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31 July 2014

... on nightfloat.

Normally I just put some innocuous (read: not scary) show on Hulu when Simon is gone and eventually drift off to sleep. This works fine but I've finally convinced Julia to sleep in my bed and there were many a nights on previous floats/call weekends I would wake up to Hulu having switched to a new (scary!) show and I would wake up to one of the kids crying and some scary scene playing and then ... hasta la vista sleep for that night and the next day would be a really fun train wreck. So, I thought reading might be a better way to lull my crazy bottom to sleep this time around. Plus, Julia loves screens and would never ever sleep if I had the computer on.

Simon let me use his NOOK (well ... I didn't ask but he let me!) which was great for reading in a dim room (you think I turn all the lights off?! never).

I thought I had read hundreds of books but I guess I only read six.


Also, one of these days I will read something heady. Today is not that day. Candy lit for the win. Or the lose, according to some, I'm sure!

So here they be in all their teeny tiny graphic glory ...

1. Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple - I saw someone reading this on Instagram and so, I followed suit. I have to admit I'm not quite finished but AH ... I just can't get into it. I'm not sure why.

2. Jemima J: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings and Swans by Jane Green- I know I've read at least one other Jane Green book before ... total TOTAL beach read guilty pleasure. I enjoyed this ... it was funny reading about when the internet had just come to be and the pre cell phone era .... so archaic. Laugh. But, it was a quick and breezy read that had a happy ending. Don't they all?

3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - ain't no party like a tardy party. yes, I'm two years late to the this party but I saw the trailer for the movie coming out and it made me curious about the book. I could NOT put it down or stop thinking about it when I wasn't reading. It was really good. Until the ending! Terrible. I refuse to accept it and I've read that the movie's ending is different and I really hope it is. I would highly recommend but ... make up your own ending.

4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green- Hopping on bandwagons is my forté and this book was no different. I lost it when the author showed up at the funeral but other than that I held it together. I'd like to see the movie ... especially if Simon reads the book and we can hash them both out. It was a good book; definitely sad but I didn't find it to be depressing. Maybe I'm just a terrible human.

5. All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner - I had really high hopes for this book but eh. It kind of gave me an anxiety attack the entire time (maybe that was the author's intention) but it was pretty eye opening to read a firsthand account of an addict maintaining some semblance of a life. Very interesting. 

6. Where We Belong by Emily Giffin - LOVED this book. Maybe because parts of it were set in St. Louis but it was one of those books I couldn't wait to get back to reading all day long. The ending wasn't terrible satisfying but I need to get over my shallow happy ending obsession.

I linked to the books so you could read the synopses. Nothing puts me on the spot more than when Simon asks, "so what's it about?" when I'm reading a book. AH. I give too many details and can't throw him a succinct 1-2 sentence summary. I need help and it might drive him a little bit crazy when I ask if he can just look it up. Terrible wife. Terrible blogger too!

Have you read anything you'd recommend to a fellow year-round beach read enthusiast? Please share. Pretty pretty please.

Julia Styles

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30 July 2014

denim + top: thredUP
Hello Kitty Mocs: c/o Minnetonka

After she was stung by a bee (and shockingly not hysterical about it) and explaining the entire thing to Simon ...
Julia: well! there was a bee that thought my shoulder was honey
Julia: but it was actually just my shoulder! (laughs and laughs and laughs)

At Target in the food area ... as we walk past the Lunchables ...
Julia: look Grace! it's your favorite recipe

Asking Simon to read the book, Chrysanthemum ...
Julia: you want to read Abraham to us? Please?

After she discovered that Sebastian was awake after his nap and her long notnap ...
Julia: Bash!! old buddy, old pal!
Julia: life was so boring just with Grace
Bash: yeah

Every single day after she walks upstairs for her nap she always  walks back down about five minutes later ...
Grace: what's going on?
Julia: well ...
Julia: I lost my (nonexistent) phone so I was just thinking ...
Julia: that I could just borrow yours maybe? just while I sleep?

After I asked if I could trim her hair this morning ...
Julia: sure, that's fine.
Grace: okay thanks
Julia: just please DON'T make it look like your hair, okay?

While the kids were drinking smoothies ...
Julia: can you scoot your bonbon over so I can sit next to you on your chair, Bash?

