08 January 2012

Julia's vocabulary is growing by the day. She sees how much attention Sebastian gets for merely making sing songy vowel sounds and so she has gone into competish mode. Much to your delight I'm sure, I've compiled a complete list for you.

mama - mum or mama
dada - dada
baby - dada
juice - juice
keys - kee
banana - kee
blanket - kee
cracker - kee
cookie - kee
prenatal gummy vitamin - sum
fiber chew - sum
earring - sum
diet coke - sum
fat coke - sum
church - chooch
milk - geek
cheerios - shet
her friend, Bridget - synonym for poop that rhymes with pit
hi - hi
ice - hise
eyes - hise
eggs - eyes

And when asked/told to say please, thank you, sorry or Sebastian she suddenly falls completely and stubbornly silent. 
She must have really polite parents and she must really love her brother.


  1. Ahh, kiddos are building their vocab, as well- my daughter, especially. She can say many things, but lately, if she wants anything, she just stands there on her tippy toes, screaming, "Meeeeeeeee."


  2. I love that she is using my last name for so many things! ;)
    You planning on watching/recording Downton Abbey's season 2 premiere tonight?

  3. She's amazing. Clarissa says please, hi, and bye. Veronica says more, hi, bye, and bubba (grandma). That's it. My children are almost 20 months. They are so stubborn about talking!

  4. love this list.
    Olive is now two and the tops are her brothers:
    for Otto, it's: Hotto
    and for Jack-Lewis: Gus

  5. Oh! I love this list!! Mine called milk "nuck" for the longest time. Rose says she's "hungrin" instead of hungry. It makes me laugh every time, so at least five times a day!
    Mine used to get really stubborn about being asked to say certain words, too. It must have something to do with their independence at that age.

  6. i love trying to figure out what moses is talking about when he talks. virginia can understand him perfectly and i struggle. for example, he calls uncle leo "jo jo jo jo" (four syllables).

  7. Either Joaquin or Gabriel's first attempt at saying the Name of Our Lord and Savior came out as "Jee-zee". Like some slick rapper.

    How horrified are all the sweet little ladies around us at Mass when they hear us say, "Be quiet now. Jee-zee is coming down to the altar." or "Turn around. Eyes on Jee-zee. Where's Jee-zee?"

    I'm sure they're discreetly trying to cast their eyes about, looking for a Catholic Jay-Z in the pews.

  8. so precious! baby's are just the best!!!! i love deciphering the cute things babies say!
    xo TJ

  9. Toddler-ese is the best. I'm the only person who has any freakin' clue what The Pup is trying to say these days!

  10. Hilarious! Sounds like she's right on track. ;)

  11. Poor Bridget... but thanks for the laugh!



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