28 October 2011

Now would be an ideal time to have the baby. Simon is off this weekend (not next weekend), he is currently on a pretty forgiving rotation (not the case with the next one), my mom is coming to town to watch Julia soon, it is getting increasingly difficult to find someone to watch Julia during my appointments (I made the mistake of taking her once -- nightmare on neverever again street) and I need to spare you fine folk anymore cellular/tum/mirror snaps. Exclamation points.

But...I'm only 1/4 idiot and I know that's not the way these things work. I guess I just stupidly assumed the baby would similarly time his/her gestational expiration date to that of Julia's which was ... stupid. 

In a moment (or twenty) of desperation yesterday I made these and they procured nary a contraction. In fact, if possible my formerly plentiful Braxtons have come to an almost complete halt. 

However, I'm not suffering from any chronic back pain that can be so common at this point in pregnancy, my former heartflamage has completely disappeared and I'm getting ample and adequate sleep so I really shouldn't be in any sort of harried bebe hurry...I guess. I remember how draining and shocking the first few nights punctuated by needy newborn screams c/o newborn little J were and I know the old (albeit annoying) adage that 'babies are easier to take care on the inside!' (smiiiiiiiiile/polite chuckle) is very true.

But patience isn't my prettiest virtue, I can feel multiple stretch marks ready to attack attach attack attach and with every passing hour I imagine the baby padding him/herself with more ounces and I fear the birth of a ten pounder is imminent. 

So you see ... now ... would be the ideal time to have the baby. We'll see what Cruella the Obstetrician has to say this morning. I have my bets placed somewhere between 'see you next week' and 'see you the week after that'. I'll let you know. I never don't.


  1. My first reaction is just to laugh because . . . seriously? You have such a great sense of self-deprecating humor! But at the same time, I feel for ya! I hope you get the news you want and that the little munchkin arrives soon!!

  2. cruella the obstetrician (I laughed at this while simultaneously feeling sympathy/empathy for you)

    perhaps no heartflames from a dropping of baby?? wishful thinking!

    my (unsolicited) advice: leave home for a while without your hospital bag/car seat installed. went into labor two out of three times with this method.

  3. I love your blog. I've said it before, but it's true. And I'm so happy you update frequently as I check to see if you've updated even more frequently. Punctuates my very boring workday with a smile.

    I am 32 weeks and change and ready to be done...but I still gots lotsa baking to do. Good luck and cheers (with red raspberry leaf tea, perhaps?) to hopes for a baby with a pre-Halloween birthday!!!

  4. Just resign yourself to being pregnant forever, as soon as I did that, baby came! ;) Sorry the cookies didn't work, I hope they were at least yummy!

  5. We're due the same day, for reals. I got the old "see you next week" yesterday. I empathize.

  6. My doctor was never right with mine, fwiw. With my last there was some awful timing with a closed daycare and school starting and all that going on. My 2yo's daycare was on vacation for a week, school started August 30th, baby was due Sept 12, but the other two had been 3 and 4 weeks early. It was so so stressful. She finally came on August 31st, right in the thick of it. I recommend stairs. Up and down and up and down over and over and then one more time.

  7. I know you are not seeking any inspiration for the last lap of pregnancy, but I always view it as "For the rest of my earthly existence, I will never carry this specific child within me. I will never feel him/her move ever again. I, therefore, will cherish these last passing days and relish our time together that will never be again." Sappy, of course! But, it makes me never hurry to want my babies to come. I know they are safe, sound, and peaceful inside. God Bless. Can't wait to hear the news!

  8. Lolz.

    Not to rain on your pregnant parade and I know you've probably heard plenty of these stories but my 1st was 5 days early and my 2nd was 4 days late.

  9. eeehhhhhh.

    i don't even know what to say.

    just eehhhhhhhhh.




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