I said I would make cookies after I unloaded the dishwasher and so she took the chore upon herself in order to speed up the confection process ...
Julia: (holding a plate) you're a heavy one, aren't ya?

When I was having a not very stellar day sometime during night float:
Julia: oh, Grace!
Julia: it's a beautiful day to not be sad!
Grace: you're right
Julia: it's a beautiful day to be just happy!

Watching a motorized wheelchair whiz by us at Costco ...
Julia: well, that's an interesting motorcycle.

In a fight with Sebastian over a toy ostrich ...
Julia: give me back that swan!!!!!!

waiting to exhale

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29 July 2014

"Hey GRACE, it's been a minute since you've typed us to sleep with one of your weekend recaps"

It has, hasn't it?

Let's rectify that.

Right now.

SO, for the past four weeks Simon has been on night float which I've previously explained is pure hell. Now that it's over I can dust off my rosy spectacles and type things like, "but we make it through" and "we can do difficult things" but there were many evenings of trying to put the kids to bed while Phoebe screamed + screamed and I thought of the next night and the night after that and the night after that and I become more than a little dramatically despondent. God bless Simon's incoming text messages.

But, it's over. And aside from his residency call weekends we only have one more month to endure and then NO MORE. Seriously. Simon won't ever spend the night in a hospital again. Praise the fellowship + real job gods. Glory, we're coming for you.

Why did I tell that backstory? I don't know.

Oh, I guess I'm offering a bit of an explanation as to why the blog may have taken a turn for the worse slash suckville this past month because I like to blog in realtime but I thought best not to in case some bizarre predator was waiting down the road waiting to pounce on night float (HIGHLY unlikely but you know me and my imagination). Anyway, I'm back to mediocreville. Yay.

Here's how the weekend went down ...

Simon and I hit up Six Flags for my birthday ...

We were trying to get a photo with the clouds (they were cool - it was Simon's idea) but obviously ... fail. Simon kept telling me to stop looking like a giraffe. Or was it an ostrich? Either/or. Sorry! Love, Girace

I rode all but one of the (MANY) rollercoasters with my eyes closed and I almost lost my sunglasses (that I bought that morning in case I lost them) on the Batman coaster of doom.

I thought the swings that hoist you up to 23 stories high looked nice and tame but I closed my eyes and said many speed novenas during that ride too. I thought I was more of a (safe) thrill seeker but ... I guess not. Just old.

Also, this was the very first July 25th EVER that I needed a sweater in the afternoon. Where did this summer weather come from? It's incredible slash makes me VERY nervous about another bleeping polar vortex situation this winter that seems well on it's way to starting promptly on the first of September. But summer heat trumps freezing winter weather always and forever. Bring ON the Florida sizzle, seriously.

Also - Simon's sisters came to visit ...

The kids love seeing their aunts and the girls were so kind and generous and babysat the brood while we went out and about one night and dined on fancy things like fried green tomatoes and eco-friendly (Simon got a KICK of of that) vodka and chambord and pineapple juice. I want another one. Or three.

Visitor-of-the-century (really! Simon's talked about making her a plaque or a trophy - engraved with those exact words), Caitlin came (for work but made time for us!) and let us make ourselves comfy at her hotel pool.

The boys -- hated. They just stuck to lego playing the game room. Amphibians they are not. Julia made a friend named Miracle (I still can't decide if Simon is telling me the truth or not) while she LOVED walking (not swimming) around the shallow end of the indoor pool. I found a suit at Target that I couldn't resist for Phoebe (we do have a family reunion next week - she will totally rock it there, too) and thought it might be a little big seeing as how she is 3 months young and the smallest size they had was 9 months but no.

It fit like glove.

And she had a blast.

Allow me to allow you to share in her joy ...

The alternative would've been screaming + crying + general hate so three cheers for unenthused fourth borns.

And I think that about covers it.

You want another one next week? Every d'tail of the family reunion?

You got it!
You got it ALL.


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26 July 2014

We've lived in our house for three years (time flies! time drags!) and our walls are still pretty bare. Excuses? None, really except that my eye for design and interior aesthetics is completely blind and methinks faking the minimalistic look is better than slapping together a terribly curated gallery wall. I don't mind the bareness but I've always felt a little bit guilty that the only photos of the kids are Instagram magnets on the fridge.

