36 weeks

04 October 2011

Perhaps we should consider naming the baby 'Ravenous' (kind of a pretty ring to it?), a name inspired by this past week and I'm guessing the remaining weeks of the baby's gestational period. Forty minutes without nourishment feels like forty days and forty nights. I hit a new low this weekend when I stood outside Best Buy licking a melted fun size Butterfinger wrapper clean while Simon and Julia (hastily) ventured inside. Additionally, Lucy and I have taken to engaging in fierce competitions for Julia's highchair droppings and Julia's two vocabulary words for the week are 'mom' and 'glutton'. My scar hurts which is a sure sign of serious retention of the H2O variety and even my glasses have started to feel niiiice and snug. However...despite these minor discomforts I am not in any harried hurry for the baby to be ex utero quite yet. (My 40 week pregnant self already hates me for typing so).  Although I'm more 'prepared' than I was with Julia in the sense that I have diapers on hand and some bebe clothing washed...I still have a veryyy needy Julia perpetually perched on my person and Simon working a veryyy time consuming rotation for the next few weeks.
oh, why yes I did tuck the bottom bells of my (barely still fitting) spandex workout pants into my boots. 
You get an A for astute.
Butofcourse...we'll take a healthy baby whenever he/she decides to arrive. . .early or tardy (just don't be ugly!)

I'm into the rigors of the weekly OB appointments...I won't give you the exciting deets on those here in this family friendly forum...but if you are curious you can blink three times and I'll email you everything you didn't want to know, pronto.

andddd as a bonus we have Simon's interpretation of my pregnancy photos
I don't think I've ever cupped my bell like that but...whatev.



  1. Bahahaha! I laughed so hard at this post! Love it! Just don't be ugly! You are so sweet and funny Grace. :) I'm sorry your scar is hurting you, that can't be fun. But you look friggin' adorable!

  2. hahaha Simon. And mmm. Butterfinger.

  3. Hilarious. All of it.

    oh, and I must know where those boots are from. Seriously.

  4. those boots look like my new ones! which I got today and love by the way. you still look so cute and tiny :)

  5. Simon always makes me laugh! And so do you.....If my next grandchild is named might regret it!

  6. I lick the wrapper and I'm only eating for one. Ugh, I need help.
    Btw, you still look super're the cutest pregs ever! And Simon is just jealous of your mad posing skillz!

  7. Hi Grace! This is my first time seeing your blog. I even "voted" for a baby girl haha. I have three sisters so I love the girls, I don't really know to much about the boys (even @ 29 I'm still clueless about guys)

    I can't wait to read more about your beautiful family & that bundle of joy on the way!

    xx Libby

  8. 36 weeks?! could be anytime then! i'm dying to know what it will be, boy or girl.

  9. cracking. up. (at Simon)
    you are too cute and tiny. I'm almost in disbelief you are 36 weeks.

  10. Omg I'm giggling uncontrollably over Simone's appearance

  11. I love Simon's pictures, hilarious!

  12. Every time you talk about how large and swollen you're getting I expect to scroll down and be like, "Oh yeah. That right there is some water retention." But I always scroll down and think, "She's crazy. She looks amazing." So there you have it. You are crazy but beautiful.

    Freckles in April

  13. Omigosh this cracked me up. You're hysterical! Also, Simon is hilarious. Is it weird that I'm considering naming my next son after him, because every time you mention him I smile? I want my son to have that effect on the world at large.



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