morning precursors

06 April 2012

Directly before ...
1. ... Julia asked for a gummy prenatal vitamin -- whilst wearing her maternity shirt.
2. ... Sebastian asked for mango seconds.
3. ... Julia successfully curled Sebastian's abundant and luscious locks.
4. ... this yet to be seen symphony of sibling harmony never happened again.
5. ... I definitely did not cry over (the last of our) spilled creamer and un splash of coffee. 


  1. Yep, yep...about the same thing going on over here I'm now down two rolls of paper towels (currently residing in a giant, white pile in the middle of the living room), and we're creating a chex mix explosion on the couch, while I speak.

  2. love 3&4, so cute! and I hear you on 5... I tend to get twitchy if the kids come within 5 feet of my coffee cup. Rose did try her best to knock mine over this morning, but thankfully spillage was minimal. I still freaked out.

  3. I wouldn't hate it at all if Julia could come over and use that brush on my head. I miss the days of little toddler hands tangling themselves in my locks and gently beating my head with a brush. Love.

  4. Some people carry their pregnancies so well...



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