And then Minted had pity on my decor challenged soul and offered to help me put together a framed Father's Day gift for Simon. I happily bit.

(It's HUGE, which I love because it takes up an entire wall)

Except I may have put the order in a leedle bit late and after many cryptic hints Simon asked if he was getting spices cameled in from the Middle East because I took way too long to pick all the photos. Oops.

But Minted doesn't just do photographs they also have a HUGE selection of really cool art by independent artists.

I loved this one (to be part of my future and perfectly curated gallery wall - ONE DAY) ...

But for now it shall adorn my dresser in Theo's room (our life is so complicated).

Because I'm a mom at heart (and in real life!) I think my very favorite of it all are the bevy of nursery and kid's prints. Some can be personalized but I had to pick a winner for all ...

Get it? I know you do.

And I came thisclose to ordering Christmas cards last year but I really think I'm going to get it together and roll with Minted this year ... hold me to it, PLEASE.

And now for the best news of all ... Minted is giving one of you lucky, lucky people a $500 credit to spend any way you wish. The only catch is that you have to show me how you spend your winnings after you win. Fine, you don't - but I'd love it if you would. I spent many an hour poring over their site and it'd be fun to see what you pick.


(oh! and please make sure your Rafflecopter email is an email you check on a regular basis! I hate having to move onto another winner after I don't hear back from the original)

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the struggle was really real

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25 July 2014

In case you were wanting to feel better about your pre-pubescent years, in honor of Flashback Friday (still a thing? people seem to be all up on the Throwback Thursday business), and recycling I present to you ... clueless Grace at age 10.

She was genuinely confused when everyone asked if she was missing her two front teeth? Oh no, these are them.


I know I've posted it before but Julia and I were clicking around old photos recently when stopped at this one.

I told her this was me a long, long time ago and she just stared for a long time and then finally said, "wow, Grace." Sebastian walked up and asked about the toys in, "that girl's mouth."

I know.

Yes, two front teeth - not missing some rogue front middle tooth. But I had an expansion plate (I hope they don't use those anymore! painful!) and it most certainly took it's job seriously. Teeth and nose expanded. And expanded. And expanded.

The story has a happy ending and my teeth look slightly less ... THAT these days but the road was long and slightly scary.

Happy Friday to you and yours. Happy thirty-something to me.
Thanks for indulging my little trek down the happiest of memory lanes.
Now go have yourself a rowdy weekend and drink something strong for me.


all the ladies in the place

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24 July 2014

well, just us.

and us again.

I recently discovered Winter Water Factory and all of their gorgeous soft organic cotton goods. Amazing. Julia and Sebastian share the vast majority of their clothing with each other (and sometimes Theo if the laundry situation is dire - which is not infrequent) and so the dress she's wearing is a breath of feminine air that is casual enough to wear every single day. Phoebe is rocking a little romper (size 3 months - should've gone with 6 for obvious reasons, tiny dancer she is not) and Grace is donning a t-shirt that clings to no love handles and holds its shape beautifully wash after wash. Nothing worse than your favorite tee turned croppy after one date with the machine.

They're giving away $150 to their shop over on my Instagram account right now. Get it.

What else, WHAT else ? ...

She's my biggest blog crush for a reason. Lady B killed it, once again.

See anything about Miss Idaho floating around the internet, lately?

My new and sole claim to fame is that she's my cousin. After she won and the #showmeyourpump buzz Simon said, "she'll be on Good Morning America - I promise" and oh, there it IS.  Always right, that Simone. We're all disappointed that she won't be able to make it to the family reunion next week but now she won't be intimidated by me at the pool in my full coverage tankini + board shorts. J to the K. But really, I hope you'll e-cheer her on in the Miss America Pageant. I'll let you know when that goes down so you don't miss it.

So, I accidentally (really! a random comment on Instagram - the rudest) read a Bachelorette spoiler and I'll never get over it. Well, maybe I will. But I still can't wait for Monday's finale. My guess is that someone voluntarily leaves early but I'm generally always wrong. We'll see. Hit up Jones and Sharleen for the best recappage in all of the land.

And I think I'll stop there for today.

Have a pleasant afternoon.

