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31 December 2010

January: a four months belated honeymoon

 The problem with honeymoons is that you have to rely on the charity of strangers to get photos of the two of you....
 so we have a lot of photos like these....

 a rare couples shot (Simon has since retired this swimsuit claiming it was too short and as an fyi...he is wearing a locker key around his neck...not a stylish choker)


February: little trip to Kansas City

oneish month pregnant (grace)

March: I remember little to nothing about this month but do know that spring break me a little reprieve from scenes like this (faces blurred to protect the potentially innocent)


April: Julia's first exciting photograph


May: Julia's gender reveal fiesta


June: visit from the grands...


July: trip to New Mexico


August: no photos to speak of


September: super preg and Julia's arrival


October: Julia's baptism


November: Julia grows and is mistaken for a boy everywhere she ventures

wonder why?

December: flurry of residency interviews, Julia's first Christmas and of course...the end to this exciting post.


growing up

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30 December 2010

photo unrelated to post but doesn't Julia look two years old here?

Moving on...

on Tuesday Simon celebrated his 27th birthday and is now a big grownup like his wife. We went on a little shopping trip and found these pants...

At first glance, they look normal and innocent enough...

but NOPE....little elastic trick up their leg
Apparently..."custom fit" is merely a euphemism for "room to grow"

In the women's world...we call these maternity pants.

We also celebrated by attending a few of my brother Paul's basketball games

   #33 at your service

Julia slept angelically...
...until they started blasting some Eminem (fear not...this is right before she got into the swing of things and started diaper shaking to the beat of the blaring rap)

and some cake eating....

Julia has some new idols: lit candles

Grace learned about the existence of Air Jordans

Julia spent some qt with one of her favorite uncles ....
doubled her cheek size ...

...and wore her favorite outfit while being held by her favorite person of all time

Happy Birthday Simon! Thanks for being born so that I could rob your cradle. 

....hopefully tomorrow will bring an end to these photo laden posts and back to your regularly scheduled Camp Patton depth. 

(editor's note: this entire post was painted whilst feeding Julia a bottle with a mere chin and impressed)

if this were a facebook album...

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27 December 2010 would be titled, "rannnndom"


one of my brothers got a camera for Christmas....

guess who?

naturally, it had to be tested out...
some tests were better...
...than others
adopted Aunt Jessica brought Julia some fashionable jeggings (and let us use this photo)

so Julia put on an immodesty fashion show

Reunited: Aunt Emily and Ju-ju-bear (her apparent new nickname)

Amelia Earhart and Aunt Sarah
Peter, Andrew, Paul and Julia's thorax and legs
during a babysitting session by Uncles Pedro and Andrew

Quote of the day by one of her uncles upon smelling one of Julia's more pungent diapers: "It smells like dead..............................rats."

the end.

when vacation attacks

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a few moments to remember thus far in New Mexicoco...

Julia enjoying her new fave: youtube while Grace procrastinates packing (pre-trip)

Grace's view for the majority of the trip

...she took the wheel just in time for the stellar views of sexy New Mexy

Julia donning her pirate shirt with Grandma Seaton
Simon, Grace and.....................Paul
C'mon Paul! You don't want to do the prom pose with your seeeester and her play doll?

Christmas day stroll down the street

Simon, Julia faceplanted and Grace
Julia's favorite book, "B is for Bear" -- Uncle Dan does the voices y todo 
watch out for mom's wheat allergy

another stroll in Jess's neck of the woods (look closely for Julia's jeggings)

affectionate men and their beasts

Stay tuned for more excitement manananana.


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