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30 January 2019

1. HEY! I had a baby! Well over a month ago and I'm sorry I didn't alert the masses via blog medium but I have been sufficiently obnoxious about him over on good old Instagram. I remember long ago when someone predicted Instagram would kill blogs and I feigned a horrified-hand-to-chest move because I didn't think it would ever be possible but welcome to 2019, Grace No Foresight Patton.

We'll pretend these are Valentine's PJs vs the Christmas truth.

2. So, the baby! His name is Clement Joseph and he was born on Dec 11th last year. He weighed six pounds and one ounce and I should probably save all of that for his birth story that I'm in the middle of typing (but would rather pound out a quick hello than actually finish it because my charism is procrastination) but I swear (by the moon and the stars in the sky) that the next post I publish will definitely be his birth story.

3. He's seven weeks old and I'm feeling hopeful that we'll establish some semblance of a schedule SOON. Or ... soonish at the very least. We've had our best week yet and I even started flirting with the idea of painting our back stairwell once said routine is established. Maybe. But - baby steps Grace, teeny tiny baby steps.

4. I've been ITCHING (yes, all caps is necessary) to blog and have lots of house photos to share but blogging naturally takes a back seat to everything else these days. Maybe I should stop waking up 2 seconds before I need to get the kids up for school or make better use of the time after the kids have gone to bed -- novel concepts! I'll figure it out.

5. Have you read anything you couldn't put down lately? I keep hearing about how wonderful Where the Crawdads Sing is and that's next on my docket after I finish Hard Times for book club. We watched both Fyre Festival documentaries and were "befumbled" (to take a made up word from Hannah B from the Bachelor) but have not watched Marie Kondo's show quite yet.

6. I have to begrudgingly admit that I'm liking Colton so much more than I thought I would when he was announced as the Bachelor. My favorites are Cassie and Elyse (I saw on her IG that one of her rose ceremony dresses cost her $4.50 from Goodwill - amazing!) but I like Hannah G too. Sharleen never disappoints, of course!

7. I ordered these jeans to try to motivate me to get out of my daily uniform of ... maternity sweat pants (those are a thing - and they are wonderful) and .. it worked! Two sizes up from my normal size and I ordered the petite so they were more of an ankle length which I prefer and I love them. I was pleased to see Old Navy has jumped on the neckerchief train too - I might have to give that trend a go. I keep seeing people share these Lululemon dupes from Amazon and I'm wondering if they might be a nice transition out of maternity sweats while possibly motivating me to exercise on occasion (I'm loving the free Pop Sugar Fitness videos on Facebook - for the one of you that hasn't seen them!)? Wondering ... we'll see if they live up to the hype!

Hope you're staying warm wherever you are! It's supposed to warm up here this weekend but that seems impossible because it's SO cold right now!

Happy Wednesday!!


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