Simon Says

03 October 2011

 1. father/daughter precious moment
2. surefire miracle worker
3. child neglect
4. baby's belly and baby belly (airplane outfits...comfort over dignity always)

After working a week of nights and wanting to sneak in a nap or ten on Saturday but ... of course ... Julia was raring to go circa 6 in the am...
"Julia why don't you go see a movie and then go shopping for three yourself."
"Is there a four hour Baby Einstein Youtube clip you can occupy yourself with?"

After purchasing some Raspberry Leaf tea at my request ( you know it will miraculously make my labor easier, shorter and enjoyable on top of giving me an extra rosy pregnancy glow, massage my swollen extremities and lullaby me right into eight fitful hours of sleep each and e'ery night until the baby cometh)
"I'd like to know what tea supports the male system..."

After being giving an unmistakeably stern look by a passing stranger in the park for letting a candy corn juice and bits in her neck creases Julia roam free on hand and knee in the wood chips/grass/gravel...
Simon "You know that magazine..'Good Housekeeping?'"
Grace "yes"
Simon "I feel like we should grace the cover of the magazine..'Bad Parenting' "

and upon picking Julia and I up at the airport
"I think it's safe to say...she has gotten bigger and you have gotten smaller."
trained well and a stellar liar.


  1. I, too, drank a bit of that tea at the end of my 2nd pregnancy... it was supposed to start contractions, so be careful!

    Simon Says quotes are hilarious! (you've definitely trained him well on that last one)

  2. I love Simon says! Hahaha! Always good for a laugh, that one. It's funny, the people who seem to care how you are raising your kids are usually the people without their own. But how funny would it be if there really was a "Bad Parenting" magazine?!

  3. LOVE. What a good boy.

    I drank gallons of that stuff. Don't know if it helped, but at least it made me feel like I was doing something!

  4. I haven't tried the Raspberry Leaf Tea but I have heard of women taking it to bring on labor, I didn't know it had all those other benefits! I took castor oil with my first and I DO NOT recommend it! Good luck with the last couple weeks of your pregnancy, I hope it flies by and you have a wonderful safe delivery. Can't wait for the big gender reveal!!

  5. ha, he makes me giggle with my morning coffee. which means=ok in my book.

  6. Simon and Julia's smiles are exactly the same in the first photo!



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