New blog trick. I'm only 6 years behind the curve.

a dream come true

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23 July 2014

You longtime and loyal (and kind and generous and patient) readers just might recall that one time Julia found a snake. That clip is an important part of the backstory.

Anyway, recently Julia and Sebastian have taken a great interest in collecting and hoarding worms ...

... and as fate would have it, I hate worms. I hate them almost as much as I hate the current rotation that Simon is on (HOMESTRETCH THOUGH) right now. He's gone a lot and so we popped over to say hello last night and upon our return Julia found a, "REALLY BIG GIANT GIANT WORM!!!!" in the front yard ...


But of course I took a photo to send to Simon so that he might know and love all that he is missing on the homefront.

And then I noticed that the "worm" kept aptly slithering out of Julia's hand. Julia just chalked it up to, "oh! it's such a SILLY worm!!" and then would scoop him right back up again.

AND THEN I noticed that the "worm" kept sticking it's tongue out and isn't that something that only ...


Oh, freshest of hells it was a cursing snake. Albeit a baby or maybe a dwarf but a snake nonetheless.

My current fearset goes a little something like this: predators, needles, snakes, dry hands, and running out of diapers. So snakes are my bronze medal fear.

After I told the kids, "It's a very dangerous and poisonous snake ... please kill it immediately and come inside out of harm's way" Julia asked, "hmmmm ... what does kell mean?!" and kept on playing with lucifer jr.

Sebastian played deaf and made an obstacle course/soccer goal for the serpent who didn't bite. Lit or fig, thankfully.

Eventually, the kids came inside after I pulled out my biggest gun and threatened no more almond milk ever (something I find disgusting but they LOVE).

Phoebe was clearly petrified as a courtesy in solidarity with her pansy of a mother.

Could it have been worse? Absolutely. Will Sebastian find a much larger reptile in the wild in the near or distant future and make it his own first pet to know and love? Potentially. But still! Was I scared enough to scream loud enough to make our elderly neighbor come busting out of his house and speed walk down his wheelchair ramp to see what all the ruckus was about? Yes.

Three minutes in the life. Much fun. So very much.

Nightmares coming to life left and right.


Mother Warrior

Oh Happy Day

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21 July 2014

On Sunday after we bathed the kids, fought and beat Sebastian's strict, "never ever wash my hair and if you do I will scream like a banshee" policy, got them dressed in their finery, changed Julia into lesser finery after she spilled coffee on her brand new dress purchased solely for the occasion, chased some Excedrin with some coffee, were only six minutes late for Mass, escorted Theo out of the pew for the majority of the hour, broke up a fist fight betwixt Julia and Sebastian in the pew, and made multiple donut bribes ... Phoebe Anika was baptized.

She was ecstatic.

Phoebe's phenomenal godparents, Jeff and Tara (although Julia insists we call them, "Tara and Jeff" ... logic trumps all around here). Before I go any further with the photo glut I have to sing-type their praises. They drove all the way up from Dallas and were great sports staying under our circus tent for the night. I went to college with Tara but really got to know her last year as fate would have it that we both lived in St. Louis. Happily, our husbands got along (or they do a very good job faking their friendship but ... methinks they don't) and we had a wonderful year of local friendship before they moved down to Dallas where Jeff is finishing law school. We had the BEST time seeing them. Phoebe is a lucky little lady to have them in her life. They are some good peoples.

Before Julia (successfully) bolted down the aisle, Sebastian happily followed, and Theo clung and continued to chew on his fingers (fie on you, molars).

Happy little christian.

Like the other kids, Phoebe wore my baptismal gown that Simon admired from afar at my baptism over 30 years ago. I've explained that Simon's parents are my godparents, right? 999 times, I think. One more can't hurt. ONE THOUSAND, for the dubya.

And since you're all Curious little Georges I'll have you know that we celebrated in style with some Dunkin' at a nearby park afterwards. Nothing but the best for our out of town guests. It was a weekend I'd happily rewind and replay multiple times. I always get anxiety over baptisms (yes, crazy is my middle name) but Phoebe did great, the kids did not great and it all sort of evened itself out. One of these days I'll step down from Crazytown but my surroundings are so familiar right now ... why move?

AND ... one more for the road.

And thus concludes the story of Phoebe's, "bath-tism" (Julia's ironic pronunciation).

