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02 April 2012

To see this mother-toddler argument in color and some actual interesting photos ... go see Cari. Now.

And because I know you're a little C. George about the goings on around here ...

After discovering that watered down juice still does 8th Wonder of the World worthy wonders to Julia's diapers, that I accidentally ate all of the remaining cookies in the cookie jar, that I still have quite the knack for getting insanely lost .3 miles from the house we've lived in for 10 months, that Simon's April and May work schedule is a pretty bottle of smiles, that spending 35 minutes looking for a vat missing of peanut butter in a tiny kitchen won't necessarily mean that you find a missing vat of peanut butter in a tiny kitchen, and that the little mosquito on my shoulder I blindly swatted, smashed, and killed was actually a fat and juicy caterpillar ... I smartly decided to salvage the day by trying on swimsuits and white pants -- you know -- to lift my spirits out of the the doldrums.

I hope I don't need to tell you how helpful my brilliant tactic proved to be and how fast my mood flipped from very bad to very cheery ... terribly helpful and crazy fast, of course.


  1. I hate hate hate bugs crawling on me. And I hate it even more when I think it's bug X and it turns out to be bug Y. Then not only do I get grossed out, but I actually manage to get offended.

    I had a friend once who put on a shirt that had been sitting in a drawer for a while, and feel what she thought was a piece of crumpled paper in the front of it. Thinking it was weird, but no big deal, she reached down the front of her shirt, AND PULLED OUT A STAG BEETLE!!!!!!

    There was a stag beetle. in. her. shirt.

    Now I've got phantom bugs crawling all over me.
    Oh God, I hope they're phantom.

  2. Cari's comment just made me vomit in my mouth. Of course my history with bugs (aka Lyme Disease and the bug bit turned pseudolymphoma) has given me an unnatural fear of ALL bugs. Can't even trust potato bugs anymore. Butterflies make me want to cry.

  3. What is this "swimsuit" of which you speak?

  4. haha I hope you tried the swimsuits and white pants on at Target, where they have THE BEST and brightest fluorescent lighting, and not one but TWO oh-so-very slimming mirrors -- one in front AND one behind, so you can see yourself from every. single. angle.

    Target dressing rooms are the only thing that keep me from walking out of there with their entire collection of wonderful cheap clothes.

  5. Sounds like a great day! ;) Really, I just wanted to say that I love the picture. The processing is beautiful.

  6. Is that a Phil and Ted's stroller you have?? What do you think of it?! My hubby and I are looking at getting one this summer as baby #2 is due in Nov, and I'd prefer to not be driving a smart car (aka: side by side double) when I take the kiddos out!



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