16 October 2011

75% finished with night float for 2011.

Quiche sounded good at the time (sleepless at midnight). Hope it tastes good for a zillion meals to come.

to the left: two separate elderly ladies told me with great confidence on Saturday that I'm having a girl due to how much my tum is sticking out
to the right: Simon and Julia (lest you thought it was a snapshot of Lucy sleeping...or something)

 tonight. so fun.
did I mention we are 3/4 of the way through with night float?
praise be.
my sanity has had a long enough vacation.


  1. Dude that is a LOT of quiche. Nesting!

  2. I literally could not wait to run into the hair dresser that cuts the boys' hair this weekend because for months she kept analyzing my belly and telling me that I was having a boy! :0 So many people told me "I was all in front and carrying a boy." It's all a bunch of nonsense.

  3. that quiche looks really good... I've never made any. Recipe? pretty please!

    old ladies and their "great confidence" they were wrong 50% of the time with me ;)

  4. Looks like she's really waving! Fun, fun!

  5. Cute! Love Julia's wave!
    Good luck with the remaining 25%!



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