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21 August 2020

1. I can/can't believe that it's the end of August and we're not back to school (I mean .. it's actually *whispers* kind of nice but I've still go a lot of prep to do - wondering if these machine washable school shoes are a good idea?). Our school year was pushed back a few weeks and so we're enjoying the last bits of summer! A few of the kids have been able to do some small groups for (socially distanced + outside, worry not) reading skills and really enjoyed them and for that, I'm pretty grateful. The four older kids had a short four week baseball and softball season (Simon coached the girls team!) earlier in the summer and while nightly games got to be a little grueling I think we all have to admit that we miss them. 

2. I can't (and can, I suppose) believe Iris is nearing the three month mark. I would be sad but she's SUCH a delight and always wanting to smile and chat up a gibberish storm so as long as time slows down the teeniest tiniest bit ... I'll be fine. I know I'll miss the big kids help with her when they go back to school but luckily she's pretty low maintenance until it comes to a reasonable bedtime. Hashtag night owl. 

3. We won a cabin stay outside Branson at a school fundraiser back in November and were unable to change the dates so we decided to go and had so much fun (see photo above). The kids could wade and play in creeks all day and were pretty oblivious that weren't on the actual Table Rock Lake (no one tell them, thanks) and we found some stroller friendly "hiking" that they all enjoyed too. Did the five hour drive take us eight and did we have to deal with some car sickness? Maybe and unfortunately but! Still - so fun to have a little change of scenery and enjoy the outdoors for a couple of days. 

4. I've been terrible on the reading front and I don't know why. I loved The Royal We and was so excited to start The Heir Affair but .... I guess the siren song of Netflix just is a little bit louder these days? I need to buckle down and get into it because I know I'll love it. I started listening to Such a Fun Age and I know it's going to be a good one too! I'm also SUPER excited about One to Watch ... I should probably start um .. reading. 

5. I plowed through Indian Matchmaking all the way to the frustrating last episode ... will there be a second season? I hope so. I know there have been some follow up YouTube updates so maybe those will give me answers! I should check. I might be the only person in the world actually enjoying the GOAT Bachelor episodes and for that ... I should be more embarrassed. I just love reliving the older seasons so much. Hopefully Clair (and Tayshia's?) season will start super soon!

6. I'm guessing I'm the 10th person to tell you about this pink cleaning stuff from Amazon? It's amazing. We've got a resident mural artist on our hands and this stuff has saved me a lot of time I would've wasted repainting many a wall in the house. We ripped up some carpet in a little eating area off the kitchen and the tile underneath is in decent but not great shape and I'm wondering if this stuff would help it shine a bit?

Other Amazon purchases - these bike shorts. I was not on the bike short trend train and am still skeptical but I just think of them as short leggings for the summer/around the house - the pockets are KEY for my phone, an errant pacifier, or trash the kids inevitably gift me on a walk. I convinced my friend Jessica to buy a pair and she loved them so much she placed an order for a second color right away. Also these leggings are as lightweight (without being see through and still being sturdy enough to run in) as them come.

7. I don't have a Nordstrom credit card - nor do I plan to get one - but I was super bummed this dress was sold out before it was available to the commoners. This is a cute runner-up but still - boo! (I did recently buy this one and I LOVE it. Love.) I keep reading that the skincare sale stuff is well worth a look so I might have to stock up on these favorites.

I've decided I'm going to give mom (well, mom-esque) jeans a go because I like to dip my toe into trends yearS after they've been trendy (guessing they're on their way out already!) --I ordered these (look at those reviews!)  I've got my eye on this chic looking pair, as well as these sky high rise babies, and these might be the top contenders! Everlane has yet to steer me wrong. If you have a pair you love - please let a mom know. 


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