Thanks for visiting.
I promise fewer Phoebe photos next time.

bridging the gap

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18 July 2014

shoes - old Kork-Ease via eBay
blouse - ancient Forever XXI
shorts - c/o White Plum
bag - c/o Lily Jade

denim - American Eagle via thredUP
top - c/o White Plum
wedges - Target

I like to pretend that in a former life I actually looked about 110% less awkward when taking totally not ridiculous outfit photos but this is not fantasy land and hello awkward. How do the dedicated fashion bloggers do it? Teach the commoners, please!

Anyway, all the awkward is totally worth it because as I dip my postpartum hips back into civilian clothing and slowly back away from the comfort and ease of of maternity + stretchy everything I have a new found love and appreciation for my favorite online boutique, White Plum. I didn't have to dig very deep to find flowy (but not too flowy) tunics, loads of stretchy waistbands along with tons of gorgeous dresses (I'm wearing this one to Phoebe's baptism this weekend - great length and very forgiving cut!).

White Plum sent me a discount code (GRACE20 for 20% off all orders) to give to you and I maybe pulled a bit of a shady move (I told them! Not terribly shady, I suppose) and used the code to order another pair of the scalloped shorts because I don't have to zip them up and I will never be too good for an elastic waistband. I love them to dress up or dress down and get out of my running short rut. They are having a massive sale right this moment and I'm about to justify many more tunic purchases in anticipation of the Florida move because I'm responsible like that, always.

White Plum is giving away a $50 gift card to THREE lucky ladies right here, right now. Three winners so your odds aren't terrible.

Take it away, Rafflecopter! And I wish YOU spades upon spades of luck.

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obstacle course

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16 July 2014

greetings from the land of Been Trying To Blog For Many Many MANY Hours. So, no time for pleasantries because I'm very very busy having fun in Adventureland. I think this post is being typed in Comic Sans or something equally terrible but ... I can't tell and I'll explain why.


Let's take a gander at all the technical roadblocks I've encountered in the past 28 hours.

Last night Simon was at work and Phoebe was throwing down one of her more impressive bedtime meltdowns when I heard Julia tattle-hollering on Sebastian. No one likes a tattle-tale but I happen to love them. Generally when Julia feels the need to shriek about Sebastian's shenanigans ... it's for very good and horrifying reasons. Short story short Sebastian had built himself a little step up to the trashcan which he used to climb onto the counter and grab a bottle of window cleaner (Windex for those that don't go the generic route). He had then dumped a hefty amount all over the laptop's keyboard, in an effort to effectively ruin my life over the course of 25 seconds.

I ran/bounced into the kitchen holding an angry Phoebe, surveyed the damage and had a little meltdown of my own.

Allow Julia to demonstrate* ...

Monkey see, I suppose.

I blinked a few times and consulted my phone and Googled something along the lines of, "liquid all over keyboard survival rate" and all of the answers were incredibly grim.


(Should I admit that this was FAR more upsetting than the time we came veryclose to freezing to death in our own home? No, I won't.)

I looked at Sebastian who showed nary a sliver of remorse ...

Theo did an excellent job of reenacting Sebastian's concern.

Oh, I know. It's just a thing and I should probably be more concerned that Sebastian can slither his way up on top of the counter in .02 seconds and into a lot of trouble faster than I can say, "negligent parent!!". But I'm not exactly the best at backing up my hoards of photos and was mostly upset about the prospect of losing those. And, Shallow Hal might've been a smidgeon concerned about her blogging. She didn't want to leave her blog loving grandma hanging.

So I took the felon to the Apple Store today (while Simon propped his eyelids open with sharp objects after a long overnight shift and dealt with the other kids) where they had no fewer than EIGHT iPads set up for kids (?!) loaded with games which only confused Sebastian, "show, mom? watch show?" ....

We figured out how to paint ... sort of.

It reads, "I'm not sure what you said there, Fat." Luckily, Sebastian can't read. Nor can he subtract and was none too pleased when one of the games tried to teach him how to do both.

After waiting and waiting in the craziest store where all patience goes to die it was our turn (plebeian walk-ins! apparently people make appointments after their computers are suddenly damaged beyond repair? It seems to make as much sense as calling ahead to the ER to make an appointment for next week in the event that someone needs some stitches ... or maybe I was just dining on some sour grapes)

After lots of technical mumbo jumbo talk and lots of plugging and unplugging various cords the Genius Bartender said I was in luck and so I sat up a little straighter ...

