Simon Says

17 October 2011

I cut Simon's hair this weekend and accidentally made a leeeeedle mistake behind his right ear...
I didn't make a big deal (or any deal) out of it but I knew he had happened upon the baldish spot when he calmly and politely asked, "next time you are on the internet...can you look up male hair extensions please?"
whoops, again. 

(referencing the same haircut which ... in addition to the mistake was also maybe a leeeeedle on the short/shorn side)
Simon was running late for work but piped up, "its fine...I'll get there quickly with my new aerodynamic 'do"
whoops, again again. 

Simon kindly accompanied me to the fabric store to pick out material for some changing pad covers. He was absolutely convinced that, "they definitely have to have poop and pee resistant material...I just know it...why don't you ask?"
also...the martyr himself queried that, "this is probably like the equivalent of dragging you to Auto Zone or maybe worse...right?"
yes. I suppose so. 


  1. Oh my hubby just LOVES the fabric store!! Haha! I haven't made any mistakes like that cutting his hair, yet he still doesn't trust me...oh well, at least I do it for free!

  2. Love the fabric...and your very forgiving husband :)

  3. that fabric is so pretty!

    T just buzzes his hair if I mess it up too bad. Which has happened on occasion, I guess that what he gets for a "free" haircut. lucky him it grows back fast!

  4. Hahaha whoops indeed.. oh well, it'll grow back.

  5. Love the fabric! Definitely show once you've recovered! :)

  6. HaHa- My hubby makes me cut his hair & we have lots of whoops moments!!!!

  7. ha! What a great guy! Guys seem to take a bad/mess up haircut a lot better than the ladies!

  8. I cut the hair hair in my family too and it's hard sometimes. I made two shorter snips above Corey's ear and he said next time to just go ahead and turn them into lightning bolts or something. Haha. I don't think he'd ever go to the fabric store with me. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  9. Haha, the only time I haven't cut Ben's hair was for the wedding. I've had one too many whoops moments to risk it.
    Btw, LOVE the fabric! You always find the best patterns!



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