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18 January 2018

1. Hello, HELLO. Yikes, I didn't mean to take so much time off of blogging but what's done is done. To those of you that thought you'd gotten rid of me for good - my apologies! I'm back in action for the time being. Any blog topics you'd like me to attempt to tackle? Guessing not but thought I'd ask ...

2. As you probably guessed I did not take the photo above but my lovely sister-in-law took it on Christmas day in Wichita. I could dedicate many a post to our travels and return but I'll just pick up right here in the present tense. Yay for January. Or shall I say Janu-Arie? I shall, regrettably.

3. Speaking of the Bachelor - Arie might be a big fat disappointment but I'm thrilled that Ashley is back to her recaps - the funniest recaps in ALL of the internet land. Sharleen is another favorite and if she ever leaves us - I'll live. Barely. Oh, my favorite ladies are Becca K, Tia, and Seinne. Not in any particular order.

4. And in one final blog nod ... these gave me a good and hearty chuckle.

5. I don't know how I've made it this far without addressing one of my favorite hot topics: the weather. It's unseasonably cold here in Florida (coldest night in eight years last night, according to the local news!) and at a frigid 59 degrees this afternoon the bundled up kids barely made it from the car to the house after school. I'm not sure how we're ever going to survive a real winter when the time comes (and it's coming!). If you could spare a prayer for future us - we would be much obliged.

6. I have been keeping warm wearing these comfy black jeans complete with strategic holes in case you're in the market for something similar or identical. The reviews back me up! I've been eyeing this shirt for months and months and I'm shocked that now that it's 40% off there are still lots of sizes still in stock. No time like the present, Patton.

7. The cold/dry Kansas weather almost did my skin in but took advantage of a holiday sale and placed an emergency Ole Henriksen order and got things remedied asap.

Bonus Take: I don't know how to adequately thank you all for your kind comments, emails, prayers, and cards following my last blog post re: Simon's sweet mom. Simon and I were so touched and appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much. Thank you!!

Happy Friday!!

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