Easter 1/2 Weekend

09 April 2012

On Saturday evening after Simon got off work many hours later than we had initially planned (why this continues to shock and annoy me -- I know not) we started getting our troops ready for a big bad Saturday night live walk. As I was pulling my hair into an always voluminous spool of thread atop my head for the blessed occasion Simon casually suggested that we make the 6-7 hour drive to Wichita to see his family even though he had to be back to work Monday morning at 6.

I unwound my spool, we briefly talked through the pros and cons (prudent spontaneity), flipped a coin, made a packing list (sensible spontaneity), packed enough clothing to stay for a week, filled my purse with fruit snack packs, and hit the road.

By the time we rolled into the 'ta it was nearing 1 in the morning, Julia was finallllllly asleep (albeit saturated in the liquid casualty resulting from the flawed logic that was, 'I think if we just give her a baba she'll fall asleep -- repeat 67 times), and Sebastian was just waking up for the day/night.

It was overwhelmingly nice to spend time with family, tromp around our old stomping grounds (yes, the current tenant of our former rental house has let the yard go to jungle and yes, we patted ourselves on our yard working backs), and see old friends and familiar faces during and after a Mass in which Julia swiped Sebastian's pacifier fresh from her mouth all over our kind and patient pew neighbor's nice clean suit.

I didn't regret spending 14 hours in the car for a 17 hour trip until last night around 12:30 when it was my turn to drive. Despite the fact that I propped my eyelids up with pep talks, cranked the bad music, and shifted my steering wheel hands from 10 and 2 to 11 and 1 to keep things fresh I was still having a scarily hard time staying awake. And it was when I was sure I was having a vision that the angel Gabriel appeared to me and told me that Jesus had risen in the form of a well-lit warehouse on the side of the interstate that I willlllled Simon awake with my stunned silence (to the tune of J. Lo's new so bad its good single).

I obviously did a stellar job of documenting the trip with photographs for you fine folks and can already hear your appreciation from here ...

1. I can't act natural! People are going to think I'm married to my sister.
2. smiling at his Gramps/skinnier and taller twin.
3. feigning disinterest with Great Grandma Patton.
4. Easter egg brigade.
5. On my forearm squeeze - run to the car, leave the kids, and drive alllllllll the way home.
6a. Curse! It didn't work, you're so slow.
6b. Sebastian's hollow cheeks.

Happy Annunciation.
I mean -- Easter.


  1. Spontaneous weekend road trips are the best. We've done two years in a row of driving 22 hours round trip to meet my Ohio family in Memphis for a 28ish hour visit. Worth it.
    Sebastian's enthusiasm in the last photo kills me.

  2. yay! So nice to spend time with the family and MISS MARY!

  3. wow, longgggg trip. you are brave.

  4. I knew that Wichita felt cooler over the weekend!!! I wish we could have seen you guys!

  5. WEIRD! Are you guys friends with Andrew Lesh? Small world!

  6. I agree with Kate. Road trips are always awesome, and spur of the moment ones are the best.
    Religiously themed hallucinations make them even better!

  7. The drive to see my parents is 6 to 7 hours also, which seems to be the limit with three kids in tow. It does get easier, the older they {the children, not my parents} get, even though it's still a stressor. :)

    Way to be spontaneous!

  8. spontaneous trips are the best especially when it means spending a holiday with family!

    happy easter!

  9. Ooooh, I know EXACTLY the bleary eyed driving hallucinations of which you speak. Painful!

    But you guys are the most awesome ever for tripping impromptu like that. Love it :)

  10. Am I the only one who eyes that last little bit with suspicion??

    You are brave. I would never make that trip with our boys.

  11. Blurg. After I wrote my comment, I realized you were probably just referencing your little Gabriel apparition and not making a baby announcement. I have to always be on my toes with The sneaky fertile crowd I run with.

  12. Forget the hollow cheeks! I'm looking at the circumference of Sebastian's legs compared to Julia's! Great to see him laughing with Grandpa Patton.



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