7 Quick Takes: Linkage

20 April 2012

I know. I love a good cop out post riddled with links. But these are all worth your precious time. Prom.

1. Congratulations to Jenny (and her husband, I guess)! I might not sleep till she posts the birth story -- so if she could selflessly get on that stat -- I'd greatly appreciate it.

2. Mucho Gracios to Betty for very, very kindly mentioning the Camp in her post today. I have her to thank for all zillion page views above my daily average of 7.

3. I'm totally coveting Jessica's new hair (to which she responded that I should do this to my hair to which I responded: a stern no)

4. Typing of hair, Sebastian's birthday twin's mom (got that? I thought not) Sydney posted a stellar hair tutorial. I'm certain my hair will totally look that great if I do like she does. Just certain.

5. I would genuinely like to commission Dwija's daughter, Lizzy to draw a similar picture of my and my never lazy nor idle hands and angelic offspring. Pretty please.

6. Please go tell my sister to post more frequently than her current rate of twice monthly. I need to laugh out loud more.

7. I should get my act together one of these weeks and plan a weekly menu like Laura (my former housemate!) does. Or maybe just cut and paste hers and call it a perfect.

8. b-b-b-onus! Mrs. Janney is done with the helllllish iodineless diet. Go welcome her back to the land of the normal living. 

Go see Jen for better givers and their takes.

Have a tolerable weekend!
And may it not be filled with marathon toddler chases up your neighbors' wheelchair ramp.


  1. Her face! I am still chuckling...and obviously still procrastinating on cleaning my house since my email to you 20 minutes ago (or more?).

  2. I second Jessica. I think the pale easter-egg pink would be AWESOME. But I've always thought it unfair that pink hair didn't happen naturally. Plus, I've dyed my hair every single color of the rainbow at some point in my life, so clearly the chemicals have leeched their way into my brain.

  3. I wanted to jump up and try Sydney's hair tutorial immediately- then I remembered that I'd have to go to the store for dry shampoo, and my hair is also too short to do anything like that with. eff.

  4. I vote for pink hair, too. Somehow I doubt that surprises you, though. ;)

  5. Woot Woot!! In a twist of sick irony, I have no appetite. Stupid no-thyroid hormones.

    I love that hombre hair color is back in. Now my "grow-out" can be stylish.

    I wonder how long that hair style lasts during the day. My hair holds curl until about 3.7 seconds after I walk out of the house.

  6. you're too kind, grace. planning is one thing... executing is another! :)

    i always love your "cop out" link posts!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I actually kind of really want to do a funky color in my hair. The sad thing about dark hair is that it would require bleach aaand I'm just not willing to go there. Sad face.

  9. I let myself do one crazy thing each pregnancy/post partum bit with my hair! For my son, I chopped it off. This time, I've dyed a big blond streak in it!

  10. can we not post comments on jdel's blog any more? i feel like that was a tumblr i just looked at which i dont even understand.



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