weekend's end

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13 August 2017

1. IG repeat offender - I'm the worst, per usual. But, I wanted it to live on in blog infamy. Simple gal with simple needs, always.

2. Alright, I was a total slacker on the reading front this week BUT this book just came off the hold list and I'm excited to dive in - and I also put some of your recommendations from last week on my hold list so - thank you!

3. Did you see that season 2 of The Crown is coming out soon(ish)? Good, me too. On an unrelated note - Simon and I watched Manchester By The Sea last night -- so good but so, so sad.

4. I don't like beer but do enjoy beer pong (although it's been a year or nine since I've played) so this is something I could get behind (minus the inevitable and horrific hangover ...)

5. I keep reading/seeing that mules are the shoe of the season and I do love a good clog which is a close cousin of the mule. Anyway, behold!! Perfection? Methinks so.

6. Needless to say I wasn't in love with Monday night's finale but Rachel seems super happy and hopefully they live happily ever after. I found myself nodding in agreement (as official + amateur Bachelor Nation expert) with a lot of what was said on the Almost Famous podcast. If Peter's not the bachelor I'm very curious to see who they'll choose ...

7. And on the sale front ...

I have and love these heels and just saw that they are 50% off. Fiesta, fiesta.
+ flash sale! 35% off everything and 40% off clearance with code: BIGFAN (this shirt is so cute with great reviews)
+ 20% off dresses ... yee haw.
+ 40 OR 50% off everything at one of my favorites.

Have a great remaining few hours of your Sunday and/or happy Monday morning :)

reunion rundown

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10 August 2017

I think I've been blogging about our family reunion ever since I started blogging and this isn't the year to kill a tradition and so -- here we ARE.

Reunion time!!

GG and all her great grands.

The kids were so so so SO excited about going that they had their bags packed (the girls even had their flight outfits laid out many days in advance) for days beforehand and multiple drafts of cards for, "GG" (Great Grandma) were drawn before they settled on the one to actually bring. Abe and his perfectionism -- he comes by it honestly.

Our trip was a lot shorter than other years but we packed a lot in and had the exhausted kids to prove it the day after we got home (Julia slept in until 11 -- sorcery? perhaps).

on the flight home. before we landed and went to get the car to find it had a flat tire. at 11pm. Fun for all - and for all a fun night.

I was nervous about flying with everyone as we no longer fit in two neat rows of three and knew someone (child or adult - Simon took one for the team) would have to sit separately and didn't know how that would go but it was fine and the kids were shockingly content with the 8 trillion snacks I packed and the laminated safety brochures in the seat pockets in front of them.

The captain invited the kids up to the cockpit where Simon repeatedly said, "please don't touch ANYTHING, kids" while the captain simultaneously said, "fly us anywhere you'd like!"

I was the most worried about Bosco since 2 year olds are such wildcards and panicked momentarily when I realized I had packed exactly zero toys/distractions for him but he was thrilled to have his blankie out of his crib and happy to pound the snacks and spill the ones he didn't eat.

it wouldn't be a trip to the Quad Cities without a Whitey's run. I got him a scoop in a cup but it wasn't lost on him that EVERYONE else had cones. So, I gave him mine. Best/worst mom - depending on how you spin it.

We stayed in a hotel where they had a room with bunkbeds along with a pull-out couch and another bed which worked out perfectly and the front desk only called up once to ask if everything was okay because, "we've been getting a lot of calls from your room ... "

the calling culprits with their bubblegum cones x 4

Abe was thrilled to meet lots of aunts and uncles and Nana and GG and great aunts and second cousins galore.

super thrilled.

Cousin Sydney brought the kids the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts (and a gorgeous rosary for me!) from Mexico where she's been doing mission work ...

The first thing Julia did when we got home was hang her pig purse right above her bed - close to her head.

We got to check out GG's soon-to-be new digs which was bittersweet because we have so many wonderful memories at her condo but know she'll have a lot of fun with all her new friends at her new place.

Theo was REALLY wanting to board the van headed for a group trip to Target.

And finally! As promised - a report back on the K'tan. I was a fan! A big fan. And more importantly - so was Abe. I'll be curious to see how he likes it once he gets a little older but it was so great for being truly hands-free through security and boarding etc. Did I pack the manual to reference the first five times I put it on? Yes - but I'm a slow learner ...

... and an expert selfie snapper. No eyes + one eye at your service.

We got home and the kids started school almost immediately so look for a post all about THAT coming at you in a flash. Only the sexiest of subject matters around here.

Happy Thursday.


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04 August 2017

excuses, excuses.


I hate to drop off the face of the blog when my posting is already spotty at best but a dead laptop (RIP forever), week long stomach bug from purgatory (you like that play on words?), and um the usual back-to-school prep along with an upcoming trip to pack for and you've got a recipe for Excuse Cake. Extra frosting in Graceland.

But I'm back. For today anyway.

First and last time I'll ever say this but it's warranted this one time: MOM GOALS.

The very last thing I need is a baby wrap/carrier but a flash sale + the glowing reviews and several upcoming flights convinced me that this was a good purchase. I shall report back - fear not.

I'm just about finished with The Sunshine Sisters and eh - not my favorite. If you've read anything awesome lately - I'd love to hear about it!

On the Bachelorette front - Dean filled in for Ben on the Almost Famous podcast this week and it was a good one, I thought. I'm curious how they are going to handle the finale with three men still standing. I can't watch the finale on Monday night so I think I'll just turn off my phone and tape blinders to my temples until the kids go to bed on Tuesday night - a foolproof plan, surely!

Alright I have to admit that even though I said that I prefer Fabletics leggings (and I still do) to the almighty Lululemons (I've tried two different styles and I find that they pill and lose their shape much easier than Fabletics but maybe it's just me) I got a pair of these shorts for my birthday last week and they definitely win in the not-too-short/not-too-long/don't-ride-up/perfect-in-crazy-heat departments. I've been all but living in them. I get the hype. I guess.

Some people might be counting the days until the sale ENDS so they don't have to hear about it anymore - I'm still debating sizing up in a pair of my favorite denim to get me through the postpartum period of fun but I'm not sure how practical jeans are in Florida at the moment. Decisions decisions. I've had these open on Simon's notdead computer for several days so maybe those are a smarter purchase.

Alright, I'm not going to tell you how many days this took to type and post because I'd have my blogging license revoked forever.

Have a happy weekend!!



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