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06 October 2019

1. I'm not sure how I went two months without updating the dusty blog but I'm great at procrastinating and not-so-great at quitting so the blog show must go on! So much time away + report on that I think it would bore you to near tears to go through it all but we'll hit the big ones!

2. My brother got married! Andrew married a very lovely lady by the name of Kathleen and we enjoyed a fun trip out to Denver for their wedding. The night we arrived was our 10 year anniversary so we took the kids to a highly recommended + kid-friendly beer garden and had a wonderful evening (photo above). Did we go to Vegas the following weekend sans children to celebrate in WiLd AnD cRaZy style? Yes, we did. Also - wonderful!

3. The kids started school! Phoebe had a rougher transition into kindergarten than we anticipated but has since settled in just fine and asks me to text her teacher to set up a play date (with .... her teacher) almost daily. The other kids are doing well and Bosco's first year of (very) part time preschool is going swimmingly. I've said it before but one of the hardest things to leave in Tampa was the kids school because it was so amazing but the kids are so happy at their school here that it almost makes me forgive the winter weather - almost.

4. Julia turned 9! I wasn't feeling very sad because at least 9 isn't into the double digits but then someone pointed out that 9 is half way to 18 and that ... blew my mind (simple math - yes, I know). She got her ears pierced and roller blades and a whole slew of llama (the obsession of late) things for her big day. Sebastian is right behind her with his 8th birthday despite finally edging her out ever so slightly in the height department - something only one of them likes to discuss.

5. I'm sure there's more but I gotta leave some content in the wings lest the well ever runs dry, right? Right. Oh, books! I've been sort of striking out, sadly. I read American Royals thinking it would be similar to a favorite of mine, The Royal We, and it was not. It was a pretty interesting and intriguing premise and I'm guessing the author set it up for a second book but no loose ends were tied up and I actually googled, "abrupt ending American Royals?!?!" immediately after finishing. I read A Fall of Marigolds for a book club and it was pretty good - kind of newish flavor of my beloved Beatriz Williams and Kate Morton. I also finished More Than Words and enjoyed it but it wouldn't be my first response to, "any new book recs?" -- thats for sure. Simon read Educated and said he thought I'd enjoy it so as soon as I finish The Bookish Life of Nina Hill -- I'm on it.

6. Hopefully I'm not the only one frantically scrambling to fill wardrobe holes the first time the temperature drops 40 degrees overnight (whywhywhy) ... for both myself and the kids. I finally took the plunge on these pants I've heard so many amazing things about it and I love them even more than I expected I might. I wish I'd listened to the reviews and sized down because they do run a little big but they are super soft and still structured enough for public outings which is really nice for dreaded winter months. I also pored over denim reviews from one of my favorite retailers and decided on these pretty ladies in an effort to branch out from the skinnies. They aren't here yet but if they don't work out I'm going to try these because I have a similar pair and really love the fit/feel!

7. I've been shopping for the kids more and more at H&M because their things seem to hold up better + longer than Old Navy (I still love + patronize you, ON) and they run promotions often enough that the prices are comparable. Speaking of Old Navy - I think I've mentioned that I really love their Ballerina Jeggings for the girls because they have enough structure and a button + zipper to not be true jeggings but are super soft and the girls aren't loathe to put them on like the boys and their jeans.

Alright, enough typing for today. More to come, as always!

Happy (almost) Monday!!


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