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12 October 2011

I'm normally pretty thorough about documenting every waking moment of our glamorous lives via camera and eventually blog post but for some reason...this little outing never made it to the post press.
 Sorry. it is timely to post since I believe the Cardinals are still in the running for a series...I think...and hope?
We were lucky enough to enjoy some great seats (and parking-equally important) to a Cardinals game several weeks ago. One perk of residency is that occasionally the attendings will offer their season seats up to a resident that is able to go to the game...'twas us this fateful night. 

Highlights of the game 
accidentally smashing Julia's little hand in my folding seat causing her to screammmm at the tippy top of her lungs just long enough for all of our fellow spectators seated in section H to stop and stare and stare and stare while her parents' faces slowly but surely turned the exact hue of her crimson onesie

the young man to my left being just intoxicated enough to pause his furious text messaging to give Julia super awkward half hugs when she enthusiastically lunged at his beer every 7 minutes

Simon putting his new Cardinals shirt on in the parking lot (from the comfort of our convenient parking spot) to find that it was actually a child's size large and not the adult's size large that he thought upon purchasing
(I hope he finds this funnier now than he did at the time)

and last but not least...I believe the Cardinals did pull out the big W for victory

Go sports, Go Cardinals, Go fun


  1. Sooo funny about intoxicated beer man and little too little tshirt! Fun times!

  2. this is hilarious. did you buy him a new shirt?

  3. this is fantastic... especially simone's wardrobe change.



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