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16 October 2020

1. The kids started back to school over a month ago (lots of precautions, lots of outdoor time etc etc) and so far ... so good. Do I think we'll go back to remote schooling at some point? I'm counting on it in my head but for now -- the kids are thrilled to be back! Bosco likes to sleep in so I was dreading the mornings with him but he's shocked me by popping up and getting himself downstairs before some of the other kids which is a minor miracle. Abe is enjoying being the king of the kid castle during the day but is definitely missing his buddy Bosco. Hopefully Clement can fill his shoes since he's started talking (and talking and talking) recently! I'm loving have some structure to our days although Iris's naps aren't totally predictable quite yet (we're getting there! at least she lines up her afternoon nap with the boys which is ... so nice) but still, I'll take any routine I can get! Wow, this was an exciting paragraph, wasn't it?!

2. I forget if I raved about the show Yellowstone yet? We were only able to figure out how to watch the first two seasons but they were good. So good. I would be going with withdrawals if I didn't have the Bachelorette coming up one week from today (crazy). I'm making my way through Emily in Paris now and it's so/so ... but I'm only a few episodes in. 

3. I really enjoyed the book, Regretting You, as part of an online book club I joined. Mostly breezy and mostly happy ending! I'm SO excited that this book was just released because it is gorgeous in person and am snapping some up for Christmas presents because while still a couple months away - it's just around the corner. Also, the planner? Might turn me into a planner person. 

4. What else ... what else? We're gearing up for Halloween despite it not looking like we'll be doing the traditional trick-or-treating routine (I don't think). I'm eternally grateful that Julia is a planner through and through and that she and Phoebe have yet to change their minds about costumes (although, there's still time!) and hoping that the boys can make some decisions ... soon!! 

5. A new to me print shop with the most gorgeous + affordable downloadable prints! I got this one to put in our bathroom. And from another shop - I printed and hung this one in the boys room!

6. Did you get anything fun/good/practical on Prime Day(s)? I finally bit the bullet on one of these and I cannot WAIT. I read 20398402 reviews and think we'll be pleased - I hope/pray!! I'm still slowly working on replacing light fixtures throughout the house and am perpetually adding to my wishlist - Amazon's inventory is actually pretty impressive. 

7. I don't think I ever reported back on the findings from my "mom jeans" quest. I ended up keeping and loving this pair from Gap and this pair from Old Navy. I wanted to love the pair from Abercrombie but ... too many holes/too cold/not cool enough to pull them off! 

This sweater was also a recent winner from Old Navy as the temps (SADLY) drop here in Wichita. 

And finally - I've found a new dream dress that is very much not from Old Navy but that's why it's in my wishlist! :)

Happy, happy weekend!!


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