affectionate miracle

19 April 2012

Blame it on her medicated birth, no co-sleeping, plentiful formula, hours of crying it out, and/or the boxes and boxes of disposable diapers she's worn but Julia has never voluntarily given me a bona fide hug ... until yesterday outside the hospital where we met Simon for lunch.
weird but welcomed.
and incredibly short-lived.
Maybe in another 18.9 months I'll get lucky again. 

Also, her favorite favorite favorite thing in the whole world to do these days is to carefully watch and narrate in painful detail as I change Sebastian's diaper. So, clearly I'm doing about a million things right.

*if you like my outfit, I understand. It's called, 'business on the top, mom on the bottom' or, 'teenage boy'. Pick your style poison.


  1. it bad that I actually DO love your outfit?

  2. Love love love! Hug from Julia! 18.9 months. I think I can hold on till then. The closest thing to hugs I get from 10.5mo Jake is a face-in-the-boob smash whenever a stranger says hi to him...not awkward at all...

  3. SO SWEET! Marley does it on command now and has gotten very snuggly, I can't get enough. I hope you get another one before she turns 3 ;)

  4. How sweet! May there be many more!!!

  5. Love the teenage boy look, for reals.

  6. Replies
    1. ^^^
      (my refusal to type lol but equally as dorky)

  7. Actually, I love the outfit. And think I have those same flip-flops - are they by Rainbow? Most comfortable footwear EVER, yes?

  8. If it's any consolation, I did every single crunchy thing with max and although he could say momma, he only started acknowledging my existence when I abandoned him and went back to work part time. Manipulative little boogers they are.

  9. i think it was the unmedicated birth + 13 months of nursing B that makes him so sports obsessed. that or the hours of ESPN he watches daily.

  10. I'm sure there will be plenty more hugs to follow! Adorable!

  11. So sweet! You can see her little muscle flexing, since gripping so tightly.

  12. i'm really into your outfit and may model my weekend attire after it.



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