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24 October 2011

Nothing to report from our front unless you count...

~Julia's atrocious mood leading to a little lock-myself-in-the-bedroom while she perfects the art of whining-it-out for a lot of minutes
~Playing a little game of ... will Lucy live? after I caught Julia sneak-feeding Lucy fat fistfuls of chocolate chips
(so far the answer is yes)
~if at all possible the baby has moved further up into my rib cage and is showing no signs of making any debuts, premiers or births anytime soon
~making a new Olympic sport out of changing a crib sheet while rapid fire cursing with Julia looking on very amused. Why so difficult?  I don't know.
~putting away the majority of my now too small maternity clothes because I just wasn't feeling the sausage casing look...anymore
(leaving me with a paltry collection of: Simon's shirts, two pairs of white jeans, a swimsuit cover-up and all my socks)

I thought I would share some internet I've happened upon in the past few hours.
You know I love a good 'net scouring.
enjoy or don't. 
I'll never know. 

Jessica says it best regarding Mondays
Kendi is really tempting me to cut my locks
Jen makes having a baby sound less painful than a quick jaunt around the block. Jealous.
Cari hosted a brilliant little round the clock blogger photo montage
Lisa posted this terrible story last week...worth a watch
Suri and Julia really need to be bff+e

All these ladies! 
girl power.

and speaking of estrogen...I see that the ladybaby vote has pulled ahead on the gender poll...

will we ever find out?
will Simon and I ever agree and settle on bebe monikers?

stay tuned. 
I know I am.


  1. I feel so special that you mentioned me, thank you! Of course it was not easy, hurt like h-e-double l, but I left that out because I guess I assume it is assumed :) And no matter how you do it, every birth is incredible and every mom amazing for going through it! I am excited for your little one's arrival, I hope the time passes quickly for you!

  2. I absolutely love that Julia is gnawing on the book "Our New Baby." She's going to make a great big sis.

  3. perhaps the in utero baby needs a compass?

    I enjoyed browsing through the links.. suri's burn book is hilarious!



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