I love you, but sometimes I don't like your actions very much

12 October 2011

You thought I was going to talk about marital strife didn't you?
Not tonight.
This is a post for the baby book.

Yesterday afternoon I stepped in a puddle of wet next to our deep freeze and immediately blamed a Lucy accident. After I sprinted upstairs to tattle to Simon, wash my foot off and voice my disgust to anyone that would listen, Simon went downstairs to investigate. He found that Lucy had not had an accident but that our other pet had actually unplugged the freezer...causing it to thaw out, leak freezer juice onto the floor and effectively ruin all of our formerly frozen food (which isn't a lot but enough to be exasperating).  Thank the procrastination gods that I haven't started making or freezing any meals for when the baby arrives...except for one apple pie that my postpartum figure won't be needing anyway. 

Julia predictably didn't voice any sort of regret or remorse and she didn't seek forgiveness from her parents which got me thinking about all of the other fun little things she tends to do on a daily or hourly or minutely basis.
Maybe it's irrational to be driven insane by a 12.5 month old but sometimes...she drives recklessly down irritating lane and drags me helplessly along for the ride.

A few of the frustratings:
No matter the time of day or night, if she falls asleep for even 4 seconds in the car--this apparently automatically counts as her daily nap or nighttime's sleep and is impossible to get back into sleep/tired mode once we get home. 

It really isn't any of my business and doesn't affect my life really but I still think it is really gross how much she loves to snack on dog food and wash it down with some healthy gulps of dog water. 

When she sneak feeds Lucy her chicken nuggets that I slaved over by way of 34 seconds in front of the microwave or her graham crackers that I took the time to gingerly break into quarters.

How she pretends to be in a deep sleeping beauty slumber while I rock her for kind of a long time and am justttt aboutttt to lay her down in her crib when she pops up, jumps down and sprint crawls away ready for hours of more recreation and play.

Her consistent ability to permanently hide all of her hair accessories in invisible pockets of our house that I didn't know existed.

How sometimes/always the only verbalizing of her needs/wants sounds like machine gun bullets of, "uh, uh, uh, eh, eh, eh, eh." 

 Always, always greets me with the nastiest, ugliest mood upon every single wake up. 

I'm getting carried away and am kind of unpleasantly surprised how easily these came to mind. 
I should probably include some sort of disclaimer that I do actually love and cherish her and will continue to do so for the remaining days of my life.
A few of her nice tricks to balance things out and make me feel like less of a meanie:
Upon hearing the word, "song", hearing a song or anything resembling music...she starts to dance.

Occasionally (or is it my overactive imagination) will call for Lucy..."see!!?? see!!!"

Pushes her baby stroller around on her knees (no walking in sight) veryyyyyyyy fast....very funny. 

Any sighting of any medicine bottle (fiber, Benadryl, Ambien..) elicits a wide open mouth and an exaggerated, "ahhhhhhh" on her part.

Arm and leg flailing and shrieking when we pull into the driveway and she spots "Julia's house!!!!" fell asleep?
you don't like hearing about other people's baby's tricks?

maybe something more interesting tomorrow.


  1. We love hearing any tidbits of Sweet J's life-The good, the bad, and the ugly. Of course in my eyes, she can do not wrong! xox

  2. I was reading through the list of "frustratings" nodding my head in agreement with each one. I have never had them unplug our freezer, though (that would be an unforgivable accident here).

    It's amazing that no matter what they do to irritate us they manage to find a way to weasel their way back into good standing by being ridiculously cute.

  3. oh my gosh, another baby is guilty of taking a quickie cat nap in the car and not taking a nap later too?! my boys have done that so much and it drives me crazy! a few weeks ago we were somewhere and i suggested to christopher that he take a little cat nap and he said "no, when i take a cat nap you get frustrated." i couldn't believe that he used the word frustrated. apparently he overheard me talking about how "frustrated" i was about it to my hubby :0

  4. Ughh, it's the "eh, eh, eh, eh!" that drives me mad. Especially when he knows words and can communicate so well.

  5. Haha...and those are all the reasons why this is not my favorite age!

  6. Oh the frustrations. And oh the joys. Thank you for reminding me that the joys always follow--I needed that this morning. (The mother-in-law is in town and watching my every move. Sigh.)

  7. After this list: Julia is officially my favorite child in the blogosphere.

  8. AAAAHHH! I can totally relate to the 'fake naps' in the car! drives me crazy!!! she'll be exhausted, screaming, finally drift off in the car and then...when we arrive at home after 10 min she is vvvRRROOOOMMMMM nap after that.



  9. haha i agree with betseat - she can do no wrong in my eyes. i REALLY want to hear this machine gun noise. video plez.

  10. This is so cute! I can totally relate...and will up the anty because I have a two year old on my hands that has suddenly realized he has his own opinions! Seriously!?

    Just this morning he managed to pull all the remaining peppers out of our garden, slam his brother's face in the door (!) and strip naked demanding a better choice of wardrobe. It was 8am and I was already ready for a nap.

    But...I love him with my life.
    And yet find it totally normal to plead with God to give me a break.

    That's why we're watching tv right now :)
    And I'm signing off from this ridiculously long comment.

    Love your blog!

  11. My 13 month old really enjoys emptying things. Shelves, drawers, cabinets, bags, whatever. Empty all the things! She'll walk past the drawers that hold the bibs and rags, stop, go back, empty at least one, and then continue on her way. Yes, you're right baby, I DID mean to leave those things on the floor!

  12. I agree with betseat, everything Julia does is so adorable to me, because I don't have to clean it up! Haha! I am laughing just picturing her pushing around her stroller on her knees.
    I do feel your pain though. Tagg is still going through stages of little quirks that drive me nuts. For instance, right now he CAN NOT see a towel hanging and leave it there. Bathroom towels, dishtowels, whatever. He seems them and they are on the floor. Because obviously that is where they belong. Big deal? No. But it drives me nuts!

  13. That is so funny.. at least Julia's antics are entertaining for us!! haha ;)

  14. Oh my gosh, I hope you have a video of Julia pushing that baby stroller! It sounds hilarious!



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