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30 May 2011

Plugging along . . .

Breakfast in her summer uniform:

We have precisely one unpacked corner of one room:

I am girl:

And I've successfully made enemies with any active neighbors as I trotted the wrong way and gleaned many a sideways scowl for the entirety of my one mile jaunt on the running path loop thing this am. Sue me. Srsly. Your dog used my calf as a salt lick without asking permish anyway.

Now back to painting the dining room a lovely shade of arbor leaf
(?- simon calls it sea monster) while schooling Julia on the dangers of ancient lead based paint droppings, the practice of temperance and how to sweat prettily. Insanity Olympics around these parts always.

Ah- Simon and I found this to be hilario. We can only hope Julia will be so innovative and convincing as a grown lass.

7 quick pics

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27 May 2011

Linking late in the game to Conversion Diary's weekly quick takes
The unpacking/never moving again versh

Super Simon unloading e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g with the help of a big girl named dolly

Julia discovered a little hidden luxury


A tender moment

Saying mamamamamama of course

The only unpacked inches of the house

A more tender moment I'm sure

Have a spectacular weekend.


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26 May 2011

Greetings earthlings!

After the ultrasound on Tuesday it was determined that we are having an

I think the profile is so pretty and feminine and is a little lady but October or November will tell us for certain I suppose.

We are busy working our way slowly into our new abode
but will be back soonish with deets on things I'm sure you care about.

Yesterday's trip to St. Louis was a leedle on the rough side in our packed car with barely enough room for half of one of my thighs and a quarter teaspoon of Julia's hot air.
But we survived and renewed our bff+e pact over a vat of neon red sweet and sour sauce from Chinese Express.

Bye bye!!

Ps weirdest moment of the morning was when the lender stuck his nose deep into the abyss of Julia's golden locks and inhaled deeply with closed eyes. There really was no normal way for us to act 100% nonchalant about that.

navy and r-e-e-e-e-d

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25 May 2011

is dancing with me...
or hugging my bottom half (even if it looks like red and black the worst color combination in the history of color combinatos)
trueish story:
when I was taking this picture last night my neighbor walked outside and asked, "what in the h are you doing?" and I said, "nothing" and he said, "I don't believe you" and so I panicked and ran inside and hid behind Julia until he walked back into his house. 

wellll...not exactly but basically

he did walk outside and look at me funny and so I immediately full on sprint-dashed inside like a w-e-i-r-d-o
good thing we are moving in a few minutes

ignore my nice hair as it hasn't been washed in about 60 days and has an ugly mind of its own
this skirt is probably the easiest thing I have ever made...just a large tube sewn from the stretchiest and most patriotic material I could find. I should be set for Memorial Day and the 4th of July and for the pool and for sleeping. So comfortable and chic...I know. 

and for kicks a nice photo of little J:
(I fear my horrible melasma has weaseled and darkened its way into my scar-great)

We caught her gnawing on a nail the other morning..either she is a bad baby or we are bad parents.


Have a nice Wednesday.

Youtube Tuesday

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24 May 2011

orrrr cop out Tuesday orrr I'm busy doing something horrible like cleaning or jogging or something that I probably am strongly disliking Tuesday. 

I promise the first two are worth the precious moments of your life to watch ... very short ... very simple ... very funny 

Two clips from two of the funniest shows on the TV (or Hulululu)

numero uno taken from Parks and Rec (hilare)

numero dos from Modern Family (well the first half of the clip):

numero tres ... 

(not funny...I don't think)


Congratulations Simone!

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23 May 2011

Dr. Patton and his ladies:
Julia is especially proud
(post rapture miss and pre-tornado evacuation...eventful little eve)
Fortunately, I was able to get some really great shots of Simon at his hooding and graduation:
 (he is the one in black hat and gown)

told you. 

Another family snappysnap:
what you can't see: 
Simon is drenched in champagne, my underarms are straight fire hydrants and Julia is intoxicated.

No, but seriously...

Julia enjoyed the post-grad picnic:
 will she be crawling before the stork brings the new babe?
 probably not. 

and as a bonus an update on Julia's new obsessions:
(pictured above holding the fancy earring of the lovely bride to very soon be Kelly Jo of The Jordan Journal)
 tongues, earrings, eyelashes, pulling my shirt collar out and dowwwwn in public, male toddlers and the destruction of all:
thank you craziest J. 

And now I'm off to do something productive, I'm sure. 

Have a pretty Monday.

