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27 January 2016

For starters (or for the more refined reader - hors d'oeuvres)

(a bellowing) hello from the other side

the phantom returns (cue joke about not knowing the title of the newest Star Wars flick and then cue meme from Star Wars fans about not caring that my Star Wars knowledge is terrible at best .... MAYBE I should get off FB?)

or the always timeless Marshall Mathers with a little: guess who's back?

If those song lyrics mean nothing to you ... get on my cultured level. And if they do: high five.

Anyway, but really -- where did you scamper off to, Phantom Patton?

Nowhere, really. I felt that sprinting off the blogging grid was the right thing to do at the time (no regrets! some regrets! maybe!) but after lots of encouragement from Simon and close (dare I say bosom? yes, I dare) friends ... here we are.

My typing and writing muscles have atrophied to sad and flabby states so bear with Stella while she searches in vain for something resembling a groove.

To say I'm excited to be back in blogging action might be a bit of an understatement and it's all thanks to you and your kind and wonderful e-communications over these past few months. I owe you. Big. Here! A photo of my offspring to illustrate my enthusiasm ...

I can't wait to fill you in on livin' la vida Florida and I'm sure you can't either but couldn't wait to to show you that we're getting scarily good at taking photos with the kids ...

best out of 38.

Sebastian is routinely mistaken for a snowbird in the above uniform from which he rarely, rarely deviates. Phoebe has grown to know and love and obsess over all of Julia's shoes (so much so that Big Foot's been known to trot out to the van in a pair before her parents can catch her - see above). Theo and Julia have perfected their peaceful picture protest pouts. Bosco has been working tirelessly on his smolder and Grace is thoroughly enjoying the winter weather that has dared to dip into the 40's. Once.

God bless Florida.

And that's a wrap on the rusty return for now.

Thank you for reading, you have no idea how much it means to me!


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