diy coffee scrub

01 April 2012

Just what dr. internet so uniquely ordered ... yet another homemade scrub recipe.  Fortunately, this one only has two ingredients and has performed minor miracles on my nevergreat/areyousureyou'renotanelephant? skin. Really.

All you need is:
1/4 cup ground coffee (any kind at all)
1 tablespoon olive oil
optional - 1 tsp honey (I opt not)
optional - 1 tsp cinnamon (I opt not again)

And then:
mix the two together
slather and scrub on your face and limbs if you dare (I sometimes dare)
scare the living daylights out of your toddler with your new monstery face
rinse off
clean your now filthy sink
admire your brand new less haggard looking face and that one sparkling tooth that dings -- ding.
go back to your regularly scheduled vida loca

*fyi for the diy--- I (as always) emailed Jessica (or do you want me to call you Jess?) about my concoction and she said she had read somewhere that this is a good method for naturally dying your hair. So, if you find that your skin is a few shades darker -- you're welcome, sunless tan.

**I originally saw this idea on Amy's blog -- I just subtracted most of the ingredients for the sake of what I actually had in the kitchen and the two daily minutes I'm allowed by my charges to tend to my appearance.


  1. Soooo....let me get this straight- this is easy to make, will help me look less haggard, AND will give me a fake tan?

    *insert Cari-shaped dust cloud here as I run to go see if the middle boys drank all my olive oil*

  2. Ok Cari is just too funny. I actually have evvvvverything to makerhis scrub! Guess I know what I'll do on myday off!

  3. i prefer Jdel. I see that you are using the delicious local NEW MEXICAN coffee i brought you on your SKIN. not sure how i feel about that.

  4. down the hatch (on a minute-by-minute basis) and coffee scrub on my skin. Could life get any better??

  5. For the sake of time and not wasting stuff....can I use the already brewed coffee grounds that are sitting in my coffee maker now? Don't worry, I'll let them cool first!

  6. I better not let Steven see me use this. He already thinks I have a coffee problem with the amount I drink. If he saw me wearing it too...I'm sure he'd commit me. :)

    Thanks for the idea!



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