19 October 2011

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Maybe it's a blessing in disguise but it feels like the curse from the blackest lagoon...Julia has stopped letting us rock her to sleep/semi-sleep. Yep. She had been doing so well...going down after a bottle without a peep but now she won't stay in our laps for longer than two minutes before she wiggles out and off on a great adventure to find "see" and splash in toilet water. Instead...we are forced (or else I'm convinced she would literally never ever sleep) to plop her in her crib, run out of the room as she kicks her little legs as hard as she can against the mattress, flashes her (very scary) two front v  e  r  y   g  a  p  p  e  d teeth, arches her back in serious protest and then proceeds to put on an impressive show of blood curdling screams crying out for a savior for 5 minutes before she settles in for a nice nap/night.

Very dramatic.
The bright sides to this nasty new habit are that she wakes up a whole lot later (probably due to the cardio sesh/tuckering out she subjects herself to by way of full body tantrum) and a whole lot happier in the morning...which is a welcome change from the usual death glares I am normally greeted with upon bebe from crib retrieval. I'm sure deep down Julia is just being a selfless little big sister to be and knows that soon we won't have time for loooooong pre-nap and pre-bed coddle sessions but the small, non-heartless part of me hates this new routine and I really hope it can come to a non-dramatic ending very, very soon. 

now...go and carry on with your more exciting life. this is what is going on in mine. 
yawn? neverrrrrrrr.


  1. Ha, Julia is adorable!! My Little Missy is 16 months old and she recently stopped letting me rock her to sleep, too. It's sad, right?!? I still want her to be my baby and I hate that she doesn't need me any more. In fact, when I try to cuddle her and rock her, she pushes against my chest and reaches for the crib! Crazy girl!

    I've got to say, I love your posts! You always make me smile and nod my head in agreement because I can usually relate to almost anything you say. =)

  2. oh my gosh! She looks so much like Simon in the sink picture. (Of course she looks like you too though) I want to cuddle with her! Def going to take off a monday in november!

  3. Yep, we used the "cry it out" method around 1-2 months. It's so hard hearing them cry, I can't stand it but it teaches them to self-soothe.

  4. well... my boy's walked by while I was reading this and saw the pics. I think they are jealous. I never let them play in the sink or in... what is that? baking soda? You are the much cooler mama.

  5. That's no fun. Hopefully she'll be getting to bed in a less dramatic fashion before baby comes!

  6. ah, the drama in such tiny babes! it boggles my mind and i cannot figure them out!! you're doing a great job! like jd are one coole mama!



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