12 April 2012

it's time to face the horror music and potty train her highness . . .
who has grown unabashedly accustomed to asking for a 'pook' while getting her 'poof - ewwwwww' changed.

*and maybe we should look into laundering her after Easter formerly white pantalones. Where is her scullery mother when duty rings?


  1. Dude as a Mom of three I gotta say, Is she even two? My kids take exactly three days to potty train and that is because we do it when they are approaching three. Otherwise you will spend months wiping up urine and poop and cursing. It's not worth it. Save yourself the trouble and wait. Having a kid in diapers is so much easier than being stuck at Target with a fussy infant and a 24 month old who has to go potty. Also pull ups are enablers. Just stick with diapers and when the time comes use underwear and buns to the breeze. It will be intense but much shorter. Just my two, I mean thirty, cents.

  2. I don't know who Kathleen is, but I fully approve of her message.
    Will you have a cocktail party someday soon so I can meet all these sensible people please? Simon can be entertainment. I'll bring the booze.

  3. Yes, I will agree with Kathleen and Cari. The boys were 3 before they were even interested. Anything I attempted before that was extremely frustrating. With Rose it's a little different. She is two, but often tells me she needs to potty for #2 and sometimes for #1. I tried potty training her earlier this year and she did good for one day and then absolutely refused to even walk into the bathroom after that. It "clicked" with the boys so I am waiting for that with Rose, too. I think she was about 18 months when she started showing interest and I jumped on that. Obviously that is just my experience!

  4. oh good lord.....i'll say a prayer for you

  5. Have fun lady! And if you do have that cocktail party Cari mentioned, I'll pitch in on the booze bring duty too.

  6. Yes, start early!!!! The boys were trained by 2 and a half and honestly my life is SO much easier! You have no idea. I was just going to blog about how much easier juggling 3 kids is when 2 are potty trained. It takes a little longer to train younger and it's never going to be fun or "easy" to train. You just have to bite the bullet and get it over with. I'm already looking forward to summer and swimming knowing I don't have to worry about diapers ;)

    1. Actually my mistake, I started training Christopher at 18 mos and he was trained by 2. Andrew I started at 2 and trained by 2 1/2.

  7. I'm pretty sure you'd win Mother of the Year if you potty trained her now!
    Adrian has been telling me "I'm pooping" for far too long now. We are officially potty training. Lots of laundry and carpet scrubbing but dang, those tiny little boxer briefs are cute!

  8. Potty training = hell on earth. The end.



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