30 April 2012

1. cold on tops and warm on bottoms, apparently
2. Saint Louis on horseback
3. similar hairstyles
4. male pushup
5. is that Grace or Julia?
6. Julia's death grip

Are you on Instagram? Pray tell.

*I apologize to the faithful followers for the leftovers


  1. So Julia DOES smile!

    and she's in ballet? love it. I want to get my girl in, but her dance moves are more rockstar than dainty.

  2. Ohhhh! Julia!!! She is so gorgeous! Like her momma! Love the little man push ups too, I still can't believe he is already big enough to do that. Your fam is just darling Grace!

    I want to be on instagram, but my droid is having trouble downloading it, and the hot nerd I live with has been super busy lately. Someday..

  3. I'm on Instagram! I LOVE it! @alaythea

  4. Wait is Julia in a leotard and tutu? Cutest. thing. ever.



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