the interminable Saturday

29 April 2012

Try as my ever optimistic self might I couldn't seem to get out of my funk and into a funkless state of pleasant yesterday.  Oh, you want to read my litany of ish? I thought so...
Simon was/is working for the eleventymillionth weekend in a row ... which is, of course, something for me to complain about.
Sebastian pulled a Julia on me and decided to be a need monger all day.
After spending 68 exasperating minutes getting the kids ready for a walk-run-walk and shuffling out the door it started to pour (just water--- no felines or canines that I saw).
And the tornado sirens went off, the power went out, and the sky turned black all within the same minute -- scaring me almost as much as invisible predators tend to do. 

So ... you know ... just one life threatening crisis after another. Unroll those eyes, please.

Anyway ... before the threat of the descent of the Great Chastisement ... I channeled my inner Betty-Martha-Giada long enough to pull Julia away from the glow of Netflix and enlisted her always helpful help to make these Buckeye-esque things -- or "cake" -- according to the bakerita extraordinaire  . . .
1. mastering the art of stirring the contents of an empty bowl
2. health nuts
3. "touch it" (chocolate)

Sunday is going about eleventymillion times better than Saturday. Thank you for wondering.

ps thank you to Ana, Kayla, and Cari for kindly e-mailing me at some point during the delightful day. Mucho appreciato the adult interaction.


  1. I'm not going to let G read this so she doesn't get jealous of all that chocolate playing/eating Julia's doing. I can already hear her yelling "WANT SOME?!" while pointing excitedly at the screen... and she's asleep.

  2. Chocolate makes everything better, right? Gotta try to make these this week!

  3. There is nothing dreamier than chocolate dripping down one's ruffle white top. Sign of a delicious time. :)

  4. I love "touch it". The best snack on earth!

  5. Those buckeye things probably won't ship very well. So you'll just have to hand deliver them to me. We'll rig up a harness for Julia and Sebastian to ride down the zip line while we eat buckeyes and drink Riesling slushies.

    Sorry, kiddo, your time in utero is up. Riesling slushies are in order.

  6. Baby hands in drippy melty chocolate seem a rather nightmarish combo. I couldn't help but cringe...Maybe this is why you're having such a bad day?

  7. I was having a amazingly similar day yesterday- minus husband working allll the time, I just glared at/complained to him all day when I saw him. And also minus the trying to go for a run, I feel sure that is never going to happen again and I am going to turn into a fat n' happy mom who sits around and eats those buckeyes all day (they look amazing). Yes, that is my plan.

  8. Ahhhh, Julia is so cute it's going to kill me. These pics of her just loving the chocolate-fest are awesome!
    I'm sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. Yikes. Tornado sirens and everything.
    See, if we lived closer I could have brought you half of the dozen donuts I bought and ate last night.

  9. That's rough. I hope today was better.

  10. All I can think about in these pictures is how much I love the color of your kitchen!

  11. Send me some of those peanut butter balls, and I will give you all the adult interaction you need. Dirty insinuation intended.

  12. Being the spouse of a doctor is TOUGH! Especially having two little ones to care for. I would be complaining too. My brother and sister are doctors, and it's a horrible lifestyle. They deserve every penny they make :) I guess this comment isn't very inspiring, but I will say that the whole child-rearing thing gets easier as your first children get older....

  13. awesome. she looks like she's having fun, and they look delish!

  14. PRECIOUS! She looks like such a little diva lady in that last picture. The spoon is her microphone. Ah! So cute.

  15. and you didn't want to add getting rained out at the zoo and stuck in the ape house for 5 millllliiiiioooonnn years to that A+++ day? I'm shocked.



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