"how much luck?!"

Not that much. They were able to transfer everything over onto a new (not free) computer. Well, it's still transferring at the store (HOARDS of photos ... ) which leads me to tonight.

I'm using Simon's laptop from med school and the poor thing sounds an awful lot like it could use a tank of oxygen because it's loud and tired and freezes every six minutes for seven solid minutes.

But the blog must go on. So I opened up Picasa to upload some photos to this post and was immediately greeted by some very detailed photos Simon had used for a conference poster last year. A poster about vaginal surgery.


And so, here we be. A post about my treacherous journey to blog. This would be one of those,"I never knew you could be so underwhelming, Grace" moments. I try to keep them to a minimum but ... generic window cleaner happens. Life goes on. Or it will just as soon as I get my 5th child back in my possession.

*Julia was upset because she and Sebastian were in timeout (those parents!) and Sebastian kept calling her a, "bad boy!!" and she lost it and argued that, "no!!! I'm a bad guwl!!" and so it went. And went. And went. Sue me for snapping some memory keepers.

I'll be back in a flash. Promise.

from the cutting room floor

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14 July 2014

Nothing worse than cross-posting Instagram snaps into a blog post, right? Wrong.

I think running with a popular hashtag (in this case #fromthecuttingroomfloor - the idea being that you pluck an old photo out that you never posted, give it wings, and let it see the light of the net) and making it a blog post theme probably trumps the sin factor of throwing grammage into a post.

Why? Why the e-felony, Grace? I don't know. I have a whole Tolstoy worth of excuses including but not limited to being preoccupied with the following:

+ intense game of diaper roulette I'm playing with myself at the current moment (can we make it to Tuesday when our new diapers arrive and how hilarious does Phoebe look in Sebastian's diapers that come up to her clavicle?)
+ which child smeared honey (jelly? oatmeal?) into the crevices around the laptop's space bar so that it requires the might of three Goliaths to punch it down into working order in between every word I type? Type a sentence or two and notice how often you hit the space bar? MANY AND MUCH. The warpath and I have a date tomorrow ... look out, kids. I can't wait to hear your perfectly logical alibis.
+ Julia has discovered how to search for and find a Doc McStuffins (loooooong) YouTube episode on my phone that flashes, "SUBCRIBE FOR MORE" at the top. Hopefully she isn't skilled in subcribing. Time will tell!

Also, Simon is (only!!) half way through a rotation that makes me want to gouge my eyes out and blog nothing but posts full of obscenities. Hourly. I think this is a much nicer alternative, however lame it might seem to funions like yourself.

I was going to only do eight photos but I scrounged up TEN instead so, welcome to your unlucky day! It's a pretty one.

Enough! To the races ...

the truth behind this photo. If your kids wake up from their naps chipper and happy please don't tell me. Let me think my brood's collective irritable devil mood is normal. Albeit awful.

Parenthood is highly skilled at drawing out the best and most refined senses of humor. Pre-parent Grace is staring at this like, "what?" and current parent Grace is staring at this and laughing like a giddy hyena.

I don't know. He asked me to take a picture so I did even though he was wearing no pants, under or other. Croppity crop and hellllllo internet.

Visiting the popular parent.

She got it from her effervescent mama.

You've seen this same photo in 600 other places on the web. I thought you'd like to make it 601.

Sebastian went through a very short-lived phase called, "I do it myself" and it applied to dressing himself in backwards t-shirts and shorts with dirt stains in unfortunate locations.

When kids outgrow falling for the old, "pretend to pour a little in their bottle" trick ... I laugh and cry. Theo didn't buy my faux pouring sounds for a second. Stop maturing, dear boy.

I randomly found this setup by Sebastian in the living room a few weeks ago proving that If there was a fire and he only had time to grab his beloved truck or a helpless sibling ... no contest. Hasta la vista, human.

Julia (sitting on a manhole cover because it's "cleaner than grass") was blowing dandelion seeds galore when Theo plopped down and decided to follow suit with exact and precise copycatting skills.


Ciao for now.
And maybe next time I'll dumb things down and throw down some emojis for good measure.

Enjoy your night/morning/afternoon.


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