.

Un Bosco Moon

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22 July 2015

also known as ...



palm trees (Florida) to palm trees (California)

but I do love myself a good moon as evidenced by moon #1 and moon #2

... but this was a particularly great one because Bosco, Simon, and I were able to dash (do I sound posh? because I am very, very posh) off to California for Simon's brother's wedding in LA this past weekend. I hadn't planned on going because I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling post-baby but my mom and grandma were coming to help and we thought it'd be fun for Bosco to meet Simon's family and well .... childless trip. Childless plus Bosco who barely even counted because if you've flown with a toddler and then you've flown with an infant ..... you KNOW. Infant schminfant. Aint NO thing.

I'll just hit the highlights which will actually include the entire trip so .... buckle up.

at said wedding with one of the signature cocktails (gin and tonic with cucumber and mint, I believe?) ... it knocked Bosco right out.

No, first things first!

We stayed with Simon's family in an Airbnb rental which was amazing.

What you can't see is a bottle of nail polish on the dresser to my left. Just carelessly left there by yours truly. But it didn't matter because ... one infant in tow. There would be no furious scrubbing of bathroom tiles graffitied in polish by Patton children. None.

Bliss be ours.

Back to the wedding ...

... that's me in red.

Just kidding.

Simon's immediate family plus Becca the beautiful bride.

Paul (the gentleman sans glasses that is not Bosco) is the last eligible Patton. Just sayin' .... ladies.

Terrible reception site ...

... just terrible.

And I think I did the candy/dessert/S'mores table some serious photographic justice ...

Sorry, table-o-decadence.

I'd give Bosco like a B- for wedding and reception behavior ...

He care. Big time.

Also, let's take another look at that homemade manicure that you were undoubtedly admiring ...

{apologies to Noelle & Blythe who were already subjected to that ruby of a joke}

Groom's brother, Bosco, and Groom at the day-after-the-wedding brunch.

but I'm sure you're wondering about how things were faring back at the Camp?

Well ... after texting my mom to ask how things were going this was her response ...

... security sweater y todo.

No, the kids had a wonderful time and Julia has only cried for Nana and GG (great grandma, acronymed ... I know you got that) every morning and night since they've left.

Apparently Sebastian locked both Theo (terrified) and Phoebe (more terrified) (light off) in the bathroom (butter knife and Bettina saved the day) and then one morning my gram let my mom sleep in and Sebastian locked her out on the porch for 30 minutes until (somehow! with his vast lexicon) Theo communicated to Sebastian that he had better unlock that door ... or ELSE. It was only like 90 degrees and 90% humidity though ... no big deal, Bash.

a photo taken by my grandma on her iPad and promptly emailed to me.

And upon our return they had my very favorite cake waiting for an early birthday celebration ...

raisinless carrot cake + cream cheese icing made by GG and Julia.

I could've eaten the entire thing.

So good.

cake and baby whisperer.

And let's traipse back to California for a brief minute.

On top of having a phenomenal time at the wedding and surrounding festivities ... we were able to sneak in a little time with a friend I met online ...

and her baby Joe (3 days older than Bosco!) and husband (not pictured) Kirby for a concert (with Noelle + Adam) one night and drinks a couple days later.

When Simon's parents asked how we knew them we had no choice but to say, "well ... um ... I met her on the internet ... "

no shame.

or maybe a little.

But, really. Why do Florida and California have to be a million hour flight apart?

I was a tourist.

Sue me.

Aaaaand my blogging time is very much up as evidenced by the wailing and gnashing of teeth (and some gums) of all five Pattonitos.



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17 July 2015

They woke up like this.

I appreciate Theo's willingness to hold Bosco in his little hand-sized cradle but Bash isn't budging.

Some e-things I wanted to share ...

I'm sure you've already read it but ... best best birth story award goes to B to the lythe.

I promised to give an update on how I liked the workout gear from here ... and update: love it. If you hate living/exercising (most let's be honest, 99% living, 1% exercising - maybe less) in glorified Spanx ... you might not love them OR I ordered a size too small. But for this postpartum stage of my life ... they are perfect. PERFECT.

My brother sent this last week ... still cracks me up. 48 views later.Watch it.

We just finished getting the kitchen put together/painted/all of that and next on my list is the dining room. And of course, of course! I would discover this St. Louis-based company weeks after we move. Thankfully everything ships for free.

I always glean SO much insight from Nell's wise and realistic words!

Simon, Bosco, and I are hitting up a wedding tonight and you might be shocked to know that I had a really tough time finding something to wear one month postpartum that was also nursing friendly and didn't resemble a tent. But, I found it! This dress from Nordstrom Rack. You can rest easy now that you know that fun little fact.

Jones has managed to outdo herself in the recap arena, once again. Simon had just drifted off to sleep when I saw that she posted and so I clicked RIGHT on over and immediately started literally LOLing all over the place and woke him up. I'm not sorry.

And that's all she linked. For today.

Happy weekend to every last one of you.

postpartum helpers

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16 July 2015

I ALWAYS underestimate the mental and physical toll that the first several weeks postpartum take, not only on me, but on Simon and the rest of the family as well. Babies are adorably unpredictable little angels that operate on their own (not) schedule and demand a lot of attention no matter the dark and potentially ugly hour. I do have to say that I'm a big, fat lover of the newborn stage so the postpartum fatigue and sleepless nights don't get to me TOO bad but this time around with the move ... I felt the sting a little bit more than I normally do. Also, while Bosco's delivery was one of my easier deliveries with a great recovery ... he is not what one would call, "an easy going child". At all. He must take after his mother dearest. I wouldn't go so far as to say he's colicky (necessarily and denial might be coming into play here) but let's just say the hours that he's been awake and NOT crying ... they might still be in the single digits and he turned one month yesterday.

