Simon Texts

22 April 2012

It's Sunday morning so naturally I'm going to make a nice breakfast. Simon kindly volunteered to run to the store to hunt and gather a box of cake mix while I sit here and Google, "best Sunday breakfast coffee cake in the whole world using a box of yellow cake mix".

Right before he left, he caught/smelled wind that Sebastian needed a diaper change and coincidentally rushed out the door. He chirp-texted me the following a few minutes after his hasty departure . . .

Sorry I'm not sorry.

**updated with photos captioned by Simon

1. "not quite what I had in mind"
2. title that, "welcome to my frontier"


  1. He is doing work with that sifter.

    Also I love your cabinets. Creepy, I know.

  2. I admired the cabinents too. So you have two creepers and I'm new so I'm especially enthusiastic.

    So enthusiastic that I was going to give you the recipe for the BEST COFFEECAKE EVER that, coincidentally, uses a box of yellow cake mix but...can't find it. Sorry. Looks kinda like the one you made though.

  3. Erm..the best coffeecake ever is Gooey Butter Cake. And it uses one box of yellow cake mix, loads of butter (PW style) and one complete box of powdered sugar.

  4. HAHAHAHAH. did you see what i pinned last week? it's a banana bread w/ a box of cake mix

  5. yup. your kitchen is so pretty! i am pinning it so i can copy you when i have a house someday. someday.



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