oil spill

26 October 2011

Yesterday I left Julia alone for twenty minutes too long.
I knew when I saw that her mullet had a little extra sheen and that Lucy was closely following Julia's sprint-crawl tracks with enthusiastic ground licks that something was not quite right.
She got into, opened (yay for milestones...lid unscrewing!!), spilled and spreaddddd an entire economy sized bottle of vegetable oil e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.
Big deal, drama queen. was a big deal.
A coat of flour had to be applied to the vat of spilled oil -- because -- according to my housekeeping bible, Google -- the oil needed to be absorbed (which Julia found more amusing than the slippery oil) and swept ... and applied again ... and again.
Simon and Julia (tweedle-lame and tweedle-lamer) tucked themselves in circa 7:30 and left me to enjoy a niiiiiice long date with the mop.
I think I got maybe 64% of the oil cleaned up.
The other 36% stubbornly remains, gives the floor a gorgeous shine and poses a serious slipping hazard for all house occupants.
The way I see it-
worst case scenario...I slip and fall and my water breaks...
best case scenario...I slip and fall and my water breaks...

winners abound.


  1. Haha this is too funny! When I first read the title of this post I thought, "Yay, her water broke!!" A sign of things to come...??? xoxo

  2. I wish I'd read this sooner. Yesterday the baby got into my tube of Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Lotion, chewed through the cap (??? How is this even possible? Perhaps he's part rodent), and squeezed half the tube on the kitchen floor.
    While it smelled very lovely and tropical, and the floor now has a nice sheen, it is also a walking hazard. And I'm not nearly far along enough in this pregnancy to go into labor yet.

  3. though it will make the spot slick, keeping flour (or oat bran works especially well) on the spot will continue to absorb more, but don't waste your money on the stuff you can buy at the hardware store to soak it up, it's just gross and works the same as the oat bran!)

  4. Ohhhh boy...

    I hope that water breakage is an upside of this though!

  5. oh man. that stinks. now i'll know what to do if it ever spills in our house (i had no idea with the flour).

  6. Oh my gosh... My first thought was, "How on earth do you begin to clean up that much oil?" I am glad you figured it out.

    I hope your water breaks without you having to fall.

  7. one of my babies broke a jar of olive oil once... it was pretty awesome picking up oil covered shards of glass. Did not know about the flour trick as it would have saved my arms from all the mopping. Would dawn and warm water help? That's what "they" use to clean the oil covered marine life...

  8. Ooooh no! That sounds like an enjoyable evening. Good luck with the remaining 36%.

  9. Ohemgee! I would be so...I wouldn't even know where to start except maybe panicky screaming. I like how there's an upside to everything with you.

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  11. I love how you can take something like this and write such an entertaining story with it. If this happened to me and I decided to blog about it, it would say "Regan spilled oil everywhere, it was a nightmare. The end." Haha! I am glad you are able to find something positive in it :)

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  13. bahahahhaha that sounds like th eBIGGEST pain in the butt to clean up (even over eggs!)



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