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03 October 2011

no. that is too pretty of a euphemism.

let's retitle: why not to get a dog

I'm not sure what came over me this weekend but I uncharacteristically decided to lift my lifelong moratorium on floor mopping. We got all kinds of spontaneous on Saturday night...cleared the movable furniture, rolled up our spandex and Shark Steam Mop attacked the main floor.
Ever since...I've been waltzing around the house with my brows to the ground admiring my handiwork and praying I can garner enough disgust and/or inspiration to do the chore again and again anddd again.

enter spontaneous Sunday night outing for Grace and Julia to Target for computer paper and hot dogs and enter a left out/put out/insecure (?) Lucy
the photo doesn't adequately capture the diaper juice, coffee grinds, noodle mush and other bits of unidentifiable disgusting that oozed all over the formerly and painfully temporarily spotless dining room floor. (Nothing my usual/sole/favorite cleaning supply of baby wipes couldn't fix-not the point) And before the pet police go wagging their accusatory tails and judgy paws at me...she is fed and watered enough, given ample attention and numerous bathroom breaks in her outdoor lair. I know this is mere puppy play compared to what other canines are capable of but we have very high yet very simple pet standards around here: perfection, perfection and nothing but perfection.

I hate to issue threats and warnings to the semi-handicapped but...
one strike down ... two to go little Loose ... let's pull it together
or we might have to make that lifelong dream of shipping out to train and become a seeing eye dog a reality

a wretched story from a lovely blog
(making Lucy's behavior seem downright heavenly)


  1. I really like that someone (presumably Simon) took the time to take a picture of you mopping. There's a picture I own of me basting a turkey for Thanksgiving last year and it's the one treasured "oh look, she's domestic" pictures I own. Good work!

  2. Ugh, when my dog does stuff like that it sends me over the edge.

  3. Ugh, and that is one of the many reasons I don't have a dog!

  4. Ugh, and that is one of the many reasons I don't have a dog.......

  5. ooooh dogs. funny, funny creatures sent to us in order to make us a little more crazy (bc we need more crazy in our lives).




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