21 October 2011

The end of night float for now 
(well...tomorrow morning truly marks the end...but I like to count my immobile and unhatched chickens...easier that way)

Look how happy we are. . .
. . .until we weren't and Julia broke her screaming it out record at a heart and gut wrenching 40 minutes. 

(don't worry ... I had plenty to do from my heartless perch on the basement stairs ... I chewed off all of my nail polish, played Words With Friends-the most addicting game ever and Googled, "how to make the most delicious caramel in the world" -- busy me)

But really...rejoice and be glad for sound sleep and less complaining will be mine.


  1. Yay! That is awesome! (the end of the night float, not the record breaker, ha ha).

    Such a cute picture of you two! And your braid is gorgeous!

  2. Float is over! yay! Words with Friends was made for middle of the night toddlers- I'm lisaharsma there if you need another opponant.

  3. have we stopped playing WWF? let's start back up again!

  4. ! You're on Words with Friends? I'm on Words with Friends! We should play Words with Friends.

  5. What Kayla said! I am kimatron722...I think. :)



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