guten morning

28 April 2012

(have I mentioned that Julia's favorite activity is to closely watch Sebastian's diaper get changed? because it is)

I just found Julia sucking down a (now empty) tube of teething gel looking guilty but pleased with herself. I can't be certain but I'm willing to be that in about three minutes the joke is going to be on her and her numb tongue, throat, and stomach ... which should make her already crystal clear language much easier to understand, I'm sure.

sappy haturday, or something.


  1. Oh no! Not the teething gel. That stuff even gives me a hard time speaking.
    Think you may have to crack out the video camera.
    Abigail always gives me the play by play of changing. .
    "Mommy you need a wipe."
    "Wipe his bum mommy"
    "Ben got awky (gross) poo"
    "Ben's all clean now"
    "You need a diaper mommy"
    "Bens all changed"
    "Good job, Mommy."

    ..Thanks Abby.

  2. Dude they are almost the same size. And this pic looks like a WWF promo shot...

  3. I love the toddler squat. Clarissa and Veronica will squat like that and play for epic amounts of time. They have thighs of steel!

  4. Your babies are so precious! I just started reading your blog and you simply crack me up! Thanks for being a ray of sunshine in my finals-and-stress-filled-it's-almost-graduation life! God Bless!

    :] Morgan

  5. I agree with Morgan. I just started reading too because of a recent NFP post you did. Then I saw you loved sewing and I was all like, "oh! it's over. so following this blog."

  6. How did I JUST SEE this photo? Oh man that is hilarious. That's definitely gotta go on the mantle.



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