But! It's okay. I've got an arsenal of helpers at my fingertips.

And I'm not talking about Julia.

I'm talking about that glorious bottle. I know bottle feeding is most certainly NOT for everyone but Bosco wasn't making wet diapers or gaining weight the first week (he's not tongue tied and is a great nurser :)) and so we've found a very happy supplementing medium for the time being. I nurse him all throughout the night and several times during the day but when I can tell he's reached his hangry limit, he gets a couple ounces of formula in a Munchkin (post sponsor alert! - but they really are my favorite bottles and I would've told you about them anyway, stay at home mom's honor) Latch bottle because there are only two uncomplicated parts (bottle and nipple) and he had a hard time with even the slowest flow nipples overwhelming him and these are great. So great.

And equally great? When your baby takes a pacifier. Again, not for everyone. But it is very much for me. If they'll take them. Only Julia was big on the pacifier but it was SO NICE and I've prayed in earnest that I'd have another baby that would do the same. After Simon had left on the drive to Tampa and it was me, Bosco, and Julia kicking it in the apartment until our flight a couple days later ... I was sans car (duh) but was so desperate to take a quick shower and get packed and clean (sort of) our apartment that I put Bosco in the wrap, enticed Julia with promises of a smoothie along the way, and walked twenty blocks to the grocery store to buy every brand of pacifier they had in stock.

Which, sadly, did not include these. Or the plastic succulent. Bosco tolerated a few and we got through the flight just fine but he's since made his Munchkin preference known and I have a whole drawer full of these and backups to my backups JUST IN CASE. The pacifier is one silicone piece designed with the help of pediatric dentists and is super soft against our little divo's face.

Do you hear angels singing? Or is that just me?

For a long time, he would only take a pacifier from Simon (he KNEW I had something better to offer) but now he's coming around and will take it from me and a helpful Sebastian.

God bless him.

Now if I could just train Julia to change diapers, Sebastian to make my coffee, Theo to meal plan, and Phoebe to fold laundry ... I'd be SET.

And gloriously, gloriously bored.


Bosco's Birth Story (part final)

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15 July 2015

... where were we?

Epidural in and working like a perfect and beautiful charm. Baby {supposedly} in the correct birthing position. And still contracting ... sort of.

My contractions were just sort of eh. So I was started on a little pitocin to get things rolling once again. At this point I was at 6-7cm and after putting internal monitors in, it was determined that the baby was actually happily in the OP position.


Another motherhating little cherub.

A wonderful nurse that had been there for both Sebastian and Phoebe's deliveries came in and asked, "can I be mean?" which had me worried she was going to suggest we turn off the epidural or something horrific but she just wanted me to flip over onto my hands and knees to try and get the baby to flip. I decided to pour out my remaining and dwindling dignity and followed orders. The epidural was light enough that I had no problem being on my hands and knees. {no photos, my most sincere apologies}

About five minutes after the great flip ... the baby's heartbeat did something that made the nurses pop back in and have me flip back over because he/she was "obviously not liking it" and as soon as I flipped I felt the baby RIGHT THERE. The nurse checked and confirmed my suspicion ... complete with a baby head. I held my knees together and tried not to breathe too hard lest the baby come rolling out.

My doctor got there and gowned up saying I probably wouldn't make it to my scheduled induction one week from that day.

Laugh laugh.
Let's hope not.
More laughter.

I started pushing when everyone immediately said, "stop stop stop .... " and out came the head complete with cord wrapped tightly around the neck ..

.. unwind unwind and then out came the rest of HIM.

I'll never forget the, "it's a boy!" (although I couldn't remember if Simon or my doctor said it ... so obviously a massive impression made there, Sentimental Patton) ...

... because (like I've mentioned no times before) I was really banking on a lady. Did I want a girl? Didn't care. At all.

But I was stunned and I felt weirdly disconnected from this new baby for several minutes (since passed! very much passed!) because he felt like such a little stranger.

He was born at 1:51 in the morning so a little under six hours after we got to the hospital (I think I even snuck a nap in at one point, luxury!) so I won't be winning any Speedy Gonzales birthing awards (ever) ... but I was so happy to have bypassed the Ironwoman of pushing. Finally.

Get on on our euphoric level, B.

I didn't need any repairs which made my recovery a breeze (I realize I'm SUPER lucky and that many don't have it easy - at ALL) and as soon as everyone left the room ... Bosco latched on for a nice hour long nursing session while we waited for the nursery to come and do their thing. He weighed seven pounds even (my doctor guessed seven pounds even, is she good or WHAT?) and was twenty inches long. I had predicted that he was our biggest baby and he was our second smallest (Theo was the smallest) so, you know.

Simon looked like the walking dead and I told him to nap ... which he did ... all through Bosco screaming through his bath.


j to the k. He had to be up in a couple hours to wrangle the other four kids ... I did not.

Let the spaspital stay BEGIN.

Don't look so excited, BIP.

And that was that. Best birth ever? Perhaps! Perhaps.

More (so much more) where that came from ... right over here.


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