7 Quick Takes: My Act is Not Together edish

27 April 2012

1. I was going to write about the hell that was last night's teething children's wake up calls (6 before midnight -- after that --- I lost both count and temper) but I thought that might too interesting. Sorry.

2. Then I thought I would share what I am making for dinner. Fine -- these. Easy and everyone at least pretends to like them. Tomorrow - frozen pizza. Sunday - leftover frozen pizza. We like fancy feasts.

3. I also wanted to include an up close and personal photo of some of the ingredients. So I did. Not cliche at all.

4. 8 hours have lapsed since I started this post. Not to name any names but Julia and Sebastian have been real need sucks today. And yesterday.

5. Did you see that Emily finally blogged again?

6. Or that Jenny wrote and dropped her hilarious birth story?

7. Simon is working Saturday and Sunday but after pounding out a pathetic email or three to her -- there is a chance I might get to meet Emily and her little lady this weekend. Who ever said the internet wasn't good for meeting complete strangers? Not I.

Go see Jen for truly better takes.


  1. Wow, we've got an almost identical frozen pizza menu -- though I think we're stretching ours out one extra night.

  2. Ugh. Up all night. I feel ya. You are a stronger woman than have two. Although, I know that will be us in the near future. Advice? Help? Pills?



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