7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume IX

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19 May 2011

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary today. Head over for about a million more interesting quick takes as these are not interesting adalllll.

1. Let's start on a high note and things should decrescendo nicely from there. I went on a 24 minute run last night. Simon was organizing a search party by the time I got back home with Julia as the lead little canine as 24 minutes is definitely triple the amount of time I'm normally gone on my little runs. The perfect tsunami of afternoon snack fuel (including but not limited to: an entire jar of peanut butter, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pizza, coffee, a pitcher of lemonade, two bananas, a bunch of grapes and a lot of cottage cheese...), Rihanna and Britney had me running on all million cylinders. 
Was I passed by a speed walker? yes.
Did I let her 68 year old very fast hip swaying squelch my jogging spirit? absolutely not.

2. Simon says that yesterday's lengthy and voluminous post was a procrastination post...which is probably a very solid truth. He wins all awards in the packing department as I merely pack a small shoebox of medicine and feel the need to dab my sweaty brow and take a looooong breather before I tackle the next pint sized task of the hour. Which leads perfectly into...

3. Por Ejemplo: It was obvious that our picnic table was not going to fit into the moving pods:
so Simon simply whipped out a saw and made it smaller:
problem efficiently and seamlessly solved:
while Julia and I tired very quickly merely watching all the action:

Will we ever get e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g packed, loaded and moved?
With Simon and his army of enviable work ethic, yes. 
With Grace's portfolio of procrastination piddle hard at work, nope.

4. My sewing machine broke again. This time...a needle snapped right in half. I was innocently working on a small project with this lovely Independence Day (not to be confused with a Bronco's fan) material:
(as Simon snapped this photo he quipped that I need to start a spin off blog called "home schooled at heart" ... we'll see)
It is obviously a novice operator error but don't think I'm not going to march right back into the repair shop this morning with a polite demand-request to fix it for good...please please. 

5. In the sewing vein...who would have ever thought to make your own swimsuit?!
6.  Above all...of course we just want a healthy little baby but I have been thinking it would be a nice to have a nice little bestie/archrival little lady for Julia. 
However, this photo of Simon with our friend's adorable little boy:
makes me reconsider

7. Polling the audience:
(Julia doing her signature backwards scoot in the most sanitary of conditions)
We took Julia to eat some ice cream out in public last night in this very outfit: no pants, no shoes, no class?
Simon asked me if this was maybe a little bit trashy?
I said no but maybe I'm a bit of a hillbilly and taking babies in onesies in public is not acceptable in civilized society?

Have a realllllllllly nice weekend!

adventures and photos

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More photos than you ever cared to lay eyes warned and go away or sit back and enjoy...

The initial travel leg of the trip went smoothly...too smoothly. 
Our flights both landed early, Julia was a little peach for both flights and our bags arrived safe and sound. A little trifecta of miracles. 

We enjoyed some quality time with friends:
Julia shared some intimate moments with a much younger handsome little man:
She and Simon thoroughly enjoyed her first dip:
while Grace found her maternity full arm coverage swimsuit to be a bit cumbersome:
Julia so kindly slept like a legitimate baby in the big girl bed:
Emily was the prettiest graduate:
oops, imposter.
take two for prettiest graduate:
We took some nice family photos with a lovely dread lock backdrop:
 Julia was a real doll:
 (don't be fooled by her fancy finery...Julia's grandma was most definitely donning some nice jeggings the previous evening )

Julia was mostly well-behaved
except when it came to highchair confinement and her two calorie appetizers:
 She randomly met this nice boy that was six pounds her junior and two years her senior and insisted they get to know each other better:
he was polite but understandably unamused

We happened upon this fancy parking lot and took advantage of the great lighting:
moments after we were confused for twins

and sideburns and her man with no escape route in sight:

thennnnnnnnn came the unfortunate trip home.
Just thinking about the story bores me to tears so I won't give the full deets but basically the odyssey was an ugly equation of oversold flights, ticket agent in training giving us boarding passes for an earlier flight, an overnight in Atlanta and of course a serious formula shortage. All is well now though and we have some pods to load, a Simon to graduate and a baby to ultrasound. 

Packing is going um...
Simon is in the lead with 54 boxes packed while Grace trails with 2 little boxes and one trash bag and our slacker 8 month old hasn't done a darn thing.

Simon suggested I give up blogging for this week to which I dramatically and seriously replied that I cannot let down my beautiful and bountiful bouquet of readers..but the blog might be on a nice diet for the next few days...Camp Patton light and fit...if you will. 

Enjoy your day.


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