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24 June 2020

1. Iris Miriam has arrived! She was born on June 1st and I'll save all the details for the birth story that should be up superdupersoon but she's been a delightful addition to the family and I'm still SO surprised that she was a she! All of the older kids have been a huge help and Clement is pretty independent and hasn't seemed bothered that there's a new baby in town ... yet. Abe finally started calling her, "Iris" instead of, "virus" and is always walking around closing the shutters in the house saying she doesn't like the sunshine (??). Overall, we're adjusting well and feel so fortunate to have her here safe and sound.

2. While summer sort of "just started" and even with the remote learning situation it still feels like we're monthS into a summer of sorts. The older three are enjoying an abbreviated baseball/softball season with Simon coaching Julia's team and the younger kids are along for the ride and hoping that their games are parked next to a playground (they usually are). We haven't gotten too deep into the summer humidity and buggy season quite yet but I'm sure it's coming (but is still years better than winter, if you ask me!).

3. I've done almost zero reading since the last time I checked in but am about 1/4 of the way through 28 Summers (thoroughly enjoying it!) and have Big Summer next on the docket!

4. I will admit that I binged the second season of Selling Sunset in am embarrassing amount of time (as in - no time at all!) and am now working my way through the first season (not sure why I did that) with Simon watching with one mildly entertained eye in the evenings. I'm not as taken with the GOAT bachelor episodes they've been airing -- they put me right to sleep which maybe isn't a bad thing, honestly.

5. While Iris will stay in our room for the time being and Clement will stay in his room (and we decide if we put 5 boys in one room together? Or Iris goes in with the girls and skips the nursery altogether?) I'm pretty pleased with how gender neutral we've kept Clement's (and formerly Abe's!) room. I wouldn't feel the need to change much if Iris moved in there but I have to admit that I spotted these dreamy mobiles and have never considered myself a mobile person until ... now.

6. I've been trying to exercise serious restraint when it comes to buying baby girl clothes because honestly - all she needs is a few onesies for these first several weeks anyway - but it's been tough resisting the siren song of H&M's adorable inventory and these (unnecessary, most likely) swim suits - too much, too cute.

7. I've been living in these shorts (so much so that Phoebe asked if I would wear them swimming -- ?? no) but wished I'd gotten my normal size even being so freshly postpartum. They run pretty big! But, I still love them. Also, these nursing bras are still far and away my favorite (even over the fancy pricey ones) and now I'm remembering why I wore them long after I'd weaned both Abe and Clement because they are just so comfortable. And while I'm still holding out hope that Amazon does Prime day - they're having a big sale right now that's worth checking out (happy that they've extended their return window in case I actually don't need back-to-school shoes for the kids in the fall :))!

Alright, back to the birth story but wanted to check I super quick! Hope you're having a wonderful summer!!


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